Trailmaster go kart review

In this post, we’re going to review the popular series of Trailmaster XRX go-karts. The review will center around the 300 cc XRX, but the features of all go-karts in the series will be discussed, so you can compare them. You can also explore other go-karts by Trailmaster. They’re all quite similar, the major difference is the¬†cylinder capacity. For example, the cylinder capacity of 300 cc or 200 cc. And there some additional differences with the price and features, which will also be discussed.


Compare Different Trailmaster Go-Karts

mini go-kart

163 cc


safety seatbelts

max speed 12 mph

midsize go-kart

200 cc


safety seatbets

max speed 31 mp

full-size go-kart

300 cc

fully automatic

4-point harness seatbelts

max speed 50 mph

A Little Background On The Trailmaster Brand

Trailmaster is a prolific brand that produces go-karts and go-kart parts. It’s known for having a series of go-karts with different designs, colors, and specifications. Online, it is one of the most popular brands of go-karts, based on how many sales it makes and the variation in the number of go-karts.

By the way, this brand is not to be confused with other brands that have the name “Trail Master” or some variation of it. Those brands produce different products like trail monitors, Fords, and Jeeps. The Trailmaster brand in question can be recognized by its production of go-karts.

Reviewing The Trailmaster 300cc XRX

This is a powerful go-kart with a 300 cc engine. The engine is liquid air-cooled to prevent it from overheating. This is especially important for big go-karts that are going to be used for long or intense rides. The engine is fully automatic with reverse, which gives it independent and flexibility in driving. It’s also easy for beginners to learn, and it has a good learning curve.

There’s lots to discuss about this go-kart, ranging from the design, functionality, specifications, and reviews. Let’s look at each of them, one by one:

Design & Functionality: This go-kart comes in a dark blue design with steel finish. It has front and tail lights, which are important for riding in the night-time. The design is pragmatic for riding, because it has thin frames and overall a light design. One setback is that the sides are somewhat open, and the doors are not high enough for safety. But you can always put on seat belts to solve that. It comes with a four-point harness seatbelt. It also has realview mirrors. The design of this go-kart is very high-quality, and it’s good for serious karting.

Specifications: Some of the specifications of this Trailmaster go-kart have already been mentioned, but we’ll repeat them. The specifications include rearview mirrors, seatbelts, polished aluminum wheels, adjustable leather seat, digital speedometer, four-wheel independent suspension, head and tail lights, shock absorbers, horns, and more. The engine is air-cooled and automatic with reverse. This go-kart has all the necessary features you’d need for serious and long riding. It’s a go-kart for adults and older teenagers. The weight capacity is 500 pounds, so it can easily accommodate two people at once. Moreover, the gas-tank holds 2.25 gallons, and the go-kart can reach a maximum speed of 50 MPH, which is impressive.

Reviews: My own review of the go-kart is that it’s a great heavy-duty and powerful go-kart that has a myriad of features that make it comparable to a Jeep or a large buggy/ATV. It’s ideal for off-road karting, because it can climb inclines and ride on rough terrains, due to the high-powered engine and the strong wheels. It’s also good that it allows two passengers at once; that makes the whole journey more fun. The only complaint I have is that I would make the side doors a bit higher, so that there’s extra safety when you’re riding on rough surfaces. But it does have a good quality seatbelt, so I’m not too worried about that.

My Rating: (4/5)

Choosing Between The Different Trailmaster Go-Karts

It’s easy to choose between the different Trailmaster go-karts. Have a look at the comparison table at the top of this page. The first thing you should ask yourself it “how old is the rider?”. If this go-kart is for a small child between the ages of 3 and 8, then you should pick the first one, the mini-sized go-kart. The 163 cc go-kart is a good choice for children, because it has minimal features, a safety remote, as well as sturdy safety seatbelts.

The mid-size go-kart is also not intended for adults, but it does accommodate older children, above the age of 10. It has some improved features, and a higher maximum speed, but nothing too special or different. So if you have a small child, I still recommend going with the mini go-kart. But if your child is pretty tall and can’t fit into the mini-one, then the mid-size one is probably the next best option.

The final go-kart, the full-sized one, is intended for adults. It has far more features and driving options. It has a large engine with gas cylinder, it weighs more, and is more sturdy than the other go-karts. That’s because it’s intended for off-road riding and even racing. But it’s also the most expensive one, so buy it wisely; it’s a big purchase to make and it’s going to last you a long time.

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