TaoTao ATVs will be the focus of this product review. We’ve reviewed all sorts of go-karts, and this time we’ll do something a little different. ATVs are similar to go-karts, but with a few key differences, such as the design, function, and type of tires. They’re a vehicle for people who want to drive on terrains and have a sporty look. If you’re looking to buy an ATV, then you’ve probably come across the name TaoTao. It’s a popular brand of ATVs, and we’re going to do a full review of them.

You’re a potential buyer and you want to get the best product for your money. I have a 100% honesty and no-bullshit rule to my reviews: I explore every aspect of a product, both the good and bad sides. Then you can decide whether it’s the right one for you. So let’s start with the brand TaoTao.

If you’re not in the mood for reading a long review, here’s a handy table to compare the top TaoTao ATVs and their main features:

Best TaoTao ATVs Comparison Chart – A Quick Look

TForce ATV

110 cc


disc brakes

for pre-teens & Teens

ATA-110b1 ATV

110 cc

fully automatic

Not specified

for children

taotao atv

125 cc

fully automatic

dual brakes

for pre-teens & teens


125 cc

fully automatic

dual brakes

for pre-teens & teens

full-size atv

250 cc

fully automatic

dual brakes

for teens & adults

Tao tao atv reviews

A Little Background On TaoTao

TaoTao is a prominent brand that manufactures vehicles like go-karts, dirt bikes, scooters, and ATVs. They also sell parts to their various vehicles. TaoTao is an American brand, not a Chinese brand. People have some concerns about its quality as they think it’s a cheap Chinese brand, but no. It’s a domestic brand that maintains good quality of its parts and vehicles. It may use some Chinese parts, however, but the brand is American.

There are many reasons to like the ATVs produced by TaoTao brand, they run smoothly and gracefully. One big advantage of buying from TaoTao is that you can easily buy, replace, or repair parts. They have a large business in ATV parts, so you’ll have no shortage of extra parts needed. TaoTao also has a great customer support system. You can view their FAQs and ask them a question, and they’ll reply quickly. One drawback that people with TaoTao ATVs experience is that the features, like the axle, can get weakened if there’s a large jump with impact. But if you have any trouble with the parts, it’s easy to get their repaired or replaced, since TaoTao has a large network of all ATV parts available.

The 5 Best-Rated TaoTao ATVs – Full Reviews

We’ll review 5 TaoTao ATV’s that have the highest customer rating on Amazon. These are, of course, proven from experience to be high quality and user friendly. They’ve already shown to make their users satisfied, and we’re going to see why. We’ll review each of these 5 TaoTao ATVs to see what makes them so great.

TaoTao Reviews#1 – TForce 110cc Big Rugged Wheels ATV

User Rating:

The number one ATV on this list, as well as the highest-rated on Amazon, is the TForce 110cc ATV by TaoTao. It has a ton of features that tell you why it’s among the best. It has an air-cooled, 4-stroke engine with an electric start. It has CDI ignition, as well as disk and drum brakes. It weights 270 pounds, and it can achieve a maximum speed of about 30 MPH. The age range of this ATV is not specific; it’s best suited for teenagers and pre-teens. These are the specifications, now let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros: One big pro is that the ATV is easy to order and assemble; the shipping company called me up after the purchase, and finalized the delivery. Once it arrived, I had no problem with assembling it. Even though I’m not good at assembling things, this one was fairly easy. There are lots of videos online that show you how to assemble TaoTao ATVs. The shipping was fast too.

Cons: Despite the assembly being easy, the assembly instructions that come with the product are actually bad. This is why I recommended watching videos that show how to assemble it, instead of looking at the instructions. I do wish the manufacturers would update or improve their instructions. But besides that, I have no other complaints with this ATV.

TaoTao 110cc ATV reviews#2 – ATA-110B1 Army Camo Kids 110cc Gas ATV

User Rating:

The second-best ATV rated on Amazon is exclusively for kids, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. It’s fully automated with a gas-powered engine and an electric start. Even though it’s just 110cc, this ATV can go fast! It can reach a maximum speed of upto 40 MPH, which is outstanding for an ATV of this size. It also has all the necessary safety features that you’d want for a kids’ vehicle. It has a speed limiter, which means you as a parent can control the ATV’s speed while your child is riding it. This is a great safety mechanism and it helps put the parent’s mind at ease. This ATV is suitable for children upto 4 feet of height. Other features include a back rack, rubber tires, and kill switch.

Pros: Good safety features are necessary for a children’s vehicle, and this TaoTao ATV delivers on that. Invaluable safety features like the speed limiter and the kill switch make this ATV much safer to ride than regular ATVs. It’s a handy ATV as it has front lights as well as a back rack for storing things. More ATVs should have these racks, as they’re convenient for putting backpacks, water bottles, gear, etc. The ATV is also easy to operate as it’s automatic, and there’s no need to charge it since it’s gas-powered. In summary, it’s ideal for kids.

Cons: Once again, there is not much to find at fault with this ATV. Buyers all report being satisfied with this product, and kids love riding it. One word of caution I will give is to be careful with what you receive; with these online purchases, every now and then you can get a faulty product. In this case, be careful to thoroughly inspect it. Also when you’re unpacking it, do it in a way that it won’t be hard to put back together, in case you need to return it. But as of now, it only has about a 12% rate of being low quality. And even if you do get a bad product, you can always ask for a return or replacement.

Tao Tao 125cc ATV review #3 – 125cc Fully Automatic TaoTao ATV

User Rating:

The third highest-rated TaoTao ATV on Amazon (and also the best-selling) is the popular 125cc fully automatic ATV. It’s well-suited for pre-teens and teenagers. It has a 125cc fully automatic engine, which is super convenient for riding. The 125cc is also perfect because it gives the vehicle enough capacity, but is not too large or heavy. It also has a remote kill switch, dual brakes, speed limiter, and independent shocks. The speed limiter and kill switch are important safety features for young riders to have, especially if you child is below 13. Now let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros: The price of this ATV is very affordable, which is an advantage of TaoTao ATVs in general; they’re easy to afford. The color schemes and design are great, you have various colors to choose from, which you can see on its Amazon page.  Now, some people have said this assembling this ATV is easy, while others have said it’s difficult. This is a good quad for children to learn how to ride ATVs, because it has an optimal design and learning curve for beginners, with good safety features. I also like that it comes with a battery charger. Overall, this ATV has an excellent value for its price, and it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular ATV by TaoTao.

Cons: There are a few complaints the assembly is hard, because the instructions that the ATV comes with are not very accurate or helpful. This seems like a pattern in TaoTao ATVs, and I hope they fix it. The battery also has some issues with going dead, but it works again after getting a good recharge. Keep it fully recharged when it’s not being used, and charge it after every use. Some users report minor issues, like loose components, but that can be fixed with some handywork or a trip to a shop.

#4 – ATA-135D Mid-Size 125cc ATV

User Rating:

Now we’re dipping into the ATVs that have below 4-star ratings, but still have pretty good ratings. This ATA-135D model is a slick ATV with a fully automatic engine which makes riding super easy. It’s a mid-sized ATV, so it can be driven by some older children, in their teens, but it’s good for pre-teens too. It can be driven by people who stand up to 5.5 feet tall. As usual, it has a remote kill switch and speed limiter as safety features. Other features include independent suspension, push button, front handbrake, rear footbrake, speed remote, and CDI ignition. That’s all well and good, now let’s look at the pros and cons of this TaoTao ATV.

Pros: The best part about this ATV is that it’s very well-suited for off-road riding. With the large wheels and a 125 cc engine, it packs a punch. This ATV also has independent suspension, which allows it to run on most types of terrains, no matter how bumpy or rocky. It’s also built for ‘older gentlemen’, with a maximum height of upto 5.5 feet tall. It’s still not quite for full-blown adults, but the next ATV will make up for that. This is a great ATV for off-road adventures.

Cons: This is a fairly cheap model for its features – which may seem like a good thing, until you realize that for a strong off-road ATV, you need to spend more money for high quality features. So it’s not an ATV for extreme riding; it’s best suited for more mild rides. That’s alright if it’s being used by children, and it’s intended for that. So it’s satisfactory for the purpose it serves.

Tao Tao 250cc ATV review#5 – Full-Size 250cc TaoTao ATV

User Rating:

The final ATV on our list is the full-sized 250cc TaoTao ATV. Keep in mind that even though this ranks number 5 on the list of highest-rated TaoTao ATVs, that’s still a good ranking. And everyone needs ATVs for different purposes (which we’ll discuss below). And this ATV is certainly different. With a 250cc engine, it blows out all the other ATVs on this list, in terms of engine capacity. It’s a large ATV that weights 420 pounds; it’s intended for teenagers and adults. It has several heavy duty features such as 4 gears with reverse, speed limiter, dual brakes, independent shocks, and electric start. Now let’s look at the pros and cons of this product.

Pros: The ATV packaging and delivery went smoothly, and it was easy to assemble. You have to be careful with locking all the bolts. You can also look up Youtube videos on how to assemble it, they’re very helpful. As far as function, it’s a great ATV for long outdoors activities for adults. The fact that it has a good engine capacity makes it reliable for outdoors adventures. It’s also a really valuable ATV for the money; you likely won’t find an ATV at this price with these features. This is what’s good about the TaoTao brand, the affordability.

Cons: You might be wondering, “If this ATV is so perfect, why is it only number 5 on this list?”. Well, one reason is that larger ATVs usually perform worse in user ratings. That’s because they have a more serious and long-term use, so the customers place them on a higher standard. So kids’ ATVs in general will be better-rated than adult ATVs. With that being said, there are a couple disadvantages of this ATV. The customer support with this ATV has received some complaints, as some complaints have said that the cheap price works against it, by having low quality of the features.

How To Choose The Best TaoTao ATV

So we’ve presented and reviewed the TaoTao ATVs that have the best customer ratings on Amazon. But customer ratings are not the only things you should look at when choosing an ATV to buy. There are several other factors that can help you decide which ATV is the best one for you. Here are a few of those factors:

What Do You Need It For?

There are lots of different ATVs that serve different purposes, and the most important question is: What do you need it for? The majority of the ATVs that are reviewed on this page for for children and pre-teens; so if you have a child and they want to ride an ATV, then selecting from those smaller ATVs would be the best bet. There are also a few larger TaoTao ATVs that are intended for teenagers and even adults. These ATVs have larger engine capacity, weight, and can go more miles. The children’s ATVs are smaller and have less mileage. They also have better safety features. You need to distinguish between the ATVs based on their most important features. These are the most important features on an ATV:

  • Intended age group (children, pre-teens, teenagers, or adults)
  • Weight
  • Dual or disc brakes
  • Engine capacity
  • Type of engine
  • Safety features (speed limiter, remote kill switch)
  • Other features

The other features, that are less important, include the color of the ATV, the design, the type of front and back lights, and the adjustability of the seat. There’s a comparison table at the top of the post that you can look at to compare the top 5 TaoTao ATVs and read their reviews.

TaoTao ATV Parts

You probably noticed that we talk a lot about ATV parts in this article. When you own a TaoTao ATV, or just any ATV in general, it’s good to know about different ATV parts and where to get them. This can really come in handy if you need to replace a broken part. Thankfully, there are tons of ATV parts available on the market, specifically for TaoTao ATVs. Important ATV parts include electric motors, ignition coils, kill switch, ignition switch, front & tail lights, carburetors, and more. You can ask for those parts directly on the TaoTao website. Or better yet, you can search for them on Ebay and Amazon. They have a wide availability of all kinds of TaoTao ATV parts.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the TaoTao ATV reviews of the best-rated ATVs on Amazon show that each of their ATVs is unique, and they have their own features that set them apart. There are many similarities too. The biggest similarities are with the sizes and engine capacities (cc) of the ATVs. TaoTao is a reliable brand that sells some really good and affordable ATVs.

The bottom line is that if you’re having trouble deciding which ATV to get, don’t sweat it! There aren’t huge differences between them, just know what you need it for. No matter which one you get, you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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