Scooter X Sport Kart

In this review we look at the popular children’s go-kart known as Scooter X Sport Go-Kart. This go-kart piqued my interest because it’s one of the best-selling go-karts on Amazon. Yet there’s no full review on it anywhere, just the customer reviews on Amazon, and they can’t always be trusted. As someone who bought this go-kart for my son, I’m inclined to do a full review of it, so you can decide whether it’s worth the money.

We’ll look at the features, design, functionality, and user satisfaction of this go-kart. It’s based on real experience from people who have used this go-kart, including myself.

Features & Specifications

Here are the main features & specifications of the Scooter X go-kart:

  • 163 cc engine
  • 4-stroke
  • 6.5 hp
  • Weighs 177 pounds
  • Pull start
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • 13-inch tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Maximum speed 45 MPH
  • Weight limit 250 pounds
  • Suitable for ages 12 and above
  • Butterfly steering wheel
  • Handbrake & throttle
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Rear coil over suspension

Design & Functionality

The Scooter X sport go-kart has an all-black finish with a blue motor at the back. It has a thin tubular steel frame, and notably no side doors. It has a unique design for a go-kart; it’s thin, black, and has a sporty look. With thick and large tires, this go-kart is built for off-road riding. However, it’s not for extreme off-road riding that you might picture; the kind that involves lots of bumpy roads and rocky mountains. Due to the thin frame and lack of side doors, this go-kart can’t do much extreme karting. But that’s ok, because it’s a children’s and pre-teens’ go-kart, so it doesn’t need to. It’s best suited for outdoors, and it can handle some uneven terrains, including mud and sand.



  • Cool and unique design
  • High speed (maximum of 45 MPH)
  • Large and thick tires can withstand terrain
  • Fun to ride
  • Lasts long on flat surfaces


  • Minor problems with clutch
  • Somewhat expensive for a go-kart
  • Assembly instructions are not clear
  • Lacks side doors
  • Doesn’t work on sloped surfaces

Should You Buy It?

This go-kart is best suited for children and pre-teens; people who are between 12 and 16. It can feel cramped and uncomfortable for taller people and adults. If you’re looking for a fun and safe experience riding on flat surfaces, then this go-kart is a good choice. But like most vehicles, you might need to do frequent repairs and replacement of parts.

One upgrade that you can perform to make it better suited for off-roading is installing a Torque Converter Clutch 3/4-inch Kit, which gives it the boost needed to perform better off-road. It still performs well on flat surfaces, but this will improve its performance on uneven terrain. This improves the power of the go-kart¬†greatly. You’ll need some expertise or experience to install it, as regular people aren’t very experienced in replacing go-kart parts. But it’s not necessary if you don’t want an intense go-karting experience with this vehicle. It works perfectly fine without an upgrade.


In summary, this is a nice little go-kart for kids that’s a little on the expensive side, but it has a lightning-fast speed. It’s a popular go-kart among pre-teens and teenagers, but it has some short-comings too. People have complained about its clutch, as well as its lack of power when riding on slopes and hills. I personally haven’t experienced many problems with it. It’s a great go-kart for simple flat-surface riding. It also has a cool design that I love. Even if you might face some driving problems with it, you can get upgrades or repairs easily. The customer support has been helpful and responsive.

My Rating:

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