MotorcycleWhat are you supposed to do when your motorcycle isn’t starting? It’s filled up with fuel, but its battery just won’t start. You need to give it a push.

Jump starting a motorcycle is more difficult than with other vehicles. When you have a car, you can just ask someone to push start it. It’s easier to push a four-wheeler, even though it’s heavier.

Pushing starting a motorcycle is a bit different, but it can be done. In fact, I think it’s better because you can even do it by yourself. If your car’s battery shuts down, you need an extra hand to push a large vehicle like that. But there is a way to do it solo on a motorcycle.

There are several ways to do this. Here are 2 of them that work the best:

The Easiest Method

This is the simplest method, and it works in a similar to pushing a car. But you will need at least 1-2 persons to push you. Usually, you will need to ask someone around for help. If you’re stranded and alone somewhere, then try the 1-person method. Here’s how this method works:

1. Insert the key in the keyhole and make sure the ignition and kill switch are on. You’re getting ready to start the motorcycle.

2. Make sure that the bike is in a stable gear, like the 2nd gear. This will keep the bike from jerking when you turn it on. It’s something you should already know to do if you ride a motorcycle. It’s especially important for push starting.

3. Be firmly seated on the bike, and pull the clutch in. You’re preparing to go to a certain moderate speed when you take off. Don’t pull it too much, it’s dangerous. Just prepare for a speed that you would have if you were turning across a road.

4. Have 1 or 2 people from behind push you. They should focus on pushing the rear side of the motorcycle, not pushing you by your back! The push should be gradual but firm.

5. Once you start to get moving a little, drop the clutch and push the starter.

6. That’s it, it should be running normally now. Ride normally and keep the speed up.

The Single-Person Method

Of course, you can’t always have help around. If you get stranded on your motorcycle somewhere, then you need to know how to jump start the motorcycle by yourself. Try out this method:

This method works in almost the same way as the previous method, except it’s harder to execute. You have to push the bike by yourself! Sounds hard, right? It is.

There are two ways to do this. First, if you’re exceptionally strong, you can just sit on the bike and push it with your legs. Try to get the momentum going. But the second, more preferable way, is to find a downhill slope and use it to build momentum. This can be a little dangerous, so it’s certainly no ideal situation to be in. Don’t get in this mess in the first place. But if you do, then use this method to get yourself out.

A Man Riding A MotorcycleConclusion

In conclusion, push starting a motorcycle is really simple; it’s all about executing it the right way. It works in a similar way to jump starting a car. You have to push the vehicle while engaging the clutch, and build up momentum. This can be done on any kind of motorcycle, even if it’s a dirt bike or a mini bike.

Doing it solo is way harder than doing it with the help of 1 or 2 persons. That’s because you need to build up the momentum by going downhill .So make sure to get into a bad situation like this in the first place. Stay safe and ride safely.

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