Rocking motorcycle horsesAre you a parent who’s tired of the regular old rocking horses? Almost every toddler with a childhood has ridden one. And they may be fun, but they get boring and repetitive. Sometimes you need something new.

This where the rocking motorcycle comes in to spice up your child’s playtime. These are basically like the rocking horses, but they’re modeled after motorcycles and other vehicles. It’s a very different dynamic, with how it works and feels. These motorcycle rockers offer more thrill, and they look cool. But the difference is not just in design – many of these rocking motorcycles also have cool realistic features that include sound effects.

So now that you know the motorcycle rocking horses are better alternatives to the regular old rocking horse, which are the best ones to get? Here’s our list of the coolest and best-rated rocking motorcycles to get:

1. Kidkraft

User Rating: (4.3/5)

  • Made of wood and has a leather seat
  • Plays sound effects when you push a button
  • Safe and secured by anti-tipping rockers
  • Detailed artwork and graphics

This is the quintessential motorcycle rocker, because of its simple graphics, great mechanics, and appeal to young boys. It’s modeled after Harley Davidson motorcycles, as you can tell by the design. We love this toy because it’s cheap and it provides hours of fun for your kid. In fact, once your toddler gets on it, you’ll have a hard time getting them off! The rocking motion is fun as it is, and the sound effects are an icing on the cake. Overall, it gives a cool and memorable experience that will make a kid happy.

2. Rockabye Lil’ Rocker

User Rating: (4.7/5)

  • Made with high quality maple hardwood and imported fabrics
  • Plays four children’s educational songs
  • Recommended for children aged 9 months and up

This soft and fun rocker is perfect for young toddlers to get a feel of a rocking back and forth on a toy. The design is adorable – it uses a soft and fluffy fabric which is very comfortable to sit on. The fabric is also very easy to wash. It covers a solid maple hardwood frame, that’s polished and made from good quality wood. The songs are education for children, and they can help them learn about the alphabets, colors, etc. This is a lightweight and simple rocking bike that your toddler will love.

3. Labebe Rocking Bike

User Rating: (4.7/5)

  • Uses a large rocking base for security and design
  • Expertly crafted and covered by soft fabric
  • Anti-fall backrest and safe motion

This rocker is a little different, as you can notice by the design. The base looks like a skateboard, and it’s wider than what you usually see. This is actually an effective design that makes the toy less likely to tip over and fall. We also love the design of this rocking bike; it has a beautiful and colorful sewing pattern over a silky delicate fabric. This is well-made toy that will easily catch a child’s attention due to its bright colors and unique design. It’s also ideal for both boys and girls, so it doesn’t exclude a gender.

4. RM39I Rock-On

User Rating: Not yet rated (be the first to rate it!)

  • Expertly handcrafted from imported hardwood
  • Built for safety
  • Easy to assemble

This one is a little different from the motorcycle rocking horses that we’ve looked at so far. This one looks more finely made, like a display showpiece, instead of a children’s toy. Well – it’s both. Not only is it a cool display piece to keep in the house, as its crafted carefully from high quality food, it works as a rocking toy as well. This is certainly for those who have a different taste. It doesn’t have a soft fabric seat, although you can add your own using a pillow. This is meant to rival a more authentic motorcycle experience, which can be shown in the details of the craftsmanship.

5. Wooden Solid Oak Amish Motorcycle

User Rating: Not yet rated (be the first to rate it!)

  • Crafted from oak and walnut
  • Cushion seat
  • Made in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country

This is another finely made vintage wooden motorcycle rocking horse. Like the previous one, this is not just a children’s toy – but rather, a work of art. It’s authentic; crafted by the Amish community in Pennsylvania, you can really see the classical style show in the design. Notice that the design is not too detailed, but the beauty is in the simplicity. It has natural oak and walnut stains, topped off by a pleasing color palette. This rocker also has a cushion seat for comfortable rocking. Overall, it’s the classy choice of motorcycle rockers.

Benefits of Motorcycle Rocking Horses For Your Kid

1. Development

Rocking toys improve a toddler’s mobility and they encourage them to be independent and physically active. That feeling of rocking back and forth on a motorcycle toy is a safe way for them to build the vital confidence that works towards their development. It builds other important skills such as balance and flexibility. While a toddler does not move very much on a rocking toy, he will certainly get the sensation that he is.

2. Calming

What do you do when a child is crying? You take him/her in your arms, and you slowly rock them back and forth. This is a soothing feeling that most toddlers are accustomed to, and that’s exactly why they love rocking toys! Rocking back and forth is very relaxing, and it will calm down a distressed or hyper-active child pretty quickly. Of course, it should never substitute for actual physical contact with parents.

3. Help Children With Disability

Rocking toys are an effective tool for helping children with various disabilities. Children with a sensory disorder use rocking toys to get a soothing and relaxing effect which improving their balance. Many children with disabilities, such as autism, need an outlet where they can be calm and collect their thoughts. Rocking toys provide that outlet; they help children be more focused and calm. It’s a popular toy to keep in classrooms for children with special needs, because of its simplicity and developmental prowess.

4. Encouraging Creativity

Isn’t it cool that a rocking toy is shaped and looks like a motorcycle? Some of them even have the motorcycle sound effects. This is something that young boys who are fans of racing and vehicles will especially love. They can hop on the motorcycle and pretend to be whoever they want. This is another reason why rocking toys are so beneficial for kids. They can get any sort of rocking toy they want, and let their imaginations run wild.

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