The question on your mind might be “can I actually get a hoverboard for under 200 dollars?”. And the answer is – yes, you absolutely can. In this article we’ll present you with 5 hoverboards that you can buy now which cost less than $200. And these are not any off-brand or low-quality hoverboards; these are affordable and highly-rated hoverboards that work excellently. We only select the ones that have a high user rating and customer satisfaction.

There are lots of hoverboards out there to choose from, but the prices can sometimes look intimidating. So it can help to narrow down your choices to the cheaper ones. Plus, it’s a lot easier on your wallet. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to get your own fun hoverboard. And without further ado, here are the top 5 hoverboards under $200:

Hoverboard under $2001. Veeko 350W Dual Motor

User Rating: (4.6/5)

At the top of this list is a hoverboard that so filled with good features that it’s hard to believe it costs so little. It’s a safety certified scooter, and it passes all the safety requirements. It includes protection from overheating, low battery, speeding, and going up a slope. It’s also a very durable scooter, as it has a maximum rider weight of 250 pounds. This is impressive considering that it’s a lightweight scooter that weighs only 22 pounds. So it’s easy to transport, when you need to carry it around.

But the real fun comes from its speed. It goes up to a decent speed of 6 MPH. You can do all the cool things like with any hoverboard, like spinning, cruising around, transporting, and climbing slopes up to 15 degrees steep. It has a strong motor of 350-Watts, and the battery lasts for at least 2 and a half hours. The package comes with a user manual and a USB charger. All in all, this is a great budget compact hoverboard.

2. Chrome Rose Gold Hoverboard

User Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a UL2272 certified hoverboard, which means it has passed the safety standards needed for a hoverboard to operate properly (all the hoverboards on this list have). This is a unique and powerful scooter that has a cute design. It has many similar features to the previous hoverboard. For example, it has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds, and it weighs 22 pounds. It can climb a maximum slope of 15 degrees. It has a 350-Watt engine.

What makes this hoverboard unique and cool is that it has a Bluetooth speaker, along with LED light. It’s great to be able to play music while you’re riding along. Of course, it might be a nuisance to others if you’re on a street or road. But you can play it while you’re riding alone or with friends, in a remote area. The LED lights are cool too, and they look great at night. Small and lightweight hoverboards like these are great for kids and pre-teens, because they not too heavy or fast. They’re also safe and easy to use. Plus, it’s fun to ride them to school.

3. VEEKO All-Terrain

User Rating: (4.4/5)

There are limited units available, so buy one now before it’s sold out! The all-terrain hoverboard is an off-road scooter that’s good for riding on various surfaces. It has off-road 6.5-inches aluminum wheels which are used for off-road purposes. This is a fast and long-lasting hoverboard, with a top speed of almost 10 MPH. It lasts between 4 and 6 hours per charge.

This hoverboard is UL certified and it passes all the safety tests necessary to run properly and protect from any accidents or malfunctions. It uses a 36-Volt battery and has a 350-Watt dual motor. It has a range of 6-9 miles. It also has two LED lights that help monitor the battery and status. It uses a smart gyroscope and sensor to acutely turn and ride with stability. This hoverboard also has a cool all-black design that looks slick and shiny, when paired with the aluminum alloy wheels. It’s an all-round good hoverboard, and it costs less than $200. It’s available in limited quantities, so get it while you can.

4. Hoverboard with Carrying Bag

User Rating: (4.0/5)

Another good quality and UL certified cheap hoverboard, this one is retailed by ExtremepowerUS. It comes with a carrying bag, which is super convenient, because usually you’ll need to carry around your hoverboard after reaching a destination, whether it’s a college class or a grocery store. It’s awkward to have to carry around the hoverboard in your hands. People have to buy a carrying case separate, but with this hoverboard comes with a carrying case.

The features are pretty impressive too. It’s recommended for riders aged 12 and above. It has a maximum rider capacity of 200 pounds, and it weighs about 26 pounds. It reaches a maximum speed of 8 MPH, and it has a range between 9 and 12 kilometers. It has a charging time between 2 and 3 hours, and it comes with the charger. This scooter has a good speed and rage.

5. Chrome Black Hoverboard

User Rating: (3.9/5)

This hoverboard has one of our favorite designs. The chrome black metallic finish and the compact size, along with the minimal features, give it a clean look. Like all the other hoverboards on this list, it is UL2272 certified, so it has gone through all the extensive checks and regulations to make sure that it is safe. And indeed, it is – it doesn’t have any reported instances of overheating or catching on fire. It runs smoothly.

Let’s get to some of the features. It weighs 25 pounds, and allows a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds. It can travel on an incline, at a maximum slope of 15 degrees. It has a maximum speed of 8 MPH. It uses LED lights. Pretty standard stuff. But where this hoverboard stands out is its Bluetooth feature. It has a Bluetooth speaker which you can use to play any sounds or music that you want. It can be connected to another device, such as your phone or laptop, which is pretty cool. Not that many hoverboards have Bluetooth speakers. And people don’t always need them, but for some it’s a great extra feature to have.

Some Tips For Riding A Hoverboard

Check The Local Laws

Riding a hoverboard in places like your backyard, neighborhood, a park, etc. is perfectly fine and legal. But you should probably check with your local laws to see if you can ride them on the streets. In the UK, for example, people are not allowed to ride them on the street, only on private property. In the US, a few cities have banned them, but they’re still commonly seen on bike lanes and sidewalks. Check your local laws.

Practice Balancing First

If you’re a first-time hoverboard user, then you’re likely gonna need some practice on mounting and balancing the hoverboard, before you can even ride it. Practice at home in a safe environment so that you don’t fall. It’s pretty simple. When getting on and off the board, you have to take one foot at a time. And when you get off a hoverboard, you should step backwards, not forward. You’ll get better with practice.

Charge During The Day

This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s a safety precaution I like to take. While all of these hoverboards are safety certified, you can never be too careful. I don’t like the idea of charging the hoverboard overnight, because no one is watching it. And if it gets overcharged, then a potential for a spark or fire increases. That’s why it’s better to charge it during the day. Then you can unplug it as soon as it’s fully charged.

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