#1 Pick! Coleman Powersports KT196

The top pick is the gas-powered go-kart boasts an advanced 4-stroke engine with 196 cc. It’s affordable, with great design and functionality.

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Gas-powered go-karts are for those drivers who are really serious about go-karting as a sport and a hobby. They’re powered like smaller versions of real vehicles.. Gas-powered go-karts boast the most amount of power out of any other type of go-karts.

When buying gas-powered go-karts, there’s an important terminology to know: the engine displacement. This is the metric you’ll see referred to when a 200 cc engine or a 300 cc engine is talked about. It measures the effective volume of the go-kart engine. For comparison, a car has at least a 1000 cc engine. Most go-karts have a metric less than that.

It’s also recommended to check the capacity of the gas tank in gallons. Gas-powered go-karts have to be refilled at home in most cases, because you likely are not legally allowed to drive them on a road to the gas station. In any case, be sure to check your local laws. It’s important to keep the gasoline at home or some easily reachable area, for whenever you need to refuel your go-kart. Therefore, it’s recommended to buy some gas along with your go-kart.

Best Gas-Powered Go-Karts

There’s lots of other things to know about buying a gas go-kart, and this post will get into it later. But for now, let’s look at the gas-powered go-karts that that have the most impressive features, design, and affordability. Here are the top 5 best gas-powered go-karts for sale:

1. Coleman Powersports KT196 Go-Kart

The KT196 is hands-down the best model by Coleman, and one of the top go-karts sold in the market today. It has impressive features, which make the go-kart easy and fun to ride. The gas engine has very strong metrics: the 4-stroke engine makes it a high-powered and advanced vehicle. The engine displacement is also impressive for a go-kart. It comes at a really affordable and competitive price for these gas-powered features.

This go-kart is best for riders who want a real outdoor experience; it can be used by both teenagers and adults. The maximum weight allowed is 400 pounds. This durable go-kart is going to last for your most thrilling adventures with riding the kart. It’s also extremely safe, as it has a four-point safety harness with a grounded seat and a steel padded roll cage. There are two styles available: 3.0 HP and 6.5 HP. The latter is more expensive, but it has more features. If the go-kart is a bit expensive for you, then you also have the option of making monthly payments for 12 months. This is a go-kart you don’t want to miss out on.

2. MotoTec MT-GK-10 Sandman Go-Kart

The second go-kart on this list is the gas-powered MT-GK-10 Sandman version from MotoTec. MotoTec is a prolific brand that manufactures go-karts, as well as its parts and repairs. It’s been featured on this website many times, and for good reason. We’ve found it to be one of the most consistent and trustworthy go-kart brands. And the MT-GK-10 Sandman is part of their line of impressive go-karts.

It has a 49 cc engine, which is small but it is sufficient for a kids go-kart. The driver likely won’t be taking this go-kart on long off-road journeys, as its more suited for casual outdoor use. It has a standard 2-stroke engine, and it reaches a maximum speed of 30 mph (depending on the driver’s weight). This is a great speed for a small go-kart. It also has an amazing range: It can travel up to 20 miles per fueling of the tank! It has numerous other features that can’t all be listed here, and they include: automatic transmission, foldable seat, centrifugal clutch, rear disc brakes, and more. This is a great sporty outdoors kart for children and young adults.

3. Scooter X Sports Go-Kart

The Scooter X go-kart is a 196 cc, 4-stroke, gas-powered go-kart with a 6.5 HP style. In those metrics, its similar to the Coleman KT196 go-kart. The gas engine is complex and has a high capacity, and is built for off-roading. It also has 13-inch thick off-road tires. The look and design of this go-kart also makes it perfects for sports and outdoor go-karting. However, there are a few ways in which it is different from the Coleman go-kart. It’s suited for drivers of ages 12 and up. It’s a little on the smaller side. The structure and frame of the go-kart means that it cannot sustain lots of bumps and jumps in riding. So, it’s to ride it on somewhat flat surfaces.

There are many driving controls and functions that make the go-kart better and more fun to ride. It has a centrifugal clutch that can be pull-started, which is an easy way to start up any vehicle. It’s also an incredibly fast go-kart, as it can reach speeds up to 45 mph! This makes is great for racing and long joyriding. It’s highly recommended as a gas go-kart for young people (ages 12 and up) looking for long and fun go-karting.

4. Kandi KD-150 Go-Kart

The Kandi KD-150 is a powerful go-kart for adults. Though it is on the expensive side (it’s the most expensive go-kart on this list) it has extra features that set it apart. It has strong durability with a heavy gauge steel frame with dual front A-arm coil over shock suspension. This is in addition to a swing-arm dual coil and integrated brush guards on the upper area and sides. All of this is just fancy jargon to describe the well-designed, durable, and integrated structure of the go-kart. The air-cooled engine is 150 cc, which is one of the few shortfalls of this go-kart. At this size and price, the engine should be at least 200 cc. This would allow it to store more gas and have better mileage.

A large and complex go-kart like this can’t be summarized in a couple of paragraphs. Overall, it has a variety of driving features, reaches a maximum speed of up to 35-40 mph, has many essential features, and is durable. It may take some getting used to in order to master it.

5. Trail Master XRS 150cc Go-Kart

Another 150 cc gas-powered go-kart; this one is by Trailmaster. It follows in its series of XRX and XRS go-karts. The XRS 150 cc is a small-to-midsized go-kart that’s  best suited for children and teenagers. 150 cc is a good engine displacement; it means it can store plenty of fuel. It’s the same as the Kandi KD-150 above, but it costs much less, so it has a better engine for its price. It’s a buggy-like vehicle, and it’s best driven in off-road areas, backyards, terrains, etc. It has a four-stroke air-cooled engine with one cylinder and with reverse. The maximum hp is 8.2 which is impressive. The go-kart has other impressive features like a max speed of 43 mph, climbing ability, 12 degrees ignition, 12-volt battery, weight capacity of 500 pounds, dual wheel drive, hydraulic disc brakes, and more. See the product page for the full list of specifications.

Trailmaster is a reliable brand of go-karts, and this one in the XRS serious has a lot of good features for a relatively cheap price. It’s one of the best gas-powered go-karts out there.

Buying A Gas-Powered Go-Kart

The Driving Carryover

Fun fact: out of all the go-karts, gas-powered ones are the go-karts that most closely replicate driving an actual vehicle. They have the highest driving carryover of any type of go-kart. This means that the skills learned during go-karting will also translate to skills in driving a car, truck, or jeep. This is especially useful for young children, because it exposes them to driving at an early age. For example, the MotoTec Sandman go-kart is recommended for children, yet it has the design and features of a rugged four-wheel vehicle. Gas go-karts are my favorite type of go-karts, because they’re the most versatile and can be driven on different types of terrains. They’re undeniably cooler than other types of go-karts (that depends on personal preference, of course).

Choosing A Go-Kart

It can be challenging to find the right kind of gas-powered go-kart. Gas go-karts have a wide range of prices; they can be as low as $500 or as high as $3000.

Generally speaking, age range is the biggest predictor of the price of the go-kart. If you’re getting a go-kart for an 8 year old, then expect it to hover around $1000, if not less. But a large, two-seater or four-seater for adults will cost around $2000 or more.

Something else to look at is the brand; if you’re buying from a recognized go-kart brand like Trailmaster or Kandi, you’ll get better quality than if you buy from a cheap run-off-the-mill brand. It will also be a little more expensive, but the good brands make their products affordable while keeping the quality.

Other Considerations

As mentioned before, maintenance is an important part of owning a gas-powered go-kart. You’re advised to clean the go-kart weekly, especially if it’s used off-road a lot. Keeping stocked up on gas is also necessary, and so is knowing how to re-fuel a go-kart. So many parents buy a gas go-kart for their 8 year old, only to find out they can’t put in the fuel! Look up Youtube videos that show you how to put the fuel in the go-kart. Usually it’s included in the instructions, so you might not even have to watch a video.

Ultimately, gas-powered go-karts are the real deal; they’re big, fast, and professional. If you’re looking for a real off-road go-karting experience, then try out one.

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