Folding electric bikeFolding electric bikes are a great way to get around. Foldability gives you the convenience of carrying it around anywhere you need; it’s practical. Folding electric bikes are also cooler than regular ones; ask anyone and they’ll admit it. And of course, they’re faster and better for the environment than regular bicycles. Not only do they leave no emissions, but they’re a lot better at transport.

Here are the reviews for the 10 best folding electric bikes in 2018:

Cyrusher XF700

Rating: (4.3/5)

Cyrusher XF700 comes in four different color combinations: black/green, black/red, black/white, and black/yellow. Each design is sleek and elegant. It’s designed in army camouflage colors and has one of the coolest electric folding bike designs. It has multiple speeds, which gives you a wide range of modes to work with. This is technically a mountain bike, which means that it’s designed for off-road cycling. Having a wide range of speeds is important for off-road cycling because you will often switch gears and change speeds, depending on where you’re riding. But this is not just for off-road cyclists; this bike can also be driven on the road. It’s especially popular as a commuter bike to work; all folding electric bikes are. That’s probably their number one most common use.

This bike’s technology is advanced. It uses a bike computer for adjusting several settings, such as speed, power, and lights. The compact and small computer is fitted right between the handlebars and doesn’t take up any excess space. You can also use it to check the speed mode, battery level, and miles traveled. The bike’s innovative technology also extends to the motor. It has a 250-watt motor powered by 36-volt batteries. It’s very efficient and takes only 3-4 hours to fully charge. The bike is fast as well; it has a maximum speed of 20 MPH. This is one of the best electric folding bikes on the market and anyone who’s looking for a reliable and convenient bike for transport should look no further.

Swagtron Swagcycle

Rating: (4.2/5)

Swagtron’s Swagcycle is a cool folding e-bike that’s built to be modern and innovative. It has a 250-watt motor and uses a 36-volt battery. The battery is very efficient – it charges in only 2.5 hours. It’s so convenient that the battery charges at lightning speed. I take this bike to work every morning, so what I like to do in my morning routine is to wake up, plug in the charger, do the rest of the stuff (work out, breakfast, reading) and when it’s time for work, the bike will be charged. No other folding bike matches it in terms of efficiency. It also has a good speed and mileage: 10 MPH maximum speed and 10 mile range. 10 miles means that it won’t travel distances that are too far. But that’s ok, because most people use it for short distance travel. And if you take it to work like I do, then you can charge it while at work too, so that it will be ready for the commute back to home. And what’s really cool is that it has a micro USB charging port for your devices – so you can actually charge your phone while riding the bike.

There are lots of other cool features of this bike that can’t all be explored here, so go to the product page for the full scoop. It has easy controls that include a horn, headlight button, front and rear disc brakes, accelerator throttle, and a battery indicator. It also has brake lights and reflector for better visibility. It’s sturdy and portable.

Ancheer Folding E-Bike

Rating: (4.2/5)

Ancheer is another electric folding bike with a cool design and color combination. It’s built from an aluminum alloy frame with double layer aluminum alloy wheels. The frame is mostly white, with black handlebars. It resembles the color and shape of a dolphin, and that’s not a coincidence – it’s meant to be modeled after a dolphin due to its innovative and streamlined design. It’s very durable and built from the highest quality aluminum alloy. The bike weighs 26 pounds, which is light for an electric bike. The frame is easily collapsible and foldable. This bike is very portable due to its light weight and folding frame; it can be carried with ease. This makes it great for storing anywhere indoors.

There are several cool features in this bike, one being the mobile connectivity through a phone app and Bluetooth. You can connect your phone with the bike, and use it to monitor your speed and change the settings. You can even lock the bike with a simple password entered on your phone. This is really next-level technology. The bike is also waterproof, which is very useful because you don’t know when you’ll run into some rain while riding it on the road. Battery is very efficient, with a charging time of less than 3 hours. It also has a bright front LED headlight. Check out its product page for more details.

Addmotor M150

Rating: (4.3/5)

Addmotor is a high-end and expensive folding bike with extra power and performance to boot. It comes in four different color accents: black, blue, green, and orange (the blue one is pictured on the right). It has a maximum speed of 23 MPH, which is well above the average speed for folding electric bikes. Not only that, but the mileage is between 40 and 55 miles, nearly 5 times as much as a regular folding electric bike. Both of these stats show that this is a bike built for long-distance and continuous travel. You can use it to commute to large distances, take trips, travel between cities, etc. The truth is that while the smaller bikes may be attractive and easy on the wallet, they have a problem with mileage and sometimes even speed. Having a range of, say 10 miles, just doesn’t cut it for transport. That’s why if you plan on using an electric bike regularly in your travel, then this is the right one to get.

There are several features that make this bike worthwhile. It has 7 speeds which are controlled by a twist grip throttle. The motor is a 500-watt powerful brushless hub motor and it uses 48-Volt lithium batteries. A smart charger is included with the bike. The charging time is up to 4 hours, which is actually pretty good for a large bicycle like this. It can sustain a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This is a high end electric bike and the best one for those who can spend some extra money. See the product page for more details.

Cyclamatic CX2

Rating: (4/5)

Cyclamatix CX2 is a folding bike with a unique design. It has a rounded bar with a low step-through height, making it easy for anyone to mount the bike. The design is one of the better ones, which is impressive considering there are so many electric folding bikes with cool designs. But the color combinations, coating, quality of the features, and accessories just make this one of the better-designed bikes. And while some riders may face confusion about when to use and not use the pedals, this bike helps clear it up. It has three pedal assist modes: low, medium, and high. The mode determines how much work you will do, from no electric assist to full electric assist. These modes, as well as other functions, can be set from handlebar controls. The handlebar also controls the v-brakes and the Shimano gear for 6 different speeds.

This bike’s best quality is that it’s simplistically advanced. Fitted into a minimal design, it has high quality materials such as a Shimano gear, 20-inch Kenda tires, front and rear mud guards, and a 20-inch steel frame. It has a 250-watt brushless motor and a 36-Volt battery that takes between 4 to 6 hours to fully charge. Other features include a bell, reflectors, front lights, and more. The maximum speed is 15 MPH. This bike is recommended for riders aged 14 and above, and it has a weight limit of 220 pounds.

Goplus 180W

Rating: (4.1/5)

Goplus is good at making small and budget electric bikes, like this one. It has a 180-watt motor, which is less powerful than the average 250W motor. This bike is intended for younger riders, not necessarily adults, because it has a weight limit of 165 pounds. It is a very lightweight bike and weighs only 25 pounds. The wheels are small too; the front wheel is 14 inches and the rear wheel is 16 inches. While it has a bit less power than other bikes, it has much better portability. It’s very easy to fold and carry around due to the small size and light frame. It’s built to be compact.

Despite being a pretty small bike, it has a good performance. The maximum charge time is 4 hours to fully charge. The batteries it uses are 18-volt lithium batteries. It has a maximum speed of 16 MPH and a range of at least 19 miles. It’s a very agile bike, and the light weight only helps its speed. You have to be careful to not exceed the weight limit though, because it’s pretty low, and the frame is not that durable. It’s best used by teenagers and young adults below 165 pounds. It’s built from a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy. It has two speeds, as well as pedal assist. I wouldn’t recommend this bike for long commutes to work. It’s best used for commuting to school/college, and work if it’s a short distance. For longer commutes, you’re better off with a bigger and more powerful bike.

Goplus 120W

Rating: (4/5)

An even smaller bike, this Goplus has a 120-Watt motor. This makes it the perfect folding electric bike for kids, teenagers, and even adults. It has a range of 16 miles and a maximum speed of 13 MPH. The maximum weight it can carry is 176 pounds. Due to the weight limit, this bike can also be used by adults, despite having just a 120W motor. The battery it uses are 14-Volt lthium batteries. It’s a lightweight bike, weighing only around 28 pounds. The charging time is an average of 4 hours. This bike is built from a sturdy aluminum alloy. It’s strong enough to hold a weight as high as 176 lbs, despite having a small frame.

This bike is ideal for commuting between short distances. Keep in mind that the range is 16 miles, so it can cost most distance within an average-sized city. People most commonly use it to get to work, if their place of work isn’t too far away. There are many reasons why people ride folding e-bikes to work, while we will discuss later. But needless to say, they’re easy to use and good for the environment. They’re also way cheaper than a car or motorcycle. Plus, they give you some exercise if you pedal. This bike has the option of pedal assist, so you can pedal at your own discretion. It’s not necessary, because you can go full electric too. This bike is UL approved. It’s safe, reliable, and versatile.

Coswheel AONE

Rating: (4/5)

In my opinion, this bike has the coolest and most unique design of any folding bike. It looks like a bike from the future, with its clean design, black-and-white color combination, and unconventional structure. It looks like a robotic bike based on its design. It also folds in a very neat and structured way, which you can see here. And it doesn’t just have the looks of a powerful motorized bike; it has the performance as well. It uses a powerful 350-watt motor that gives it a high speed of 22 MPH. It has 3 riding modes: beginner, safe, and sport. The maximum speed varies in each mode, and it’s an effective way to customize the bike to your own level.

Owing to the impressive technology, this bike has its own Coshweel app that can connect it to your phone. Through the phone, you can change various settings like the riding mode, the lighting, and more. It shows real-time information about the bike, such as its current speed, distance traveled, battery level, temperature, etc. It’s a great way to be connected to the bike while on your phone. This is a very durable bike; it can support a maximum weight of 330 pounds. It’s built with optimal safety and protection for the rider.

Vilano Neutron

Rating: (4/5)

Vilano Neutron is a simple folding electric bike. It has a 250-watt brushless hub motor and 36-Volt lithium-ion battery. It has a solid set of features. It uses a Shimano gear with 7 speeds. Shimani is probably the best bike gear manufacturer, and many bicycles use Shimano parts, including some on this list. So if you ever hear about a bike having Shimano gears, then you can be assured of the quality of the bike. It uses mechanical disc brakes for safe and efficient braking. The bike has a great range, between 15 and 25 miles. It has a compact folding frame that easily folds into a small size that’s portable and can be stored conveniently. This is what it looks like when it’s folded. Despite being foldable, the frame is also very sturdy, being able to hold a maximum weight of 250 lbs. Assembling the bike is also easy; most of it is already assembled for you; you just need to read the instructions and attach a few minor parts. For the most part, it comes pre-assembled.

This bike has pedal assist options, which is great because it lets you save energy when you need to. You have the option of no pedaling, so that the electric motor drives the bike itself. Or you can choose to save the battery and only pedal. You can also do a combination of both, by pedaling while being assisted by the electric motor.

Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Rating: (3.7/5)

Ancheer’s folding electric bike has a 36-Volt 8AH lithium-ion battery and is powered by a 250-watt brushless electric motor. It has a range between 15 and 30 miles. It uses a 7-speed Shimano transmission system. 7 speeds is good for a bicycle, especially a folding bike, because it gives a varied set of options for speeding and riding. In addition, this bike has two modes: 3-bike and assisted bicycle. The e-bike mode lets you ride without any pedals. And with the assisted mode, you can pedal along to assist with the movement of the bike. The maximum speed reached is 15 MPH. The bike weighs around 42 pounds and has a weight limit of 330 pounds. The wheel size is 20 inches.

This bike has a bright LED headlight to make it easier to ride at night. It has a meter that’s used to set the driving mode and speed. This bike is easy to fold and it folds into a compact shape that saves space and is easy to carry. It has a smart charger that fully charges the bike in 4 to 6 hours. It’s also a durable bike, with the frame built from 100% aluminum alloy. The front fork is made from high-strength carbon steel.

5 Reasons To Get A Folding Electric Bike

The Ancheer folding e-bike

It can be hard to know what type of bicycle to get. There are many different kinds out there, whether they’re electric, pedal, mountain, or folding bikes. On their own, folding electric bikes are one of the best kinds of bikes for personal transport. Here are 5 reasons why:

They’re Compact And Small

Folding electric bikes are very small, which makes them many people’s preferred choice for travel. The typical wheel size of a folding e-bike is no more then 20 inches, and there are bikes that weigh as little as 30 pounds. As technology progresses, transportation gets smaller and more efficient to save space. The folding e-bike is a step forward in that direction. Smaller vehicles are convenient because they give you less hassle and are better for others on the road too.

Of course, the foldability also makes the bike more compact. It’s very useful because you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store your bike. In your house, that takes up a lot of space. But you can just fold up a bike and store it in a closet, saving much more space. It’s also convenient that you can carry it and store it after commuting to work. You can even buy its own bag, and store it in there.

No Emissions

One of the best things about riding any electric bike is that it’s better for the environment. Electric bikes reduce your carbon footprint and don’t contribute to the rising pollution in most major cities. Electric bikes are better the the air, too. Electric vehicles are becoming more common and will continue to do so in the future. Electric cars, scooters, and motorcycles are all increasing in numbers and they overall reduce the negative impact of vehicles on the environment.

Electric folding bikes are a great alternative to regular motorcycles and scooters. While they may not be as fast or have a big a range, most of them are still sufficient for commutes to work and school. They have a very similar function and are not any worse in other ways. In fact, they’re easier to use and more fun. Getting an electric folding bike can be a New Year’s resolution, because it accomplishes two goals: trying out something new and doing something good.

Pedaling Is Optional

Using the pedals along with the electric motor gives you the option to be more energy-saving and efficient. Many of the folding e-bikes on this list use a pedal assist – which is when you can pedal the bike while it’s also running on the electric motor. In essence, you can “assist” the bike through pedaling, as a secondary source of power. This helps save the battery, because it will get used up less quicker because you’re also helping by pedaling.

Another big advantage of having optional pedals is that if your battery ever runs out while riding, you won’t be stranded. You can simply pedal to your destination, like you would on any regular bike. Some of these bikes have a run times of less than 60 minutes, so it’s common to run out if you regularly go on long commutes. That’s when pedaling comes in handy.

Unique Designs

Folding e-bikes have beautiful and advanced designs. Because they’re foldable, they’re built to be flexible and compact, and that improves how they look. Many of them have a futuristic look because of their advanced technology and resourceful features. They’re also mostly built from all-steel frames, which give the bike a better coating and make them more durable.

Folding e-bike usually have a low step-through frame and a small height. They look like gadgets, due to their portability and design. But they’re very much like vehicles in their performance. Many of the bikes also have smartphone connectivity, which lets you control the bike from your phone. Pretty cool!

They Have Better Value

Folding e-bikes are essentially an electric vehicle used for transport and travel, and they a good job at it. By that standard, they’re really cheap for the purpose they serve. You can get a folding electric bike for as low as $400, where usually you have to spend at least $2000 for a reliable electric scooter or motorcycle. Even the higher end folding e-bikes cost around $1000, which is still significantly less. Folding bikes give you the major functions of a vehicle at a much lower price.

Something you might not know is that folding bikes don’t go down in value like regular bikes do. Because they’re compact and sturdy, they tend to wear out less. Therefore, they’re stay “fresh” and new for longer. This not only means that they have a longer life, but they have a good re-sale value too. Overall, they’re a great investment to make. Inexpensive and long-lasting.

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