Elliptical BikesElliptical bikes are great exercise tools.

They offer a low-impact way to work out, get your blood pumping, lose weight, and even gain muscle.

Unlike regular bikes, you ride these bikes in an elliptical motion, which takes a lot of stress off your knees, joints, and back.

These are the top 10 best elliptical bikes to buy in 2018, including outdoors elliptical bikes.

They are selected based on a number of factors, including: user experience, performance, price, durability, and design.

ElliptiGO 8C - The best outdoors elliptical bike1. ElliptiGO 8C

Rating: (4.6/5)

ElliptiGO 8C is the best elliptical bike you’ll ever find, and that’s not hyperbole. It has the optimal mixture of speed, power, performance, versatility, durability, and price.

The ElliptiGO 8C is the best elliptical bike in the market. If you’re into elliptical bikes, then you must have heard of the ElliptiGO 8C. It brands itself as the “world’s first outdoor elliptical bike”. And while I don’t know if that’s true, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how good it is and how well it works.

It offers a very smooth and versatile performance. I tried this bike out for the first time in 2013 because I had joint problems. I needed to get some exercise without the impact of running. But really, this bike isn’t just for people with back or joint pain. Anyone can use it to get a good outdoors workout. Lauren Fleshman, who is a track and field athlete, has said she uses this bike to get a fun, effective, and safe cardio workout.

And that’s really the best way to describe the function of this bike. If you don’t know how elliptical bikes operate, they basically work in the same ways as elliptical machines in gyms. You move your legs up and down, in sort of circular motion, like pedaling. Except a bike is more effective than the stationary elliptical. Read more about the advantages of elliptical bikes at the end of this article.

This elliptical bike is built from a strong frame and powerful mechanism. It can climb inclines up to 20 or 30 degrees at most. If you’re biking in the outdoors and especially in off-road areas, you’ll almost certainly run into slopes. This bike effectively traverses those slopes and gives you a good workout while at it. It also has 8 gears with a Shimano hub. That’s a good enough amount of gears for an elliptical bike. It gives you plenty of range when riding on uneven surfaces.

This bike is effective both for long-duration cardio workouts and short-duration high-intensity workouts. What I especially like about the 8-speed gear is that it gives you a much tougher workout. It lets you travel up very steep hill. Which is painful, but it builds strength faster. Elliptical bikes in generally get you a better workout than regular bicycles. That’s because they’re heavier and they don’t have the aerodynamic shape that reduces air resistance.

There are a few downsides to this bike. It doesn’t have any place to easily attach a bag (such as a pannier) if you need to carry a water bottle, or anything else. Therefore, you can’t carry much extra stuff on this bike. You can hang it by the handlebars if you really need to it, but that’s uncomfortable. ElliptiGO 8C also does not fit on regular racks, so you’ll need a special rack to place it on your car.

But besides those small downsides, I’m overall very happy about this elliptical bike. It’s probably the best outdoors elliptical bike on the market. It combines all the essential features: comfort, speed, structure, design, and durability.

Here are the features of the ElliptiGO 8C:

  • Weighs 42 pounds
  • Has a length of 75 inches
  • 8 gears
  • Shimano hub
  • Climbs up to 20 – 30 degree gradients
  • Sprinting speed 23+ MPH
  • Built for both cardio and strength training

ElliptiGO Arc 82. ElliptiGO Arc 8

Rating: (4.5/5)

Elliptical Arc 8 is the affordable choice for riders. At nearly half the cost of the 8C, the Arc 8 has many good features. It offers a light, comfortable, and challenging workout. It’s best suited for beginners, because it’s easy to use, has a low price, and doesn’t have a complicated motion.

ElliptiGO Arc 8 is a different beast from the 8C. And in many ways it’s better.

The main thing that’s different with the Arc 8 is it’s much cheaper. It’s one of the most affordable elliptical bikes in the market. But that also means that its features and range are a little watered down. You won’t find the same feel and power as you would on the 8C. But the Arc 8 still stands on its own as a really good elliptical.

When I first tried out this bike, I was already a big ElliptiGO fan. But I was looking for something different. Specifically, something that I could introduce to my friends, who had no idea what an outdoors elliptical bike was. You will often looks like “what is that?” while riding an elliptical bike, due to the unusual motion.

So I was looking for a great elliptical bike that I could introduce to beginners, and this was a perfect choice. It’s lighter than your typical ElliptiGO; it weighs 37 pounds. The pedaling mechanism is designed to be more familiar than the more advanced elliptical bikes. The motion is more like running or pedaling on a bicycle. Rather than a flat oval, the pedaling motion is more circular. That makes it easier for beginners to learn to ride this bike. It mimics the motions we’re already familiar with (running, bicycling) to make it appealing to beginners.

The workout is as intense as in any elliptical bike. Due to the elliptical design, you burn more calories than you would by running or bicycling. That’s because it has a higher intensity and is more difficult. Your legs are met with a lot more resistance. This makes it a great overall workout, both for strength and endurance. This bike is especially great for an aerobic workout, because it’s not as tough as some of the other elliptical bikes. Like I said, it’s catered towards beginners. Advanced elliptical riders would be better off using one of the more advanced bikes.

One thing that I’m most impressed with the Arc 8 is the smart design. It targets muscle groups that a typical elliptical won’t target. These are the smaller muscles in your legs, and even on your back and forearms. Plus, all elliptical bikes of course target the core a lot. You will get a stronger core if you regularly use outdoors elliptical bikes. This bike is built with the design that gives you a workout that hits many essential muscles.

I also found this bike to be exceptionally comfortable on the neck and pain. It has a reclined seat, which puts the stress off your rear and supports your lower back. Plus, the pedals are so light that it feels like you’re running on air. It’s a very light and impact-free experience. Many riders get seat pain on regular bicycles, but on this bike there’s practically no seat pain. This is the most simple, light, and affordable elliptical bike and it’s a good choice for both beginners and experienced riders alike.

Here are the features of the ElliptiGO Arc 8:

  • Weighs 37 pounds
  • Has a length of 72 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity 250 pounds
  • 8 gears
  • Shimano hub
  • Climbs up to 20 – 30 degree gradients
  • Sprinting speed 20+ MPH
  • Built for both cardio and strength training

ElliptiGO 11R elliptical bike3. ElliptiGO 11R

Rating: (4.5/5)

The ElliptiGO 11R is an expensive bike and probably the most advanced one by ElliptiGO. It has 11 gears and gives you much more versatility in riding on different slopes and terrains. It’s also built from optimal engineering designed to give you the perfect balance between comfort and intensity. People may be intimidated by the price tag. But for the right person, this bike is a good investment. Read the full review below to find out why.

The ElliptiGO 11R is the most high-end elliptical bike in the online market, and certainly by the ElliptiGO brand. As a result, some people are turned off from buying it because of the high price. And while it is very expensive, it has high-quality and advanced features that give you your money’s worth.

This ElliptiGO bike has 11 gears, which puts it higher than most other bikes in this category. Having 11 gears gives you more versatility in riding on different surfaces, both uphill and downhill. It also helps you moderate your workout better. The Shimano hub is internally-geared and built into the controls. Shimano makes some of the best bicycle parts, especially gear hubs and derailleurs. So you can be rest assured of the quality of this bike’s gears.

This bike is designed for optimal comfort. That makes it especially great for older riders, who may be worn out from running for years. Running places extra stress on your joints, and it gets harder past a certain point. People who have ran all their lives, participated in marathons, etc. use this bike to get some relief while also continuing on a workout routine. It places much less stress on the back, feet, and knees. People with herniated discs, especially, are advised to use this bike over running. It’s built with a comfortable pedaling system that gives you the lightest feeling while pedaling. It pedals in long oval motions, like elliptical machines. You can easily stand or sit down while riding this bike.

A great thing about this bike that other ElliptiGOs don’t have is portability. It has a folding steering column and handlebars, which can be folded back with the frame of the bike. This makes it much smaller and portable. It can then be stored inside your house or put in the trunk of a car. Portability is important because you might often find yourself wanting to take your bike out for a vacation. Fitting it inside your car helps. And even for just day-to-day use, foldability gives you the convenience of being able to store your bike anywhere you need. Elliptical bikes are unconventional, so there aren’t many places to easily park them. And bringing them inside your house can be difficult and takes up a lot of space. But not if they’re foldable.

Besides everything else I mentioned, a big reason that people use this bike is for performance. This bike is suitable for people who are into a variety of sports, such as running, swimming, mountain biking, crossfit, and track and field. It gives even the best athletes a challenging workout. It works with a smooth motion and uses the right amount of aerodynamic resistance to work your muscles without hurting your joints. This bike also works muscles throughout your body, including your core, and is going to make you stronger and healthier after continuous use. I’ve been impressed by this bike’s structure and engineering.

Here are the features of the ElliptiGO 11R:

  • Weighs 39 pounds
  • Has a length of 75 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity 250 pounds
  • 11 gears
  • Shimano hub
  • Climbs up to 20 – 30 degree gradients
  • Sprinting speed 23+ MPH
  • Multi-purpose, indoors and outdoors

Precor EFX4. Precor EFX

Rating: (4.5/5)

While outdoors elliptical bikes are generally better than the stationary ones, Precor EFX gives them a run for their money. This is our selection for the best stationary elliptical trainer. It comes with a 7-year warranty on its frame, a 2-year warranty on its parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor. It’s built with a steel frame that’s powder-coated to be rust-resistant. The wheels are polyurethane and give the bike a strong overall structural integrity. It also has diverse and intuitive controls that give you the best workouts, depending on your preference.

Precor EFX is an ideal elliptical for the indoors and stationary use. It closely mimics the motion of outdoors elliptical bikes. At the end of this article, you can read about the differences between outdoors and stationary ellipticals.

This bike is very customizable for your personal experience. It has an adjustable Crossramp that can change its ramp angle inclines between 15 and 40 degrees. This helps you isolate and target specific muscle groups, such as your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It also places more or less emphasis on a certain muscle group, depending on what you want. So if you want to work your hamstrings more, than you can simply tilt the ramp backwards. Or if you want to focus more on your quads, you can tilt it forward.

There is a variety of programs that you can select. These vary by intensity, your skill level, and a lot more factors. Having this many options is great because it makes it a multi-purpose elliptical. You can do cardio or high-intensity training on this bike. The program can be changed with the push of a button anytime you’re on the elliptical. I prefer to start out with a low-intensity cardio program. Then as I build up my heart rate and get the blood flowing, I progress to a higher level. The programs are in succession, so you can treat them like levels of difficulty.

One thing that I love about this elliptical is its user interface. The buttons for adjusting the settings and programs are located on a display pad. They’re large and easy to press, which is especially helpful when you’re tired. They also emit an audible click when you press them, which is just satisfying. It’s hard to explain in words, but the controls to this elliptical are intuitive. You would understand if you try it yourself. The buttons are placed in a neat order and they work in sync with you while you’re using the elliptical.

The Precor EFX elliptical is built from high-quality materials. It has polyurethane wheels which are durable and long-lasting. Wheels are not all that important on a stationary elliptical, but having good-quality wheels is always better. It improves the structural integrity of the machine. The frame of this built is very strong and smooth. It’s made of steel and it went through a two-step powder-coating process. It makes the bike rust-resistant and sturdy.

There are numerous features that make this an all-round great elliptical. It even has a heart rate monitor which is handheld and can tell you your heart reading. It’s also compatible with other wireless monitors. There’s a numeric keypad that lets you enter data and adjust the settings. It also has special areas for holding accessories such as a water bottle, music player, book, etc. Precor EFX also comes with transportation wheels, which are very important. If you’re gonna keep an elliptical trainer at home, it’s a must to have good transportation wheels. This things is heavy and it needs to be easy to move around.

Here are the features of the Precor EFX:

  • Weighs 318 pounds
  • 14 programs
  • Maximum weight capacity 350 pounds
  • Adjustable ramp incline from 15 to 40 degrees
  • Handheld heart rate monitor
  • Accessory holders
  • Quick start
  • Integrated entertainment with Cardio Theater

ElliptiGO Arc 245. ElliptiGO Arc 24

Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re looking for an elliptical bike with the most gear and speed options, then the ElliptoGO 24 may be what you need. It has 24 speeds, which is far more than any other elliptical bike on the market. The more gears a bike has, the more versatile it is for riding on different terrains. Versatility and comfort are this bike’s strongest points.

The ElliptiGo Arc 24 is similar to the ElliptoGO Arc 8 in many ways. You can even tell by their designs that they look nearly identical. So there’s no need for me to go in-depth into this review, because you can read the Arc 8 review above. But there are some things unique about this elliptical bike that I will discuss.

There is one area in which this bike is much more different than the other ElliptiGO elliptical bikes. That area is the gears/speeds. This bike has 24 gears, which is far more than the other ElliptiGOs! It’s a very fun bike to use and it lets you cruise around practically anywhere. The best places to use this bike are around hills and other off-road areas. This is a popular bike for people who live in hilly areas because the large number of gears lets you easily traverse uphill and downhill slopes.

This bike is also focused on power and performance. With 24 speeds, you can adjust the gear so that you’re using the maximum amount of power while pedaling, or a minimum amount. It optimizes the power you exert without losing much energy. It also has an adjustable stride length. The stride length can make a big difference in the power and energy of the bike.

The Arc 24 is very similar to other ElliptiGO bikes in comfort. ElliptiGO basically dominates the market for outdoors elliptical bikes, and it’s definitely the best brand that makes them. A big reason why so many people use and trust their bikes is that they’re so comfortable and stress-free on your body. They have very smooth motion with the ellipticals that place less stress on your joints, back, and shoulders. It’s a low impact workout. People also appreciate that their rears aren’t sore after riding it for too long. Bicycling seats are not very comfortable and they can leave you sore if you ride on them for too long. You can ride this bike for hours on end, and you’ll barely notice that you’re working out. It’s a very light experience.

All ElliptoGO bikes have a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. This weight limit is strict and it cannot be exceeded. Elliptical bikes by this brand are built with safety as a key concern. That’s why you can’t exceed this weight limit, because it challenges the structural integrity of the bike. Thankfully, it’s a reasonable weight limit and most people weigh less than 250 pounds. If you’re heavier and want to lose weight on an elliptical, then a stationary elliptical would be better, since they have higher weight limits.

Overall, the ElliptiGO Arc 24 is a standard ElliptiGO bike. Which really means that it’s a high-quality elliptical with an excellent performance and an ergonomic design.

Here are the features of the ElliptiGO Arc 24:

  • Weighs 39.7 pounds
  • Has a length of 72 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity 250 pounds
  • 24 gears
  • Shimano hub
  • Climbs up to 20 – 30 degree gradients
  • Sprinting speed 20+ MPH

ElliptiGO Arc 36. ElliptiGO Arc 3

Rating: (4.4/5)

ElliptiGO Arc 3 is one of the budget elliptical bikes, and it’s the cheapest model by ElliptiGO. It has many of the reliable, but watered down features, as other ElliptoGOs.

ElliptiGO Arc 3 is the simplest kind of elliptical bike, at least by ElliptiGO, that you will find. It’s also the cheapest. All of this makes it the ideal elliptical bike for beginners. Let’s discuss why.

This bike costs just around $1000, which makes it the cheapest model by ElliptoGO, and one of the cheapest elliptical bikes in the market. That makes it a great choice for people who are buying their first elliptical bike, especially people who are not athletes. A lot of the times, people are intimidated by the prices of ElliptiGOs. Some of the models cost over $2000 or even $3000. That’s a lot of money, and not everyone is willing to spend that much on a bicycle.

So it’s a wonder that an elliptical bike like the Arc 3 costs so little, relatively. It’s because it strips away some of the advanced features that other elliptical bikes have. It doesn’t mean this isn’t a good bike, or that it doesn’t have essential features. It just means that this is a very simplified version of the other ElliptoGOs. As a result, it costs much less. This bike’s price is less than half of that of the 8C, and less than one-third of the price of the 11R. Of course, this bike still costs plenty of money, depending on your budget is. But there’s no denying that this is one of the most affordable elliptical bikes out there, and that’s because of its simplicity.

Let’s look at some of that simplicity in detail. As you might have figured out from the name, this bike has 3 gears. Having only 3 gears limit how fast and where you can ride this bike. For example, it’s going to be harder to ride it uphill and downhill, compared to the Arc 24 or the 11R. Fewer gears means you can switch between fewer speeds. So it will be much harder for you to travel up a steep inline. You should stick to the more moderate incline. It can’t travel up a gradient of more than 5 degrees. But mostly, this bike is best suited for riding on flat surfaces.

This bike gives the rider a simple but effective workout. It uses a wide-encompassing elliptical motion that works out nearly your full body. The muscle groups that it targets includes the quadriceps, hamstrings, abs, calves, shoulders, forearms, and more. It also improves your heart and lungs through cardiovascular function. You’ll find yourself working a lot harder with this bike than if you were on a simple bicycle. This is because the motion is less straight and comes with more resistance.

ElliptiGO Arc 3 offers all of these health benefits in a conveniently designed system. It has a smooth-shifting internal hub and the frame is made from aluminum. It’s designed to alleviate stress from your joints and give you a low-impact way to work out and get fit.

Here are the features of the ElliptiGO Arc 3:

  • Weighs 37.6 pounds
  • Has a length of 72 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity 250 pounds
  • 3 gears
  • Sturmey Archer hub
  • Climbs up to 5 degree gradients
  • Sprinting speed 20+ MPH

Universal E40 Elliptical7. Universal E40 Elliptical

Rating: (4.3/5)

The Universal E40 Elliptical is a stationary elliptical trainer that gives a great value for your money. It’s one of the cheapest ellipticals in the market, which makes it great for people who are looking to save money. It’s also one of the lightest, which makes it very portable. It’s ideal for people looking for a simple workout. It doesn’t have many fancy or complicated functions, but it gets you a great workout.

If you’re looking for a budget elliptical trainer for your home (or home gym), then few options are better than the Universal E40. This was selected by us for this list because of its quality features and its affordability.

This is probably my favorite elliptical because of how lightweight and cheap it is. While it’s not as big or advanced as the Precor EFX, that’s ok because it’s meant for a different purpose. It’s built to be sort of a “portable” elliptical. It weighs a mere 90 pounds, which is way less than the Precor EFX which weighs over 300 pounds. That’s almost one-fourth the weight. And that’s so great because it makes it easy to move this elliptical around. You can transfer it from one room to another with ease. You can set up a home gym and transfer it without any extra manpower.

Another area in which this is a great elliptical is the price tag. This is by far one of the cheapest full-sized elliptical machines that you can purchase. For it’s price, it provides an excellent workout. It’s also a reliable machine, so it’s not some cheap off-brand product that breaks down after a few days of use. This bike is the real deal. And it’s especially good news for people who want to save money. Ellipticals can be expensive. The outdoors elliptical bikes, especially, are very expensive. But even many stationary ellipticals are expensive. This one is not at all expensive, which is why it’s my favorite stationary elliptical. I just want to get in a good solid workout. It doesn’t matter to me how advanced or fancy the machine is. And this machine gives me a great workout, and it costs less than one-fourth of what the Precor EFX costs.

This bike has a modest 7 workout programs. Now, since this elliptical is so cheap, you won’t get the same range as you would on a high-end elliptical. 7 programs is kind of limited, and there’s only so much you can do with them. It’s better to have more variety, so you can keep trying out different modes to challenge yourself. Or you just get bored and want to do something new. But 7 modes still gives you some options. It’s great for people who plan who don’t solely use the elliptical for workouts. Have a good mix of workout routines, and using this elliptical sparingly is all the better. It’s also ideal for people who just want a simple workout; they don’t want something too fancy or complicated. They just wanna burn calories by repeating the same few workouts every day.

Some of the cool features of this elliptical include an LCD display, which is large and user-friendly. It keeps track of your exercises stats and is helpful for knowing exactly how many calories you burned, your speed, time, distance, etc. There’s also a heart rate monitor that records your pulse when you grip it. This is also useful for knowing what your heart rate is and adjusting your workout accordingly.

Here are the features of the Universal E40 Elliptical:

  • Weighs 90 pounds
  • 7 workout programs
  • LCD display
  • 8-level magnetic resistance
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Works with AC adaptor

ElliptiGO 3C8. ElliptiGO 3C

Rating: (4.1/5)

This bike is great for riding on flat surfaces, but not uphill. Read the review below.

ElliptiGO 3C is the last ElliptiGO bike on our list. And while it may be the last, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad bike. In fact, it’s quite different from many of the other elliptical bikes, and might be just what you’re looking for.

The first thing to note is that this bike has 3 speeds and  Sturmey Archer hub. 3 speeds is the least number of gears that any elliptical bike by ElliptiGO has. The most you will find is 24 speeds, in the Arc 24 elliptical bike. There are also elliptical bikes with 8 speeds and 11 speeds.

Compared to that, 3 speeds is a lot more limited. And considering this bike’s price, it’s not a good value. That’s probably the biggest downside of this elliptical bike. It costs a lot of money but it doesn’t quite make up for it in value, as much as the other ElliptiGOs. do. Ther are actually elliptical bikes that are more expensive than this one, but they also have much more gears.

In case you don’t know how important the number of gears is, let me try to explain. It’s not the most important factor, but it’s definitely one of them. The number of gears dictates how and where you can ride your bike. People generally ride elliptical bikes in off-road areas. This includes hills, trails, mountain biking tracks, etc.

If you’ve ever ridden a mountain bike before, you know that they have a lot of gears. A lot more gears than a regular bicycle, and certainly more than an elliptical bicycle. That’s because off-road areas are not flat; there are often slopes, gradients, and bumpy roads along the way. They’re also meant as a sport. This isn’t cruising or going to work on your bicycle. Off-road bicycling involves more effort and energy, and it’s rockier and bumpier than riding a regular bike.

That’s why it’s important for an elliptical bike to have at least 8 gears. People usually ride it off-road, so the more gears you have, the better workout you will get. Working out is the main reason that people ride elliptical, and 3 speeds limits how much you can ride. It especially limits the progress you will make uphill. In fact, this bike only goes up to a maximum gradient of 5 degrees. This means that it can go up slightly sloped surfaces. But you pretty much can’t use it to drive on hilly areas. So if you live in an area where there are steep uphill roads, then consider getting the the Arc 8, 8C, 11R, or the Arc 24.

But besides the limitation in gears, the reason I give this bike 4.1 stars is because it’s still a very good elliptical bike. Besides the fact that it can’t travel uphill or use more than 3 speeds, it has all the other features that you’ve come to expect from ElliptiGOs. It has a comfortably, well-made, ergonomic design. It’s built for comfort and offers a great low-impact workout for anyone who wants to ride an elliptical outdoors.

Here are the features of the ElliptiGO 3C:

  • Weighs 42 pounds
  • Has a length of 75 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity 250 pounds
  • 3 gears
  • Sturmey Archer hub
  • Climbs up to 5 degree gradients
  • Sprinting speed 23+ MPH

Schwinn 4309. Schwinn 430

Rating: (4.0/5)

Schwinn’s stationary elliptical is a perfect mid-range trainer.

It has a very diverse set of programs and levels. There are 22 workout programs and 20 levels of resistance.

It also has one of the coolest designs of any elliptical. Click on the button above to find out how to buy it, or read below for more information.

Schwinn is typically known for making great bicycles and tricycles, so it’s a bit of a surprise that they have an elliptical. But if you know Schwinn, you know that they make quality equipments. And this elliptical is no different. In fact, it’s one of the better ones you will find.

This is sort of a mid-range elliptical machine. The Precor EFX is the high-end elliptical and the Universal 40 is the cheap elliptical with only 7 programs. The Schwinn 430 costs in the middle of those two. So if you’re the kind of guy (or gal) who doesn’t wanna buy a very expensive elliptical, but also doesn’t wanna take a chance with a cheap one, then this is a good balance between the two.

The biggest advantage of the Schwiin 430 is its diversity of programs and modes. It has a whopping 22 programs, which is even more than the Precor EFX. These programs are all preset and you can adjust them and change them whenever you’re riding the elliptical. There are a lot of advantages to having more workout programs. One is that you never get bored. For some people, doing the same workout everyday can get mundane and boring. They need a diversity of workout programs to keep them interested and challenged. If you’re tiring of the mountain climb program, you can switch to the iron man program whenever you want.

This elliptical also has 20 levels of resistance. This adds even more variety to the 20 workout programs. The big advantage of it is that you can work out in incremental progression. First, you can start out with a low level of resistance. Then, you can build up to higher levels of resistance. You can do all all on your own terms, depending on your skill level. The more levels there are, the better the incremental progress is. Making incremental gains in working out is always better and more effective.

The design and features are another thing I like about this elliptical. It has a dual track LCD display above the control panel. It shows you information about your speed, distance traveled, time etc. It’s helpful for tracking your fitness goals. The controls are easy to use and the display shows the data accurately in real-time. This is where you can set the workout program and the level of resistance. As I said, there are 22 workout programs and 20 levels of resistance. What I like to do is work out at a certain level, and keep track of how much distance I traveled. Then, I’ll progress to one level above, and try to cover that same distance. That would show a clear improvement, and it’s something I can track easily with this machine. This elliptical also has a USB charging port. There are so many cool features that are all explain in their official video. Click on the button above for more details and watch the video.

Overall, this is a cool and advanced elliptical trainer that’s sold for a modest price. It would be the choice for most people, because it’s between the high-end and the super cheap elliptical machines. It’s one of the safest options.

Here are the features of the Schwinn 430

  • Weighs 182 pounds
  • 22 workout programs
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • LCD display
  • 13 different display feedbacks
  • USB charging port
  • Data exchange

Zike Hybrid Bike10. Zike Z600

Rating: (3.7/5)

Zike Z600 is a hybrid elliptical bike; it combines elliptical features into a regular road or mountain bicycle. It’s one of the few elliptical bikes you’ll find that isn’t made by ElliptiGO. And while it’s not as good as them, it has some good features. It travels fast, can be used by a variety of age groups, and it burns a lot of calories.

Zike is a small elliptical bike and it’s one of the few in the market that’s not made by ElliptiGO. ElliptoGO has a near monopoly on outdoors elliptical bikes, so it’s nice to review one that’s made by a different brand.

This bike weighs a mere 25.8 pounds so it’s one of the lightest elliptical bikes. It can also be classified as a “toy” because it’s considerably smaller than a sports or workout bike. Though it works in the same fashion. The bike’s small and lightweight frame makes it great for kids, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults to ride. Elliptical bikes are typically used by middle-aged or older people, because they need low-impact workouts more. When you’re young, you can practice running without hurting your knees.

This bike is also known as a hybrid bike, which is a type of bicycle that combines different characteristics into one. In this case, it combines elliptical bikes with typical road or mountain bikes.

In many cases, a young person might also need to use an elliptical bike. Let’s say, if they have a back problem or a joint injury, then ellipticals offer a stress-free low-impact workout. But it’s not just for people who are disadvantaged or have health problems. A young person might wanna ride an elliptical bike because they give an effective workout. Many would argue that it gives an even more intense and better workout than cycling. So if you’re looking for an elliptical workout, the Zike Z600 is a fine bike.

It has a good amount of power that’s boosted by a smart design. It uses a patented smooth drive system, which gives the bike better maneuverability and precision. This improves the user experience and helps people, especially young riders, to master the use of the elliptical bike. It also has enough power to ride uphill. The bike is designed to give you a tough but reasonable workout. You’ll burn as many calories as you would while rowing or doing step aerobics. What I also like about this bike is its precision handbrakes. They quickly but safely bring the bike to a halt.

This bike has a good design and frame. Its rugged reinforced aluminum frame gives it a durability that matches some of the ElliptiGOs, though it’s not as good. It’s durable for a hybrid elliptical bike as it needs to be. While riding this bike off-road, you may encounter a lot of bumps, and even slopes. A good frame is necessary for this bike. It also has a good-looking design. It looks more savvy than the ElliptiGO 8C, and that’s one of its pluses. The design doesn’t feel overbearing, since it’s small and weighs only 25 pounds.

The product’s description states that it burns an average of 600 calories per hour (Maybe that’s why it’s named Z600?). If it’s true then it’s a really good amount and it’s equivalent to any intense exercise. With this bike you’ll get a good workout with less stress than equivalent workouts like rowing, running, and step aerobics.

Here are the features of the Zike Z600:

  • Weighs 25.8 pounds
  • Has dimensions of 38.5 x 14.8 x 9.1 inches
  • Burns an average of 600 calories per hour
  • Aluminum frame
  • Hairpin maneuverability

How To Choose An Elliptical Bike

If you’re having trouble deciding which elliptical bike to get, these are some tips that might help. Getting a bike that suits you isn’t complicated, it’s all about looking at the main factors and deciding from your own personal preference. The ellipticals selected for this list are among the best in the market. So no matter which one you get, it will be of good quality. Here are the most important things to look for:

Type Of Elliptical

This is probably the biggest difference between ellipticals, whether they’re outdoors elliptical bikes or indoors (stationary) elliptical trainers. For example, the ElliptiGOs are outdoors elliptical bikes, while the Precor EFX is an elliptical trainer. There are big differences between the two.

Outdoors elliptical bikes are for people who are really serious about fitness and love spending time outside. They’re a tough and challenging bike, and not everyone is up to them. They also have a really unorthodox motion, and that takes a while to get used to. It also looks odd to other people nearby. If you’re riding one outside, you’ll probably have people commenting on it, because it attracts attention. So if you don’t mind getting the extra attention, and you want a challenging elliptical workout while enjoying the fresh air, then outdoors elliptical bikes are the better choice.

Elliptical trainers are for people who don’t mind spending time indoors, in a gym or inside their house. They’re not as intense as elliptical bikes, so they’re ideal for people who want lighter workouts. You also have a lot more control over the type of workout you get, because there are settings and programs that you can choose from. They’re easier to use than elliptical bikes. The people that prefer stationary ellipticals generally have less time to work out due to a busy schedule or otherwise. It can be used for quicker and simpler workouts.


Your budget is another important factor in deciding which elliptical to get. If you have a specific budget in mind, then you can just write off any items that are above your budget simplify the list.

Generally (but not always), stationary ellipticals are less expensive than outdoors elliptical bikes. So if you’re on a tight budget, then maybe getting an indoors elliptical is better. You can get them for as cheap as just $300, which is amazing. But you should probably go higher if you want a quality one that lasts. It can save money on gym membership costs in the long-run.

If you’re getting an outdoors elliptical bike, the price structure is very simple to follow. Here are the prices of all the ElliptiGO bikes, right now as of October 2017:

ElliptiGO Arc 3 – $999
ElliptiGO 3C – $1999
ElliptiGO Arc 8 – $1299
ElliptiGO 8C – $2499
ElliptiGO Arc 24 – $1499
ElliptiGO 11R – $3499

As you can see, the progression is simple to follow, and as the models get more advanced, they cost more too. The cheapest elliptical bike you can get right now is at $999. Look at your budget to determine how much you can afford. Then cross out all the ones you can’t afford. Then finally, make a decision on which one you want, based on your preference. Compare all the features of these ellipticals and read our reviews of them.


This is when you get into the nuts and bolts of each item. One of the important features you should look at is the number of gears (in outdoors elliptical bikes). ElliptiGOs vary a bit when it comes to gears. You can usually find the number of gears by their name. For example, ElliptiGO 3C has 3 gears, ElliptiGO Arc 8 has 8 gears, and ElliptiGO 11R has 11 gears.

Gears help you when you’re riding on uneven terrain, especially on uphill and downhill slopes. If you bike in an area where there’s a lot of uphill climb, then it’s a good idea to get a bike that has at least 8 gears. If you’re only riding on a flat surface, then a bike with 3 gears is good enough.

Different things are important for different people, so I can’t say what bike you should choose based on a certain feature. I’ve laid out the most important features. The rest is up to personal preference. If you follow this advice you should be able to narrow your choices down to the one you want. Don’t sweat too much over it – they’re all good elliptical bikes.

5 Reasons Why Elliptical Bikes Are Superior

Woman riding an elliptical1. Ellipticals Put Less Stress On Your Joints

The top reason that people use ellipticals and elliptical bikes is that they’re joint on the joints. Compared to other exercises like running or bicycles, your knees, wrists, and back won’t be under the same pressure.

Not only are ellipticals easier on the joints, they can also strengthen them. Riding in an elliptical motion will place an ideal amount of pressure on your joints and the muscle around them. It lets them grow but not get damaged. Research shows that elliptical biking creates a lot less impact on the joints than running.

The importance of healthy joints can’t be overstated. We use our joints in nearly every day-to-day activity. They’re the points that connects our bones to each other, so they’re also an indicator of flexibility. Having healthy joints is important for leading a better lifestyle. It especially becomes a concern when you get older and your joints are weaker.

2. Getting To Experience The Outdoors

This is one area where elliptical bikes are even better than elliptical trainers. Why stay inside a gym when you can do the same thing outside?

Stationary ellipticals have their benefits, and they’re safer than treadmills. But like most aerobic gym equipment, it doesn’t feel the same as jogging outside. For people who want to ride ellipticals but also want to get outside more, elliptical bikes are a great answer.

Riding an elliptical bike lets you be closer to nature. This has proven benefits, which you can read all about through this link. One of the biggest benefits that you might not know about is that being in nature improves your vitality and happiness. This isn’t just an old trope or advice given as a cliche, It’s been proven that being in nature will wire your brain to be more healthy and happy.

It also is good for your physical health, which ties into your mental health. It feels good to breathe in fresh air. You’re also more likely to take deeper breaths if you’re outside, versus if you’re cooped up inside a room. There are just numerous health benefits to using elliptical bikes. They’re a lot better than stationary ellipticals. And depending on the person, they’re even better than regular bicycles.

Full-body workout3. Full-Body Workout

Elliptical bikes work various muscles across your whole body. They’re a wholesome type of workout because they combine aerobic with anaerobic exercise. Regular bicycling is an aerobic exercise, it’s done at high interval and low intensity. Elliptical bikes are tougher to use and they require more strength. That’s where the anaerobic exercise comes in. So while riding an elliptical bike, you get the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Here is a great guide that shows you how to make the most of your elliptical by getting a total body workout. Ellipticals work both lower body and upper body muscles. In the lower body, you work the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, hip abductors, and flexors. It also works large parts of the upper body like the back, forearms, biceps, triceps, and front shoulders. If you’re riding an elliptical, you’re already getting a near full-body workout. An outdoors elliptical bike is even better, because it organically works more muscles. They give a challenging workout, which is why they’re popular among athletes.

Elliptical bike in action4. Elliptical Bikes Are Durable

Elliptical bikes are known for being much more durable than other kinds of bicycles. They’re arguably the most durable and sturdy kinds of bicycles out there. That’s because elliptical bikes take a much bigger beating, so they need to be stronger than your average bike.

You’ll find that your elliptical bike will last for several years, if it’s a good brand. It’s practically a long-term workout companion that you can expect to be using indefinitely. Or you can pass it along to someone else when you don’t need it anymore. You can also sell it second-hand. Elliptical bikes are a coveted product because not made of them are sold in the marketplace. So they have a high re-sale value and an active secondhand marketplace.

All of this makes elliptical bikes a great investment. While some people may not want to buy one because of the high price, I really recommend it for people who are serious about fitness. It ultimately ends up saving you money from getting a gym membership, or going through a new bicycle every few years, because they eventually wear our. These elliptical bikes don’t wear out until a long time. They’re one of the best and unique workout equipment you can get.

5. The ElliptiGO Brand

Nearly all the good elliptical bikes are made by one brand – ElliptiGO. And the reason this is a huge plus because ElliptiGO is a new, tech-savvy, and support-based brand. Just like Boosted (which makes motorized skateboards), ElliptiGO provides cutting-edge service and support to its customers.

In the fitness and bicycle industry, there are a lot of big brands that are unfortunately old and not up-to-date. They don’t make good use of social media and the internet. ElliptiGO uses the internet to reach out to its customers and give information. They have good marketing. In this day and age, customer service is incredibly important. You never know when you’ll need to get help with a certain part of your product. Hopefully, more modern brands like ElliptiGO start to resurface in other industries, because they’re the brands of the future.

ElliptiGO 8CConclusion

In conclusion, the ElliptiGO 8C is the best elliptical bike to buy in 2018. It has the right amount of features and price and delivers the most smooth experience.

Other great elliptical bikes are the Arc 8, 11R, and Arc 24, all by ElliptiGO. This is the best brand for the product, and it has a near monopoly on elliptical bikes. In this case, a monopoly isn’t a bad thing because these are very high-quality products. ElliptiGO is a new and innovative brand that adeptly uses social media and has a very responsive customer service.

When choosing which elliptical bike to get, you should look at a few factors. One of them is the type of elliptical – stationary or outdoors. Then determine your budget. And lastly, compare the features of each bike and decide which one you want. It’s a really simple process and it depends on individual preference.

Elliptical bikes have numerous benefits. They’re a low-impact exercise when compared with running or jogging. They take a lot of stress of your joints. They also encourage you to get outdoors more. Elliptical bikes provide an intense workout, combining both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It’s an effective and long-lasting exercise bike.

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