Riding an electric unicycleInMotion V8 and the Ninebot One S1 are our picks for the best electric unicycles. Click the links to buy them at a discount.

Electric unicycles are, hands down, one of the coolest products you can own. They have a futuristic design and an innovative technology that can self-balance on just one-wheel.

That’s more impressive than a hoverboard, which uses two wheels to balance. And if you’re looking for a cool motorized unicycle, then read this guide. We’ve spent hours searching and narrowed our list down to these 10 best ones. Be prepared – it’s a long article.

You can read the full reviews or you can also read the short summaries. In addition, you can read our free user guide at the bottom of this page! It gives super helpful information about how to use and maintain your electric unicycle.


1. InMotion V8

InMotion V8 - the best electric unicycle

Rating: (4.7/5)

The InMotion V8 has a very sleek and good-looking design. The frame is shiny all-black and the pedals are also black. It has customizable LED circular lights on either side of the unicycle. These can change colors from red to blue and more. The lights not only look good, but they also guide the motion of the electric unicycle better. Those all-encompassing lights illuminate the ground below you at night, making it safer to ride when it’s dark. It also makes you much more visible to everyone else, which reduces the risk of accidents and crashes. Those LED lights and the overall design are most people’s favorite parts about this unicycle.

Besides the stunning design, this EUC also has a powerful motor and performance. It has a high-wattage 800-W electric motor with an alloy-wheel hub. It’s powered by a 480wH lithium battery. In case you’re not familiar with these stats, they’re about twice as powerful and energetic as the average EUC. Which makes sense, because this EUC also costs about twice as much as the average. It’s a high-end electric unicycle, wherein you pay more but also get a lot more power and performance. It’s one of the fastest electric unicycles, with a maximum speed of 18 MPH. The only one faster that I’ve found is the Gotway MSuper. It also has a very good range of 31 miles. So this EUC can travel both fast and long distances. This makes it ideal for commuting and long-distance travel.

This is also a relatively large and sturdy EUC. It weighs 30 pounds and has a weight capacity of 264 pounds. The wheel size is 16-inches, while the typical wheel size in an electric unicycle is 14-inches. Speaking of power, it can travel up inclines with a maximum slope of 25 degrees. The typical electric unicycle can’t travel up slopes more than 15 degrees. It also has a phone app that can connect it to your smartphone and allow you to monitor and control the settings.

The only drawback is that the charge time is 4 hours, which is considerably more than efficient unicycles that charge in 2 hours or less. So you have to give it extra time to recharge, which is understandable since it has a lot of power. Overall, this is a powerful and high-end scooter that you should get if you’re looking for the best performance and don’t mind spending some extra money.

Rating: (4.7/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the InMotion V8:

  • 800-Watt motor
  • 480wH battery
  • Connectivity and control with mobile app
  • Maximum speed of 18 MPH
  • 31 mile range
  • Weighs 30pounds
  • Has a weight capacity of 264 pounds
  • Has a charge time of 4 hours
  • All-encompassing LED lights
  • Can travel up inclines of 25 degrees

InMotion V8 is a high-performance and high-end electric unicycle with a really cool design. It has bright and customizable LED lights that illuminate a large part of the vehicle. The color settings, as well as other settings, can be controlled using the smartphone app available both on ioS and Android.  This EUC has a powerful electric motor with an 800 wattage which allow the scooter to reach a maximum high speed of 18 MPH and a range of 31 miles. It can also travel up inclines. It’s a resourceful EUC that ideal for long-distance travel and commutes.

2. King Song KS-16S

King Song KS-16

Rating: (4.6/5)

King Song KS-16S is one of the best high-end electric unicycles on the market, and many say that it’s the best. It’s powerful and offers an advanced set of features.

KS-16S has a motor wattage of 1200-Watts. It’s considerably more than the other King Song modes, such as 14B, 14S, and 16B. A 1200-W motor makes for a powerful ride, with high speeds and good traction and uphill climbing. It has a maximum speed of 22 MPH. It’s one of the fastest electric unicycles, save for the Gotway MSuper. It also has an uphill climb of 30 degrees, and a maximum of 35 degrees. This is a lot more than your typical electric product. This is where the 1200-Watt motor comes in. It needs a powerful motor to be able to climb uphill.

This unicycle is all about performance and speed. It’s great for soaring at high speeds and riding on a range of different surfaces and angles. That makes it ideal for thrills and casual riding, especially for advanced users. You can do many different tricks for it, and speed to your heart’s content.

But this unicycle isn’t just good for casual riding; it’s also an ideal electric unicycle for transportation. It has a very high range of 46 – 50 miles, which is one of the best. Only an incredibly powerful EUC can have a range up to 50 miles. You can reliable use it for commuting to work, school, or traveling anywhere within the city. It has the combination of being long-lasting and fast. That makes it reliable for all kinds of personal transport.

There are two main kinds of electric unicycles. The first is a “beginner’s” electric unicycle. Airwheels are a good example. They built for people who are new to the product. They have a simple user interface and settings. They’re around average in speed and performance. Once you get the hang of them, they can get old pretty fast. Then there are the advanced or high-end electric unicycles. These are built to last long. They’re much more powerful and have better performance. They offer plenty for advanced riders. King Song KS-16S is an advanced EUC. But it’s also more expensive than the typical EUC. This is an investment that you should make if you see yourself using your EUC for a long time. It’s long-lasting and durable.

There are several cool features in this EUC, and here are just a few of them: There are atmospheric LED lights that can be programmed according to your preference. It also has a Bluetooth speaker system. This can be used to play music or any other audio while you ride, or even while you’re stationary. It’s not any generic or low-quality speakers; these are stereo speakers and have a good sound quality. It also has a cool mobile app that lets you do many things, such as view the current speed, temperature, range and volume. You can also change the speed limit, update the firmware, turn the lights on and off, and more. The mobile app gives you real-time connectivity to electric unicycle.

Another great feature that I like is the handle. It’s smoother and more sturdy than other handles that I’ve used. It’s also smartly built into the device so it doesn’t take up any space and it’s easy to use whenever you need it.

Rating: (4.6/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the King Song KS-16S:

  • 1200-Watt motor
  • 840wH lithium-ion battery
  • Connectivity and control with mobile app
  • Maximum speed of 22 MPH
  • 46 mile range
  • Weighs 37.9 pounds
  • Has a weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Has a charge time of 6.5 hours
  • Atmospheric LED lights
  • Can travel up inclines of 35 degrees
  • Built-in retractable handle
  • Bluetooth speaker

King Song KS-16S is the most powerful self-balancing unicycle you will ever ride. It has a 1200-Watt motor and a maximum speed of 22 MPH. That makes it one of the fastest electric unicycles in the market. What’s most impressive is that it can travel up a maximum incline of 35 degrees. Furthermore, it has a range of up to 46 miles. This makes it a multi-purpose, reliable scooter; you can use it for casual riding, for commuting to work, and for travel and exploration. It’s also a very sturdy and durable unicycle; it can hold a maximum weight of 330 pounds. Among its other features include LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, mobile connectivity, a retractable handle, and more.

3. Ninebot One S1

Ninebot One S1 electric unicycle

Rating: (4.5/5)

The Ninebot S1 is a clean and powerful scooter that packs a lot of good features into a very modestly priced package. It’s easy to get the hang of, and fun to ride. The Ninebot app helps you ride it and gives customized instructions and tips for beginners. The design of the unicycle is futuristic and clean. It makes it all the more fun to ride and show it off.

One of the best features is that you can download the Ninebot by Segway app on the Apple store or the Google Play store. The app has a New Rider tutorial which guides you through the steps for learning to ride the S1. It’s a simple and easy-to-follow tutorial, and it lets you learn at your own pace. But the app does a lot more than just that. You can use it to basically monitor and control the scooter, from your phone. You can view your speed, change the driving mode from soft cruise to hard off-road, and change the LED lighting or turn it on and off. The app gives you great control over the unicycle, and it’s very useful since you don’t have to stop and manually change the settings while riding. You can just do it from your phone, while still riding.

This unicycle is made by Segway Inc, which also makes hoverboards and segways. So if you’re more used to riding those, then they can be a good crossover to riding this unicycle. A lot of people who get an electric unicycle have used a hoverboard before. It’s seen as an “upgrade” to move up from  a hoverboard. And this unicycle has a lot in common with hoverboards. For example, it’s UL2272 certified, like hoverboards. This is a safety standard that ensures the gadget passes all required safety tests for fire, balance, and leakage. It also has similar self-balancing technology to hoverboards, so previous experience can help you ride this unicycle quicker. But it’s not necessary, because riding these unicycles can be pretty easy, as you’ll read below. Also, you don’t need any previous hoverboard experience to use this; it works well on its own and is good for beginners.

This unicycle has good performance and power as well. It has a long range of 15 miles per charge, and the charge time of 4 hours is standard. It has a fast speed, but not too fast. This is a very compact electric unicycle; it weighs only 25 pounds. It’s one of the lighter ones. Durability is an important feature in a unicycle, because you’re gonna run into many bumps while riding it outdoors. This unicycle is made of a magnesium alloy frame, and it can take endless hits and still run smoothly. Overall, it has an eye-catching design along with a pragmatic and powerful performance.

Rating: (4.5/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the Ninebot S1:

  • UL2272 Certified
  • Two 150 Wh lithium-ion batteries
  • Connectivity and control with Ninebot by Segway App
  • Maximum speed of 12.5 MPH
  • 15 mile range
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Allows a maximum weight of 220 pounds
  • Has a charge time of 4 hour

Ninebot One S1 is an electric unicycle developed by Segway Inc. It provides a fun and versatile way to get around. It has all-round good features, particularly its speed, range, weight, and the app. It uses the Ninebot app which connects your phone to the scooter and it allows you to monitor and control the scooter. This scooter is also powerful and has a good range. It’s compact and lightweight, which makes it easier to ride and doesn’t feel clunky. Overall, it’s one of the better-looking and affordable electric unicycles out there. We like it for it’s design and power, as well as the price tag. It’s not highly expensive like some electric unicycles on the market.

4. Ninebot One C+/E+

Ninebot One

Rating: (4.4/5)

If you’re into electric unicycles, you’ve probably heard of the Ninebot C+ and Ninebot E+ models. They’re one of the most popular and original electric unicycles in the market, and they still remain a classic to this day. They’re also among the best-selling ones. This is a combined review of both the C+ and E+ models. What you should know is that the E+ is a sightly more advanced version of the C+, but the rest is identical.

There is a lot to love about this electric unicycle, but the main thing for me is the design and versatility. It has the coolest design out of any EUC; it resembles a robot, essentially. It’s a beautiful design that’s enhanced by the ability to set different colors. On the circular frame (with the blue light), you can change the color to endless combinations. You can also change the light effects to make it blink, flow, and more. Typing it in words doesn’t do it justice; it looks truly amazing in person. All of this can be done through the mobile app, which I will discuss below. The design is extremely durable; it’s built from a magnesium alloy frame with a smooth design and high-pressure casting. You also might not have noticed a lifting handle, in the picture. Well, don’t worry, because there is a hidden lifting handle which can be easily popped out and used to carry the EUC. It’s a space-saving and convenient feature for portability.

What I also love about this electric unicycle is how it’s compatible with many different accessories, two of which you will get when you purchase the electric unicycle. One is an accessory holder, which is the base for attaching many different accessories, such as a light, laser lamp, voice box, etc. This lets you really expand on the uses of the unicycle and just makes it more interesting. The other accessory is an assistant wheel set, which is a pair of small wheels that are fitted underneath the pedals. This is also very useful for people who just aren’t comfortable with riding on one wheel. It functions as a sort of “training wheels” set.

This EUC’s design is very pragmatic. it has a modular design that allows you to disassemble it safely. This is useful for when you want to replace some parts or clean it from the inside. There is also an alarm safety system that goes off whenever you’re doing too much of speeding or leaning, or when the power is low. It’s a useful alarm that includes a sound, light, and vibration to alert you. It mostly goes off at the right times, but it can be annoying when you want to go fast and the alarm goes off. But you can always adjust its settings.

Rating: (4.5/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the Ninebot C+/E+:

  • 500-Watt motor
  • Magnesium alloy frame
  • Connectivity and control with Ninedroid app
  • Maximum speed of 13 MPH
  • 21 mile range
  • Weighs 28 pounds
  • Hidden lifting handle
  • Has a charge time of 1-4 hours
  • Includes an accessory holder and assistant wheels
  • Alarm safety system

Ninebot One C+ and E+ are classic electric unicycles that are still one of the best in the market. They are nearly identical, except that the E+ is slightly more advanced than the C+. They have a beautiful design with thousands of color combinations and color effects that can be adjusted using the Ninedroid app. This EUC is also unique because it comes with an accessory holder that can be used to attach extra accessories such as lights, lasers, and voice boxes. There are also training wheels that can be attached below the pedals. The design is very sturdy and pragmatic.

5. Gotway MSuper

Gotway MSuper electric unicycle

Rating: (4.3/5)

The Gotway MSuper is one of the fastest electric unicycles in the market today, with a whopping maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. The maximum speed will depend on the power of the battery; so at the maximum power, it will reach a maximum speed of 25 MPH. This is insanely fast, and should be reserved only for riders who are well-versed in maneuvering a unicycle. So if you’re just a beginner, you might want to get one of the slower unicycles at first. However, seeing as 25 is just the maximum speed, you can still ride this scooter at their own pace. So there’s nothing wrong with a beginner getting this unicycle, if they plan to progress to higher speeds later. There are plenty of features that makes this an attractive purchase.

The Gotway MSuper has big 18-inch dual wheels which provide comfort while driving, and make it easier to balance and go over bumps. It uses pedals with a large surface area, which gives you plenty of room to place your feet comfortable. The material is anti-skid, and it keeps your feet firmly secure on the pedals. A high pedal height gives room for tight circling and better off-road riding.

It order to be capable of such a high speed, an electric unicycle doesn’t just need a strong infrastructure, but also a lot of power. This unicycle’s motor is around 1500-watts, and peaks at 3000-watts. It’s very powerful. With this motor, it’s no wonder it can easily go up to maximum speeds of 25 MPH. And this is all due to the battery, which has a large capacity of around 850 Wh, which relates to the voltage.

But even more impressive than the speed, is probably the range. The range depends on the speed; so if you continuously go at the maximum speed, it will have a shorter range, and vice versa. The maximum range this electric unicycle can achieve is 50 miles, which is on par with electric mopeds. This is certainly a long-range scooter and thus is popular for long-distance travel and commuting.

This unicycle has several safety features in place. There’s a triple acoustic warning signal system; this will warn you when you’re approaching higher speeds. You can also turn it off and check the speed manually on your phone, connected by the app. There are also side-tilt and voltage drop warnings, to let you know if you’re tilting too much or going too fast. Sometimes you don’t notice that, so it’s a helpful reminder to have, especially for beginners. But they can be annoying, so you can always turn them off when needed. The Gotway App can also be used to check all the parameters, adjust the light, etc. Overall, a powerful and super fast scooter.

Rating: (4.3/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the Gotway MSuper:

  • 680/850/1300 Wh lithium-ion batteries
  • Maximum speed of 25 MPH
  • 30 – 50 mile range (depending on the battery)
  • 60-Volt 1500 – 3000 Watt motor
  • Weighs 43 pounds
  • Allows a maximum weight of 220 pounds
  • App connectivity

Gotway MSuper is a high-end electric unicycle that’s one of the fastest and one of the most long-range in the market. It runs on a powerful electric motor, backed by high-capacity batteries, that give it allow it to travel much longer distances at a better speed. This makes it an ideal EUC for long-distance travel, because it’s not going to run out for a long time. It’s also built with premium safety mechanisms and a design that’s optimally durable and strong. The only drawback is the price, which may turn some people away. But it is certainly worth its price.

6. Airwheel X8

Airwheel X8

Rating: (4.2/5)

Airwheel X8 has a wheel size of 16 inches, which makes it an average or above-average sized EUC. It’s designed to be a slim and agile EUC, and it does a good job at it. It prides itself in being a research-based and extensively tested product in order to provide the best user experience. Let’s evaluate its different features.

This electric unicycle’s motor is fairly powerful, with a 400 Wattage. It has a maximum speed of 11 MPH and a range of 14 miles. The speed is good; it’s around the typical max speed for a fast unicycle. It’s notable also because this is a lightweight unicycle, which gives it better speed and agility. The range is also just around average, though on the lower end. This is not one of the high range electric unicycles like Gotway MSuper, but it is good enough for short travel. Popular uses for it include traveling on a college campus, going to a grocery store, or just riding around the neighborhood. But note that with a 14 mile range, you can go on commutes as well. I also noticed that the motor is very quiet; it hardly makes any noise while riding.

It has a very efficient battery. It’s a Japanese-made lithium battery and it has a charge time of just 1.5 hours. You’ll always find that EUCs have a much better charge time than hoverboards, which is one reason they’re better. But even for an electric unicycle, Airwheel X8 has a low charge time. It’s great because if you plan to take it out, you just need to plug in the charger, and it will be fully charged by the time you go out. The battery has a life of 1,800 recharge times, which means it can be recharged 1,800 times before wearing out. Depending on how often you charge, this can be anywhere between 2 and 6. So rest assured, this EUC will last for a long time.

The EUC comes with a few accessories, namely a charger, a manual, a safety belt, and a set of training wheels. The safety belt is used as assistance for beginners. They can grab on to it as support while they’re learning to balance. The training wheels also help with that. They fit nicely under the pedals, and they make the experience much easier. But it’s also more boring this way, and you can’t turn as much or go as fast. So you don’t need to use training wheels, except when starting out for balance.

This EUC also has good protections and safety mechanisms. Whenever the unicycle tilts more than 45 degrees, the motor will stall, in order to prevent tipping and falling over. There are also effective and innovative speed controls in place. When you start to approach the maximums speed, the pedal will tilt slightly upwards, which prevents you from tilting forward further to increase the speed. It’s really cool and it ensures you don’t go too fast, which can increase the risk of injuries. Overall, it’s reliable, fast, and agile.

Rating: (4.2/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the Airwheel X8:

  • 170wH lithium battery
  • Maximum speed of 11 MPH
  • Has a range of 14 miles
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Has a weight limit of 264 pounds
  • Has a charge time of 1.5 hours
  • Proactive safety mechanisms and alerts

Airwheel X8 is a lightweight and agile EUC, weighing only 25 pounds. It has a decent maximum speed and range. The battery is very efficient and long-lasting; it charges in only 1.5 hours, and has a recharge life of 1,800. This EUC has unique and attractive designs; it comes in both black and white colors. The best part is its advanced safety mechanisms. It has built-in safety features that will change and tilt the EUC when appropriate, if the rider is going at a dangerously fast speed or if they’re tilting too much. It effectively prevents or greatly reduces the risk of injuries.

7. InMotion V3

Inmotion V3 Electric unicycle

Rating: (4.1/5)

The InMotion MoHawk V3 is a high-tech self-balancing unicycle made by smart technology. Its battery is UL tested and passed, and is safe for use. This is a dual-wheel scooter, which means that it has two tires placed close to each other. The advantage of the dual-wheel is that it’s easier to learn to ride and balance the scooter for beginners. And it’s not just for beginners; having dual wheels gives the scooter more surface area, thus a better balance. Initially, though, it’s harder to turn using a dual-wheel unicycle. But you can quickly get the hang of it after practicing for a while.

The design and materials of this unicycle are pragmatic and sturdy. It has a pull-up handle to carry it around, which is very useful. You can roll it like a suitcase, by the pull-up handle, while it goes into energy-saving mode. It feels natural to carry it by the handle, and it’s a helpful feature that buyers often don’t consider. Leatherette pads are placed so that the casing is protected when the scooter is tilted on the ground. The product is made from durable material and is built for continuous outdoor use.

You can connect this unicycle to the smartphone app, which lets you control it from your phone. You can play music through the Bluetooth speakers, too. You can also change the lights and other controls using your smartphone. The unicycle also has built-in sounds, such as when the charger is plugged in, or when the scooter is going too fast. You can also adjust the sound volume, or turn off the sounds altogether.

One of the most impressive features of this electric unicycle is the battery efficiency. It fully charges in only 1.5 hours, which is way faster than the typical electric vehicle. Even many electric unicycles take up to 3 hours to charge, and this one does it in half the time.

The only improvement that can be made to this unicycle is that when it’s taken off the ground, it doesn’t immediately turn off. Its motor and wheels are running, and you need to wait a few seconds before it shuts off. It would be better if it turned off immediately. But that’s only a minor issue. Overall, the InMotion V3 is a smart unicycle that comes with colorful designs and dynamic features.

Rating: (4.1/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the InMotion V3:

  • Two Ah 72-V lithium-ion batteries
  • Maximum speed of 11 MPH
  • 15 mile range
  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Bluetooth built-in speaker
  • Can travel up a maximum slope of 18 degrees
  • Has a charge time of 1.5 hours
  • Comes in different colors

InMotion V3 is a sturdy and powerful electric unicycle with many resourceful features. It has a pull-up handle that lets you carry it like a suitcase. It has a 250-Watt motor with a good range and speed. Perhaps the most notable feature is the charge time; which is only 1.5 hours. It has a very efficient battery that charges the scooter fast. Overall, it’s built on smart technology and it’s also a durable EUC; it has a high weight limit and thus it can hold adults of bigger sizes. It’s a dual-wheel scooter, which makes it easier to balance it while riding.

8. Airwheel X3

Airwheel X3

Rating: (4.0/5)

The Airwheel X3 is light, compact, and made from green, smart technology. At a weight of just 21 pounds, it’s one of the lightest in the industry. The maximum weight capacity is incredible for its weight and size. That tells us that the material it’s made from is very strong and durable. That material is aviation aluminum; besides being strong, it’s also slip proof. Slipping off the pedals can be a concern for riders, and these pedals have a good grip due to the material they’re made from. Not only is the unicycle lightweight, it’s also easy to transport. It has a handle that lets you carry it like a suitcase, while it needs to recharge or save energy.

Let’s talk a little bit about the design. The unicycle is designed to be water-proof, dust-proof, and electric leakage-proof. It has a low carbon and green design, as it uses silica for some of its coating. It protects from leakage, and it makes cleaning very easy. As mentioned before, the paddles are made from a slip-proof aluminum. This unicycle has a compact and storage saving design.

It’s a good example of a budget electric unicycle. It’s one of the cheapest ones out there; the current price tag is below $500. And with the lower cost, you also get some smaller metrics. For example, the range is only 9 miles. That’s not a terrible range, but it certainly doesn’t compare to other EUCs with ranges of 15 miles and above. This electric unicycle is good for traveling shorter distance, which is perfect if your commute is a short path. Though, people use EUCs for reasons other than commuting, which we will talk about below. One of those reasons is just plain old recreation and fun. This is where this EUC shines. It has a solid max speed of 10 MPH and a cool design. The name’s “Airwheel” probably because it’s a lightweight unicycle, and those are the best kinds for performing tricks and stunts. On the guide at the bottom of this page, we show you various tricks you can perform on your electric unicycle.

One particularly high point of this unicycle is the age and long-lasting power of the battery. It’s an efficient battery, as it takes only 80 minutes to charge. The battery has a long life; it can be recharged up to 1,800 times. That means that it can potentially be used for years! This is more powerful than the regular lithium batteries. Overall, this is certainly an interesting unicycle. Despite being lightweight, it’s exceptionally durable and long-lasting. And to top it off, it has a compact and green design.

Rating: (4.0/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the Airwheel X3:

  • 132 Wh battery core
  • Maximum speed of 10 MPH
  • 9 mile range
  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Allows a maximum weight of 260 pounds
  • Power-saving design
  • Has a charge time of 1.3 hours

Airwheel X3 is a lightweight and budget electric unicycle. It’s smaller than the typical EUC in many ways: it has a lower weight, range, and cost. So it has the benefit of a low cost but also the drawbacks of less power. It’s great for recreational riding and short-distance travel. It has a good speed, it’s very sturdy, and has a sleek design. Additionally, it has an efficient and power-saving battery. Overall, it has smart technology and a focus on compactness and saving power.

9. Airwheel Q3

Airwheel X3 electric unicycle

Rating: (4.0/5)

Airwheel Q3 is a light and fast electric unicycle that has all the features you need for a mid-sized and cheap electric unicycle. It’s one of the most affordable EUCs, costing only around $500 or less. For that price, it has a great performance and set of features.

It uses a 170wH lithium battery from Japan. The charging time is around 2 hours, which is efficient, though it’s not as efficient as some other electric unicycles like the Airwheel X8, which has a charging time of 1.5 hours. However, the difference is negligible. It’s a Japanese product, which assures you of its quality and technological prowess. The great thing about the battery it’s leak proof and is compatible with several protections in the electric unicycle.

For example, one such low battery protection is a feature where all of the lights will blink and the buzzer will beep, when the EUC reaches a battery level below 15%. The front end of the platform will also lower itself, making you decelerate and stop riding the unicycle. This is to ensure that you don’t run out of battery while riding it, which can cause you to unexpectedly lose balance and fall. This is a really cool safety mechanism because it’s built-in; it will work on its own. It also is effective because it tilts the foot platform in a way that makes you unable to continue riding the EUC. It does this in a safe and gradual way, and not in a sudden way. The battery will be up to 15% at that point, and then you’ll have to charge it to full power.

Other safety protections include an anti-overtilting mechanism. You’ll find yourself tilting very often, because that’s the mechanism by which you propel yourself forward and make turns. But occasionally, there can be overtilting, which is a natural mistake that new riders make. When the unicycle tilts more than 45 degree, the anti-tilt mechanism will immediately activate and gradually stall the motor, so that it doesn’t tilt over further. It’s a good idea to be mindful of your tilting and not to over do it. There’s also a speed control, which activates as you approach the maximum speed. The foot platform will slowly lift itself upwards, preventing you from tilting forward further to increase your speed. This EUC uses a combination of lights and sounds to alert you of any problems or risks.

Something I found interesting about this unicycle is its design. it’s different from most EUCs because it’s thicker and it has a bigger top portion. It weighs 30 pounds, so it’s heavier than the average EUC. The design is actually very good, because it gives you much more room to carry it by the handle. It’s also more sturdy and better-looking, with the polished edges, premium texture, and aluminum pedals. It can carry a maximum load of 264 pounds. The dual wheels are also thick and provide better balance.

Last, but not the least, this EUC’s range is one of the best; it can travel up to 40 miles on one charge. This is by far the best for an EUC of this price. The speed is also good, at a maximum of 11 MPH. Ultimately, this is one of the best EUCs on the market, based on its performance, features, and design.

Rating: (4.0/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the Airwheel Q3:

  • 170wH lithium battery
  • Maximum speed of 11 MPH
  • Has a range of 40 miles
  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Has a weight limit of 264 pounds
  • Has a charge time of 2 hours
  • Safety mechanisms against overtilting, overspeeding, and low battery levels

If you’re looking for an low-cost electric unicycle that can go the longest distance, then the Airwheel Q3 is your choice. It has a range of 40 miles, which is by the far the best in its price range. You won’t find other EUCs with this range, unless they cost at least twice as much. This EUC also has a good speed, design, and safety features. It’s one of the better all-round electric unicycles to get, and in our opinion it’s certainly the best one from the Airwheel series.

10. T3 Electric Unicycle

T3 Electric Unicycle

Rating: (3.7/5)

T3 is a small and cheap EUC. It is the cheapest one that we could find. It costs just around $200, which makes it far more affordable than most others on this list. This the unicycle for you if you’re short on cash and looking to spend the least amount of money. You wont get as many features or high power, but you will still get an electric unicycle that works. This review will look at the good and the bad about this EUC.

It has a battery power of 132 wH and a 300-watt electric power. At this power, you’ll find that it can go at a pretty mediocre speed and mileage. It’s best used for riding on short distances, and cannot really be used for off-road riding or long commuting. It has a range of 8 miles, which is pretty low.. But all things considered, 8 miles is still good enough for riding around the neighborhood and even taking it out for short-distance travel. I’m not sure about the maximum speed, but it looks to be between 8 – 10 MPH. This is a little better than the range, because it’s almost the same high speed as a regular EUC.

It weighs 22 pounds and has a wheel size of 14 inches. The advantage it has is that lightweight EUCs are agile and they’re easier to maneuver and turn. You’ll also find it easier to perform tricks, especially mid-air tricks (read more on tricks below). Due to the light weight, it’s easier to make sharp turns on this electric unicycle. You also have less momentum, which is safer. It’s less likely to cause accidents that can lead to injuries. A smaller electric unicycle is also more portable and easier to carry around. Something that prospective buyers don’t think about is that while you’re out riding an EUC, you will often need to pick it up and carry it. So it’s practical to have a light one that’s easy to carry.

There are drawbacks to having a small and relatively low-powered EUC. It’s less durabe, so it’s more likely to be stressed and worn out earlier from continuous use. It’s also not as fun to use, because you can’t take it up slopes, on off-road surfaces, or long distances. You also can’t do as many fun tricks because it’s not very sturdy. The design is also not very eye-catching. So if you’re looking for a stunning and beautiful EUC, this is probably not that. It’s a very low budget EUC that’s good for basic riding.

Rating: (3.7/5)

Here are the features and specifications of the T3:

  • 132wH battery
  • Has a charge time of 2 hours
  • 300 W motor
  • Maximum speed of 9 MPH
  • 8 mile range
  • Weighs 22 pounds
  • Allows a maximum weight of 260 pounds
  • 14-inch wheel size

The T3 electric unicycle is for those who want to spend as little money as possible; this is the cheapest electric unicycle on the market. So while it’s easier on your wallet, you get what you pay for. The features and performance aren’t spectacular, and this is not an EUC that can be used for intensive fun or long-distance travel. It has a weak motor, a low battery power, a mediocre frame, and a pretty low range. The speed is pretty good, though. This EUC is best used for recreational riding through short distances.

Electric Unicycle User Guide

This is a free resource and guide that I’ve compiled! It has as much information as I could gather from my experience of riding an EUC for over 3 years. It includes the basics of how they work, how you can learn to ride them, where you can take them, and what advanced tricks you can perform. If you have any information to add here, please contact me. Please click on the following bars to expand (or close) them:

How do I learn to ride it?

Once you’ve purchased an EUC, you’ll need to get to know it better and learn to use it. It’s actually easier to learn than it looks, because the smart technology does most of the work for you. Generally, it will take you just a few minutes to get the hang of it, and a few hours to become skilled at it.

For beginners, this is the best way to get started with riding your EUC. First, stand against a railing or any type of support. Place one hand on the railing, and the other hand holding the unicycle upright on the ground. Place your dominant foot on one pedal. Then with your other hand still on the railing, hop your other foot on the pedal. Stay upright in that position for a while, getting used to balancing the unicycle.

Then, you need to practice riding the unicycle. All you have to do is lean slightly forward, and the motor will automatically proper the unicycle forward. Likewise, lean backwards to slow down or ride backwards. Every individual’s learning curve is different. Generally, it will take a couple short sessions to balance and ride it properly. Your movements will become better as you practice more. The learning curve is pretty swift here.

Turning is the next big thing you need to learn. It can be a little tricky at first, but here’s a tip: you must not think of it as turning. Think of it as shifting your weight unevenly on the pedals. Here’s an graphic that summarizes everything:

Electric unicycle user instructions

Do I have to get safety gear?

It is a good idea to get safety gear. If you’re a beginner, then you might experience some falls while riding the unicycle outdoors. This is part of the learning process.

However, it’s not necessary to wear all this safety gear, unless it’s legally required. EUCs should be fun and freeing vehicles, and it can be a nuisance to have to put on a helmet and guards whenever you’re going out for a ride. Also, they’re not very dangerous. You’ll likely be riding the unicycle on the sidewalk, or in a park or even your front street. So while it is good advice to wear safety gear (especially for children and beginners) you don’t need to get it.

If you do decide to buy safety gear, the most important piece of equipment would be a helmet. After that, knee pads and wrist/palm pads. That’s about all you need for EUC safety gear.

What can I do with an electric unicycle?

There are lots of uses for an EUC. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Commute to work

That’s right – some people do ride their unicycles to work! They’re faster than walking, they’re fun, and they’re better for the environment than traditional gas-powered vehicles. Commuting to work on an EUC is a hip and new way to get to work.

2. Hobby

Riding EUCs is a fun activity to do alone or with friends. Balancing yourself on a unicycle is no easy task (although the electric ones are much easier than actual unicycles) and people turn that into a hobby. You can ride the unicycle in your home, around the street, or in a park.

3. Transporting between short distances

EUCs, like hoverboards, are also used by some people to get around. You can ride the unicycle to the gym or grocery store, or in-between classes on a college campus. Campuses are especially popular for electric self-balancing vehicles. While it’s not reliable enough to be an ultimate personal transporter (because it has limited range), it’s still used for transporting between short distances.

4. Camera work

Did you know EUCs are commonly used for camera work? When amateur or beginner filmmakers are shooting a video, self-balancing scooters actually provide a great and stable groundwork. You can hold a camera while on your unicycle, and take 360 degree shots of something, or just move around while filming. This helps reduce or eliminate any shake filming, and it gives you plenty of freedom to turn sharply wherever you need to. So EUCs are a creative and budget-friendly way to film cool shots for your video.

5. Advanced tricks

Just riding around a unicycle as a hobby can get boring (even with the music and Bluetooth speakers). Once you have good control over the unicycle and are not a beginner anymore, you can move on to more advanced riding. There are several tricks that you can do, which we will discuss next.

What are some advanced tricks that I can perform with an electric unicycle?
1. Jumping on sidewalks

When you’re riding down the street, you’re probably going to run into some sidewalks. Typically, riders just stop the unicycle, pick it up by hand, get on the sidewalk, and then resume riding it. But you can also jump the unicycle over the sidewalk, with some practice. The way you do this is by jumping up from the pedals, as the unicycle approaches the sidewalk. It will jump over the sidewalk and then self-balance. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

2. Riding down a set of stairs

If you run into a small set of stairs, you don’t have to get off the unicycle; you can use this advanced trick to wheel down the stairs. Approach the stairs at a constant speed, and slightly bend your knees. The unicycle will go down the stairs and stabilize. Watch the video here.

3. Riding with one leg

This is an advanced trick that’s going to take quite a bit of practice. It might seem impossible to actually ride an EUC with just one leg. How does it balance? It’s all about adjusting your weight and position the right way. When you have just one leg on the unicycle, you will be riding in a circle. So it’s just a cool trick to show friends. The way it works is by locking your knee on the foot that’s on the unicycle, and letting the other foot be free in the air. Then, adjust your body away from the foot that’s on the unicycle. This should create a balance that lets the unicycle stay upright. Watch this video to see it in action.

Are they waterproof?

Why, yes they are! Most EUCs are built to be waterproof, which is awesome and even necessary. Since EUCs are meant for outdoors and off-road riding, they should be able to adjust to differing weather conditions. It’s especially important if electric unicycles are an important part of your day-to-day commute. Can’t be slowed down just because of a rainy day.

But just to be sure, please check your electric unicycle’s manual to see if it meets the IP65 (water resistance) international standards, before getting it wet!

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