Electric tricycles come in all shapes, sizes, and types. You have battery-powered drift tricycles for drift riding, and you have conventional upright tricycles that are electric. You also have scooter-type 3-wheeled bikes that can also be considered electric tricycles. Basically, a vehicle that has 3 wheels and is powered by battery can be considered an electric trike, with some exceptions.

In this list I’ll wade through the different electric tricycles, and present the best ones. Electric trikes are great for transport, as well as sports such as drifting. Here are the best 3-wheeled electric tricycles to buy in 2017 (in no particular order):

Razor Power Rider 360

A simple electric tricycle for kids and teenagers. The Power Rider uses a 12-Volt electric battery (charger is included with purchase). It reaches a maximum speed of 9 MPH and lasts between 30 and minutes of continuous use, per charge.

This is a sporty tricycle that can be used for simple riding and also drifting. It has a fixed pneumatic front wheel, and slick rear caster wheels that let the trike spin and drift. You can even do 360 degrees spins on this trike, with some practice! It has a push button to start up the bike and hand-operated braking system with handlebars. Don’t worry about safety, because this trike is built from a durable steel welded frame and utilizes strong rubber grips. It doesn’t hurt that it has a cool and futuristic design.

Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike

Razor DXT is an advanced electric drift trike for teenagers and adults. It’s recommended for riders aged 16 and above, and has a maximum weight limit of 198 pounds.

This is a powerful trike, with a 500-watt chain-driven motor and a maximum speed of 15 MPH. It will give other drift trike racers a run for their money, as you speed through with this advanced trike. The front wheel is a 16-inch pneumatic tire with a heavy duty steel frame and rear wheels. So needless to stay, this tricycle is durable. Its other features include an adjustable seat, moto-style handlebars, adjustable foot pegs, twist-grip throttle, and a front disc brake. This trike can be used both for casual riding and in formal drift trike competitions.

Black Ice eDrifter

eDrifter is a powerful drift trike that can climb up inclines and reach high speeds. It runs on a 24-Volt battery and reaches a maximum speed of 12.5 MPH. As a motorized drifting tricycle, it has rear PVC drifter tires. They’re tubeless, which reduces friction and allows the trike to drift better. The significant versatility lets the bike go at fast speeds, climb up hills and slopes, and perform 360 degree spins. It’s motorized, but also has pedals to assist with the motion. It has a twist grip accelerator for easy speeding up.

The durability is one of the other strong points of this trike. It has a sturdy frame and weighs around 90 pounds. The power plant motor is mounted on the rear and is fully protected. The PVC material is one of the most common and best for rear wheels. Overall, this trike is built for outdoors use and lasts a long time.

Topmate Foldable Electric Tricycle

Topmate is a very cool and unique electric tricycle and it’s ideal for short-distance travel, much like electric unicycles. If you’ve never seen a vehicle like this before, you might be confused about what it is. Let’s break down this tricycle.

This is a compact, foldable tricycle. Nearly the entire frame is made from aviation aluminum alloy. It’s easy to open, fold, and carry. It is a small but powerful transportation device. It uses a 18650 lithium battery and has a range of 21 miles. It can also hold a maximum weight of 264 lbs. This is one of the most compact electric tricycles on the market; you can’t even tell that it uses a battery and motor. It’s stylish, well-designed, and very durable.

Freego Foldable Electric Tricycle

Another foldable electric tricycle. This one is built from innovative technology by a high-tech Hong Kong based company. The design is clean and slick; it manages to make the trike as compact and sturdy as possible. The full weight of the item is just 25 lbs, and it can hold a maximum weight of 220 lbs, making it suitable for most adults. It uses a modest but powerful 250-Watt motor and reaches a maximum speed of 20 Km/H and a mileage of 25 Km. The motor is powered by a 18650 36-Volt lithium battery.

Wen you purchase this trike, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps to assemble it. It’s really easy and just involves tightening some screws. This is a slick and unique ride for personal transport, and is ideal for short trips and driving on bike paths, going to and from school/college, to the gym, grocery store, or even to work.

eWheels Electric Trike

This electric trike by eWheels resembles regular pedal tricycles but with the addition of an electric motor. The battery is 48-Volt and includes a smart charger. The motor is 500-watt and the maximum speed is 15 MPH. The trike uses a variable twist throttle and front/rear drum brakes. The seat also has a back rest for additional comfort. The weight capacity of this trike is 400 lbs. It has both a front and a rear basket. It also includes a front LED headlight.

This is the perfect trike for riders of all sizes and purposes. It can hold nearly any amount of weight and has a simple easy-to-use interface, with a low step-through frame for easy of mounting and getting off. Not only is there a spacious rear basket, but there is a front basket too. This lets you carry a ton of items such as groceries, shopping bags, or even pets. This is truly a multi-purpose trike, and it has a powerful and reliable engine to boot.

Electric Tricycle (Blue)

This is another regular tricycle that’s powered by both pedals and an electric motor. It is a long range trike; it has a mileage of 20 miles per charge (with little pedaling). So if you use the pedals more often, then you can get an even better range. The advantage of vehicles like this is that you can always save energy by pedaling, in case you don’t want to use up the battery. And if the battery ever does run out, you’re not stranded; you can still pedal your way to your destination.

The features of this tricycle include a 48-Volt battery, front basket, large rear basket, reverse switch, horn, front headlight, and a twist throttle accelerator. Having a large storage space is a big advantage because it makes the tricycle more versatile. You can use it for all sorts of purposes, like carrying items, pets, going shopping, running errands, or even delivering goods as part of a business.

Mototec Electric Trike

While it’s designed and shaped like a mobility scooter, it’s actually an electric trike (you can tell by the large front wheel and small rear wheels, the thin frame, and the front basket). It’s modestly powerful and can be used for various purposes such as personal transport, shopping, work (e.g. at security and warehouse operations). It’s recommended for riders aged 13 and up, with a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs. It weighs 78 lbs, which is surprisingly light and compact for a tricycle with a strong 500-watt brushless motor. It’s powered by a 36-Volt battery. The range is between 20 and 25 miles.

One of the cool features of this tricycle is its very low recharge time. It fully recharges in just 4 to 8 hours. This is far more efficient than many other electric vehicles of the same size, that take up to 12 hours to recharge. Such a low recharging time makes this trike quick and easy to use, and readily available for use.

eWheels Chopper Trike

This is one of the most powerful and heavy duty electric tricycles that you’ll find on the market. It has a 1000-watt motor and runs on a 60-Volt battery, blowing out most other electric tricycles. The battery is a refined lithium ion battery for optimal efficiency and less risk of leakage. This is an all-terrain tricycle, so it can be driven on various off-road surfaces, supplemented by its large off-road tires. It reaches an impressive maximum speed of 18 MPH and has a range of 30 miles.

This trike has several other neat features that include Bluetooth speakers, an LED headlight, an extendable seat (to fit 2 riders), and much more. This trike is ideal for adults who want to look cool while driving a tricycle; you don’t always get to do that due to their small compact frames and 3 wheels. But this eWheels brings a new and better look to electric tricycles. It can be used for pretty much anything. It’s most common use is personal transport and off-road sports/racing. You can also buy a basket separately and attach it to have some storage space like in regular tricycles.

Doohan iTank EV3

Thought the electric chopper was cool? Then try out this tank. The iTank comes with a unique design; it has dual front wheels and a single rear wheel. It’s one of the most innovative and hi-tech electric vehicles in the current market. It’s powered by a 1500-watt motor and has a range of 62 miles. Furthermore, it uses a Field Operation Control that accelerates its speed at a fast and safe pace; it goes from 0 MPH to 28 MPH in just 4.6 seconds. The battery is very efficient; it full charges in just 6 hours.

This electric trike serves as an effective personal transportation vehicle. With its mileage, it can pretty much be taken anywhere, whether its a long or short distance. It can climb maximum inclines of 15 degrees, so the rider will have no problem driving it on sloped surfaces. Plus, the unique design is totally eye-catching and only makes this a more appealing ride. This is truly the electric trike of the future.

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