DuroMax engines are really useful and they can be used for a variety of purposes. They can work on household appliances like lawnmowers, as well as toys and vehicles like go-karts. You can even use it to build your own generator. Since they have such an important purpose, it’s important to know what you’re getting. In this review, we’ll look at different DuroMax engines, at their usefulness, and compare them.


7 hp

Electric/Recoil start

44 pounds


max torque 13.2

17.3"L x 16.7"W x 17.1"H


16 hp

electric/recoil start

83 pounds


max torque 28.5

20.5"L x 18.5"W x 22.0"H



Duromax engines have reliability. If you’re using it for any purpose, say building a DC generator, then expect it to last for a long time. It will last up to a year, or even longer, depending on what you use it for. On Amazon, you can see that they have a good user rating, which indicates the reliability of the product. The 7 hp has a little bit less power, so it can be used for smaller appliances, equipments, and go-karts. The bigger engines, like the 16 hp one, pack more power and they’re used for larger equipment. But both engines have reliability and consistent quality.

Before you buy the engine, be certain that it’s the right kind. Look at the product specifications and what you’ll need it for. Often there can be confusion when buying engines for your appliance or go-kart; you’re not sure which one to buy. This is when it’s good to consult the manufacturer(s) of the products in question. If you already have expertise in replacing and working with engines, then great! This will be a much smoother process for you.


Duromax engines can be used for a variety of different purposes. Our favorite use of a duromax engine is for go-karts; if a go-kart engine is broken down and needs to be replaced, we just install a duromax engine, and it gets the go-kart up and running like it’s brand new. As far as we’ve seen, these engines can be used for most types of go-karts. But you should always check the specifications before deciding whether the specific engine can be installed in a go-kart.

Another very common use of Duromax engines is for common appliances and equipment. These include lawnmowers, tillers, garden tractors, golf carts, log splitters, etc. You can even use it to build a DC generator and charging batteries or getting electricity. It’s a versatile product, and there’s no exhaustive list for the appliances it can be used in. The general rule is that it’s best suited for common household appliances. It has the power to run even larger things like tractors and karts.

Add-Ons & Extras

When you’re installing any engine, you’ll need some essential tools like plyers, screwdrivers, tighteners, extra bolts, and more. Here’s a handy guide on how to change your engine. It only applies for vehicles, but it can be useful for changing home appliances too. Also remember that the Duromax engine comes with an instruction manual which explains how to use it.

There’s a different kind of engine you can get, known as a shaft recoil engine. It’s a simpler recoil start from the electric one, it also weighs less and costs a little less money. I’d recommend getting the electric recoil engines, since the shaft recoil ones are usually less reliable.

Bottom Line

Duromax enginesThe bottom line is that Duromax engines can be used for a variety of purposes at home – these include vehicles, karts, and gardening equipment. They’re reliable due to their sturdy engineering and long-lasting power. They’ve consistently received good reviews from their users, because of their reliability. Another good aspect of these engines is the affordability. You’ll find that the engines by Duromax cost quite less than some other engines that perform the same functions. But that doesn’t mean the Duromax engines are of low quality or are “cheap”,  I think they’re a good mix of affordability and quality.

The two main engines looked at are the 7 hp and the 16 hp ones, where HP stands for horsepower. The bigger the appliance, the more horsepower it needs, so the bigger engine should be used for it. There’s also two types of recoils in engines: electric recoil and shaft recoil. I recommend getting the electric recoil and it has better quality and reliability. There is also an 18 hp engine that you can check out, if you want even more power. Overall, these Duromax engines are a good purchase.

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