Dareway revolutionHi there – my name is Marc Anderson, and this is my review of the Dareway mini segway that you’ve probably heard of by now.

I’m a 40-year old guy, so this is not a scooter that I can ride. But my daughter is interested in it – I bought one for her and she loves it.

I’m going to be getting input on my daughter about this scooter, because she obviously knows more about it than me.

Oh, and I’m going to interview another customer who has used the Dareway! She’s a working mom named Karen, and she bought the Dareway for her son a few months. I managed to get in touch with her and ask her some questions for this review. She was nice enough to give me an interview. Read it below.

What Does Karen Think Of The Feber Dareway Mini Segway?

Marc: Hi there, Karen. Thanks so much for answering some questions for my review. Can you introduce yourself a bit?

Karen: Sure! It’s my pleasure. I’m a 30-year old mother of one child, a 7-year old boy. I guess this is not relevant, but I work as a department store manager. My son, Ethan, loves playing with toys. The Dareway is one that I bought recently, and it stood out to me from other toys he has previously used.



By the way, if anyone has any questions about it, they can e-mail me at karenwj3@gmail.com.

Marc: Thank you for providing your contact details. Can you tell me what stands out to you about the Dareway scooter?

Karen: Well, it’s a couple things. Firstly, that’s its essentially a mini segway for kids. I mean, in terms of design, it’s one of the more unique toys in the market.

Ever since my son first saw a segway when he was 5, he’s become enamored with them. He keeps telling me he wants to ride a segway. 

Marc: Haha, I know what you mean! Those things are so popular with the young kids, even toddlers want them. Of course, they can’t actually ride them though. So it must be a nuisance to have him beg you to buy him a segway.

Karen: Yes, exactly. I can’t get him a segway, or even a hoverboard, because he’s not old enough to ride one. And I’m just worried about this safety, you know? Those things are kind of advanced and they’re not meant to be used by small kids.
Marc: Yep, we definitely can’t get our kids a segway. Not to mention that they’re expensive too.

So what did you like about this “segway”? (Which is really a mini toy segway)

Karen: So that’s what I wanted to get to; the other thing that really stands out to me about the Dareway is its quality.

Unboxing it was easy. It took just around 20 minutes. It does involve a bit of handiwork and assembly. You have to screw in the freewheel that comes along with the package. This is a tiny wheel that frees up the movement, allowing for more rotation.

You also have to set up the handle and control bar, and then you’re good to go. I think ours came pre-charged, so we didn’t have to plug it in before using. It has a rechargeable 12-Volt battery though, so you need to charge it before using. Charging doesn’t take too long, it lasts for about 60 minutes on a charge.

Marc: What was it like for your son to ride it for the first time?

Karen: We first tried it in the house. I quickly learned that this is not a toy that you should ride inside the house! It makes too much noise inside. I do wish they had designed a quieter motor.

This toy is fun to use outdoors. it minimizes the noise. It’s also just better to use it in parks, on hills, etc.

It’s really easy to control. It has left and right buttons for turning. It also has a push pedal that moves you forward. It also has a brake next to the pedal. My son learned how to ride it in just a couple minutes!

Marc: You know, I had the exact same experience when it came to noise. This was just too noisy for us to use indoors. Others would think we’re doing construction work. So, besides the easy controls, what other features do you like about it?

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