Power Wheels is a popular and beloved brand that makes small battery-powered vehicles for children, typically between the ages of 1 and 7. That’s right, even a one year old can ride a Power Wheels toy. There are, of course, differences in the toys for various ages. In fact, there is such a large variety of Power Wheels toys, it can be confusing to know which one to get. Are you supposed to get a jeep or a car? And which one is the fastest but also adequately safe?

In this post, we’re going to look at the best Power Wheels that you should buy in 2017. It’s hard to find honest guides and reviews out there. You don’t know if you can trust the information given on the official website, or even the product reviews because we know how paid or fake reviews are prevalent these days. But this post is going to be a 100% honest review of the Power Wheels brand and the best it has to offer. If you or your kid is a girl, then it’s especially useful for you, as we’ll take a specific look at Power Wheels for girls. Read on below to learn more, or start shopping right away!

Should You Buy Power Wheels?

There’s no denying that Power Wheels is wildly popular. It started in 1984, and just a few years later, it had made its first million sales. So Power Wheels basically sell like hot cakes. And there’s a wide appeal to them, which we will talk about.

Besides their success, are Power Wheels a good and reliable brand? Do they make quality products? That’s a little different from sales and revenue; a company can get a lot of attention and make sales, but have products with a bad reputation.

We’ll let you decide that for yourself. After reading this review, you’ll be able to assess whether Power Wheels are the right toy to get your child. First, here are the pros and cons of Power Wheels toys:

Beautiful designsHave been the subject of a few safety recalls
A variety of vehicles to choose from (cars, jeeps, racers, trucks, and trikes)Most vehicles are fairly slow
Every vehicle is tested for high safety standards
Over 350 authorized service centers over North America and customer service hotline

So Many To Choose From… Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, Racers, or Quads?

Best Power Wheels 2017There is a variety of Power Wheels vehicles to choose from. You might ask yourself “which one should I get?”. While there are differences in the types of vehicles, you shouldn’t stress about this too much. All Power Wheels are just ride-on toys, and the main difference is the look and design. So it’s a good idea to get one that looks the best for you; maybe a Power Wheel themed after your kid’s favorite show or character.

That being said, certain Power Wheels vary in their function and age group, so it’s good to know how to differentiate between them. If you’re ever not sure which ride-on toy to buy for your kid due to their age group, have a look below. Here’s a quick summary of the differences between Power Wheels cars, jeeps, dune racers, trucks, and quads.

Cars: Cars are among the most popular Power Wheels toys, and their Ford Mustang versions are especially well-received. The typical age range for Power Wheels cars is between 3 and 7. They’re suitable for both boys and girls, but more popular with boys.

Jeeps: Power Wheels jeeps are similar to the cars, except that they’re slightly heavier and bigger. They have a different design too. But most of the features are the same, they’re also suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 7. But surprisingly, Power Wheel jeeps are actually very popular with girls! They have a lot of models, particularly the Barbie, Dora, and Frozen ones, that are popular with girls. There are jeeps catered for boys too.

Dune racers: Power Wheels dune racers are modeled after dune buggies (see also: our mini dune buggy reviews for 2017). They’re also suited for children between the ages of 3 and 7, and they’re popular with both boys and girls.

Quads: There are two types of Power Wheels quads. The lil’ quad is suitable for children between 1 and 3, and they’re very small. The ATVs are larger and intended for children between 3 and 8. They also go faster. ATVs are generally more popular with boys.

Trucks: These are mini trucks, based on full-sized trucks like Ford models. They’re suitable for children between 1 and 4, and for all children. They’re not as mobile as cars or jeeps, but they’re more mobile than the lil’ quads. We won’t be looking at trucks in this review.

Here’s an overview of the features that come with a typical Power Wheels vehicle:

 Age rangeSpeedsMusic playerPower Lock Brake SystemMonster Traction SystemBattery
Jeep3 - 72.5 & 5 mphYesSometimesNo12-Volt
Car3 - 62.5 & 5 mphYesYesNo12-Volt
Dune racer3 - 72.5 & 5 mphNoYesYes12-Volt
Quad3 - 82.5 & 5 mphNoYesYes12-Volt

Best Power Wheels for GirlsDisney Frozen Jeep Wrangler – Best Power Wheel for Girls!

Age range: 3 – 6

Rating: (4.6/5)

The 2017 Best Power Wheel for girls is the Frozen-themed Jeep Wrangler. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Frozen is a very popular Disney animated movie. This Power Wheels jeep manages to effectively capitalize on its success, and has created its own vehicle that works well as a ride-on toy. The runner-up vehicles for this list were the Barbie-themed Power Wheels, but we chose this one for our top pick as it’s more contemporary and fresh.

Pros: There’s a lot to like about this jeep. The cool blue design with pink is feminine and easy on the eyes. It accurately adopts the Frozen theme and doesn’t make it look overbearing. Even though it’s themed after a Disney movie, it still manages to look cool and retains the impressive look of a jeep.

What’s even cooler is that it has a built-in music player that plays songs from the movie! It’s meant to be a pretend radio, so that the rider can ride along while listening to music. This is a feature that most Power Wheels jeeps utilize.

Another pro of this jeep is the durability and detail to design. It has a sturdy steel frame that supports a total weight of 130 pounds. It has 2 seats so a friend can ride a long. It has smooth and rounded features on the inside, for comfort. It also has doors that open and close, which adds realistic detail. It’s also really fun to open and close them, for some reason! It feels like you’re getting in a real (mini) jeep).

Cons: The music player doesn’t play the full songs from the movie, it only plays part of them. This can be disappointing for people who were hoping to listen to the songs in full. Also, it can be hard to fit two 6-year old girls in it at the same time, due to the weight capacity and size. Especially if a child is overweight, it can be uncomfortable.


Did you know?

 Power Wheels are one of the toys that have been important in breaking gender barriers, due to being popular among girls. They have designed jeeps, quads, cars, and racers for girls; traditionally, these vehicles have only been popular with young boys.

Power Wheels ReviewsPower Wheels Ford Mustang – Best Car

Age range: 3 – 5

Rating: (4.5/5)

The best electric car by Power Wheels is the Ford Mustang. Now, this may not have the most flashy design, but it delivers in performance and reliability. It is an accurate model of the Ford Mustang BOSS 302. We’ll discuss why this is our top pick for the Power Wheels cars to buy in 2017. Note that it also comes in hot pink, light blue, and red colors.

Pros: This Ford Mustang puts great attention detail; straight from the ford logo, to the realistic bumper and front-lights. It accurately resembles the car it’s based on, without being overbearing. So it’s easy for young children to appreciate. It has flashy chrome wheels that make this car stand out. It also has a realistic dashboard and a running horse grille.

This car also has a music player that’s meant to look like a car radio, although it’s an MP3 system. It plays some cool songs for the rider while they drive the car.

This Power Wheel also has good performance and durability. Its chrome wheels make it smooth to ride on surfaces such as grass. The interior of the car is made up of rounded edges and smooth contours to protect the riders from scratches. It supports a maximum weight of 130 pounds and has two seats.

Cons: It does not have the Monster Traction system, which makes it more efficient to ride on off-road surfaces like grass. While it’s not necessary, it improves the experience of riding on grass. It can be found in the Power Wheels dune racers and ATVs. Another small complaint that people have with the Ford Mustang it does not have a working theme; Power Wheels are known for their cool themes of popular movies/brands. The Ford Mustang does not have a theme that stands out as saliently.

Power Wheels for grassW2602 Power Wheels – Best Dune Racer

Age range: 3 – 7

Rating: (4.4/5)

The dune racer selected for our list is the W2602 Power Wheels dune racer. This is a best-selling and highly rated Power Wheels vehicle, and we’ll review why. There were also some runner-ups for this list, namely the Kawasaki KFX Hot Wheels dune racer. But as the main difference is in design, we’ll select and review this dune buggy.

Pros: The design of this buggy is one of the things that needs to be commended. Fisher-Price (the parent company that makes Power Wheels) is good at making designs that stand out. The W2602 is truly modeled as a mini dune buggy – it has the wide frame, open chassis, and rugged wheels that are the characteristics of buggies. It also comes in various colors, so if you’re not happy with the green color, there are other options.

Another notable pro is that the dune racer uses the Monster Traction system. This is a navigation and driving system designed for optimal off-road use. Whether you’re riding on grass or rough terrain and bumps, this system makes it easier to get through it smoothly.

This Power Wheel’s design is not only aesthetic, but also pragmatic. It’s durable steel frame is designed to last long usage. It has two metal sidebars for hand support. It’s also designed to be easy and comfortable for the riders.

Cons: One complaint that people have with this vehicle is the same as with the Jeep Wrangler. The weight capacity of 130 pounds can be too little when there are two riders. So it may be hard to fit two children on it at once, even though there are two seats. However, it is comfortable enough for one person.

Off-Road Power Wheels for Grass and Other Terrains

Did you know that Power Wheels are not just for indoors and flat surfaces? There are many Power Wheels designed to drive on off-road surfaces, with grass being the most common. This is more common for the ATVs and dune racers, and it’s easy to see why – those are the vehicles that used off-road. Power Wheels uses a special driving system, called the Monster Traction system, to maneuver around grass and other off-road surfaces. It’s designed so that kids have a safe and authentic off-road experience.

So what is the Monster Traction system and how does it work? It’s a relatively new driving system specifically for off-road use. It gives the vehicle extra power that allows it to push through grass, bumps, edges, etc. A couple different mechanisms are at work here. The wheels are coated with a rough material that gives it extra traction to drive on rougher surfaces. The gears are also lower than usual, this provides more torque and makes it easier to turn and maneuver the vehicle. This is a new and interesting technology – and it works! Power Wheels seem to have better torque and off-road prowess compared to regular ride-on toys.

Fastest Power WheelKawasaki KFX ATV – Fastest Power Wheel!

Age range: 3 – 8

Rating: (4.4/5)

That’s right – the Kawasaki KFX is the fastest Power Wheel in the market – from what we’ve found. It has forward speeds of 3 and 6 mph. And while that might not seem a lot – and it isn’t – it still beats out all the other Power Wheels vehicles that have slower speeds. And remember, the point of  Power Wheel is not to be a super fast race car; after all, Power Wheels are recommended for kids no older than 8. The point is to have a cool and fun ride for children to play with. Let’s see what the Kawasaki ATV has to offer.

Pros: The one obvious pro of this Power Wheel is the speed and functionality. It’s built to be the ultimate off-road adventurous Power Wheel for kids. The Monster Traction system makes riding on rough outdoors surfaces smooth and fun, whether it’s sand, mud, grass, or gravel. And there’s, of course, the maximum speed of 6 mph which really gives you a thrill ride at a safe level.

Speaking of that, the safety and comfort are also noticeably good. It has foot rests and a comfortable seat that not only are realistic, but make it easier for the kid to ride it. It uses a twistgrip throttle, which is characteristic of motorcycles and ATVs. It’s built from a tough steel frame and has the standard safety mechanisms that include a parent-controlled high-speed lock-out and a Power Lock Brake System.

One thing I have to mention is the beautiful design of this Power Wheels – it’s so well-made, it pretty much looks like an exact mini version of a full-sized ATV. With the rugged off-road wheels and the shiny metal finish, it has one of the coolest Power Wheels designs that I’ve ever seen.

Cons: There’s nothing to add – I don’t have any complaint about this vehicle. If only this were shipped outside the 48 contiguous U.S. states, it would’ve been better.


And thus, we conclude our review of the best Power Wheels to buy in 2017!

Here’s something to think about: why not get your son/daughter/niece/nephew/neighbor a Power Wheels toy for Christmas this year? Or maybe for their birthday? Power Wheels are a pretty popular gift to get for children, because they’re so unique and fun, while still being affordable. It’s guaranteed to be one of the best gifts they’re gotten.

So, to recap the article: there are 4 main kinds of Power Wheels: cars, jeeps, dune racers, and quads. Cars and jeeps are less mobile and have a music player system. Dune racers are faster and better-designed for off-road riding. Power Wheels, particularly the jeeps, are popular among young girls. The one that you should get depends on your age range and personal preference.

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