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Pit bikes are a hot trend right now, among young people and especially racers. So what are the pit bikes that you should buy? This is a list of the best pit bikes for sale this year, to help you weed through a variety of pit bikes and find the one that you like the most.

Before starting the list, let’s clarify what we define as a pit bike in this article. The term first originated when it was used to describe Honda Z50 motorcycles that would ride around the pit stops of bike races. The purpose, of course, was to refuel and repair the bikes in the middle of races. But since then, pit bikes have gained a much better reputation than just bikes that are used in repair and refuel stops. The trend started to catch on in the early 2000’s as popular pit bikes from Honda and Kawasaki were released and caught people’s attention. They’ve become popularized through racing and are used enthusiastically by people all over America and the rest of the world.

A pit bike is a motorcycle that’s smaller than regular motorcycles, so it’s better suited for young people and beginners. It’s used primarily in racing, and sometimes navigating. One of the great advantages of pit bikes is that they’re easier to use and have better mobility than regular motorcycles. They’re smaller in size, lighter, and have a more streamlined appearance. This makes them a popular choice among teenagers and young people. Pit bikes also have cool designs, which is something else that teenagers like about it.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking to purchase a pit bike. Either that, or you just want to browse some cool pit bikes. In this article, you’ll find the best cheap pit bikes available for sale on the internet. They’re picked based on their design, affordability, and function.

Here are (in no particular order) the 5 best pit bikes for sale in 2018.

AGB 37 125cc Bike

Cheap pit bikes


The AGB 37 pit bike is retailed by Apollo Precision Tools, which has a good reputation for strong and reliable tools and other materials. So while it doesn’t seem like their specialty to sell bikes, their expertise in manufacturing tools in fact makes them skilled in making bikes that work. And this bike is the result of that.

It’s a gas-powered bike with a 125 cc engine, which is larger than the average pit bike. It can store up to 125 cc of fuel and last fairly long. This makes the pit bike ideal for being used in multiple races in a single day, without requiring too much refueling. Besides racing, the AGB 37 is also great for off-roading; you can take out this bike for an adventure in the terrains and still expect it to retain enough fuel to not run out.

This bike’s design is one of its strong points; it has 17-inch off-road tires that can drive on pretty much any kind of rough terrain. The rubber material is hard to wear out. It has a streamlined and sporty appearance, and comes in the colors of blue, red, or green. Another strong point of this bike is the quality of the parts; customers report a satisfaction and even a surprise with how good the quality they found it to be.

One of the cons of this pit bike is that it requires assembling before it can be used. This means you’ll have to carefully read the manual and put together the bike. Assembling the bike isn’t too complicated, but many people understandably find it an inconvenience and a difficulty. Some people find it easy; it depends on the customer’s preference. Another small complaint about this bike is that it’s a bit more on the expensive side. But in my opinion, the price is fair for a high quality pit bike.


The AGB 37 is overall a swift and high-quality pit bike that serves its purpose with good gas value and capacity, a powerful engine, sturdy and thick tires, and ease of control. The design is a classic pit bike design. Some people might find that it’s annoying to assemble or that the price is a bit high. Ultimately, it’s up to the customer: if they want a good bike for racing or off-roading, then this is a nice choice.

Coolster 125cc Pit Bike

Cheap dirt bikes for sale


This pit bike is manufactured by Coolster, which is known for its bike and ATV parts. Assembling pit bike parts is one of the most common components of manufacturing, and Coolster creates and assembles several bike parts and other vehicle parts. The parts are meant to be designed for a specific vehicle, whether a pit bike or an ATV. The quality and orientation of the parts is crucial to get right so that it fits into the bike perfectly.

The features of this pit bike are its strongest points. It has a 125 cc fuel engine, which means it has a very high capacity for fuel and good mileage. Refueling the tank too often will not be necessary, which is a relief because pit bikes tend to have small tanks which are a pain to have to refill frequently. This one, on the other hand, requires about one refueling per week, depending on the frequency of its use.

The maximum speed of this bike is 45 mph, which is really good for its size and engine. That’s well enough the speed required for a typical pit bike race; it’s sure to win you races. The maximum weight capacity of this bike is 220 lbs, so it can definitely sustain a load. One more thing I love is the design; it’s arguably even better than the design of the AGB 37. It’s a cool green and black, and it looks like truly a sports bike.

One of the cons is that the frame of the bike is not as strong as one would hope it was; it’s slightly thin. However, it’s sufficiently durable. It also could use better arm swing and front shocks. This can hinder the quality of the biking experience a bit. If it’s a deal-breaker to you, then you might wanna consider getting the AGB 37 which has superior frame and mobility.


Overall, the Coolster 125 cc pit bike has numerous quality features such as a powerful motor, good speed, appealing design, and a spacious fuel tank. All of these features make it great for long adventures and off-roading. The frame and mobility of the bike, on the other hand, are lacking compare to some other pit bikes. This is a good choice for off-road use.


Did You Know?

The word “pit bike” is often used interchangeably with “dirt bike”. In fact, there’s virtually no distinction between the two anymore, and are recognized as the same word. Dirt bikes, much like pit bikes, are mainly used for racing and mountaineering. They have a similar design and small frame.

Tao Tao DB17


125 cc gas cylinders are a common theme among pit bike, because they make the bike suited for travel and fuel capacity. For example, you can fuel up a 125 cc gas cylinder for around $20, and have it last anywhere from 1 week to 1 month, depending upon the frequency that you use it. If you’re a seasoned racer, than it will definitely last up to a week, which is good enough because if you’re racing 5 days a week, that really drains the pit bike. The 125 cc gas cylinder really is a testimony to how well-suited this pit bike is for racing and off-road riding. However, a pit bike needs more than that to be considered ideal. So we’re going to discuss the extra features that make this pit bike worth the money it costs.

The speed is impressive; it’s maximum speed is 60 mph. This is really high for pit bikes; usually you won’t find a speed exceeding 45 mph. At a speed of 60 mph, you’ll certainly have an advantage over others in races. Additionally, the acceleration of this pit bike is above average, which takes full advantage of its speed and propels it to the finish line. At a weight of 200 lbs, it’s certainly on the heavy side, but that’s only because it really is for the more matured and advanced riders. If you have experience in pit bike riding and are over 16 years of age, then you’re more qualified to ride this pit bike.

The tires are a thick 17 inches on the front and 14 inches on the rear. The rims are stainless steel. It functions on hydraulic disc brakes, which are currently the dominant form of brakes in motor vehicles because of their efficiency and safety. The design is pretty straightforward for a pit bike; gray and black with red stripes.

The one con that might deter people from buying this bike is that the price is sort of high; at around $1k, it’s the most expensive bike on this list. Not coincidentally, however, it also has one of the best performances and the best rating out of all the bikes on this list.


The DB17 boasts high-quality features with robust tires, hydraulic disc brakes, large gas tank, and a powerful motor that reaches a maximum speed of 60 mph. It’s a relatively expensive pit bike with high performance and favorability rating among buyers.

Tao Tao DB10


The second consecutive bike from Tao Tao on this list, and one of the cheap pit bikes. Tao Tao is a US-based company that manufactures and sells motor vehicles such as bikes, scooters, ATV’s, and go-karts. The DB10 pit bike is another one of their creations. There are several features of this bike to discuss, so let’s delve into it.

It has a modest 110 cc gas tank, which is good enough for most riders. The only issue is that if you’re gonna be riding the bike very often, then you might wanna get a bike with a bigger gas tank, or get used to having to refuel it often. The fuel capacity is 1 gallon.

As for the engine, it’s a 4-stroke engine with 1 cylinder and air-cooled. 4-stroke is impressive for a pit bike, which means that it has a good energy balance and it’s a powerful engine. 4-stroke engines are less likely to experience friction and be slowed down because of it. The engine is kick  started, which I like because it makes the experience feel more authentic. But depending on you, you might find it a mild inconvenience that it’s a kick start engine.

This bike is best suited for young people; there’s no specific age limit given, but it appears that it’s good for ages 13 and up. The bike weighs 136 lbs, so the maximum weight limit must be no more than 160 lbs. This means that it’s really not a bike for adult men to ride. It’s a cool bike that pre-teens and teenagers will like. The design resembles that of a sports bike, and it makes it well suited for participating in races with.


The Tao Tao DB10 is a reliable bike for teenagers and young people. It has a decent fuel tank capacity with functional features that make it good for using in races. It can also be used for casual riding, as its tires are designed to withstand rocky and rough terrains.


After every race, perform a routine maintenance to make sure your pit bike is running properly and is ready for the next race. It’s important to ensure that your bike is finely tuned at all times so it doesn’t excessively depreciate in quality.

Flying Horse 2-Stroke Pit Bike


This is a small and cheap pit bike by Flying Horse that perfectly contains all the features that a pit bike is good for. It has the appearance of a full-sized bike but it’s in fact much smaller. At an engine of just 49 cc, it’s fuel capacity is relatively small. It can carry a maximum of 0.2 gallons of fuel. But the engine is air-cooled with one cylinder and 2-stroke, which makes it possible to use it for racing and off-road biking. This isn’t a bike that  can be used for extended durations of time; it’s best to not take it too far if you’re gonna race with it, then it might need refueling after every race.

The bike is suitable for children and pre-teens, because the weight limit is 127 lbs. The overall weight of the bike is a mere 40 lbs, which is really light for a pit bike. The advantage of it is that it’s really light and easily to transport, as well as easy to handle for children. It has some good safety features, which is necessary as it’s a children’s bike. It has front and back disc brakes, a heavy duty rear shock, and a light frame. It has a chain driving system, which is one of the safest driving methods for motor vehicles.

This bike has some disadvantages due to its small frame and relatively simple features. For one, it has a low fuel capacity, so it’s not for the more intense drivers. It’s also really light, which makes it best not to involve it in very intense races or ride it in very rocky terrains. It’s best suited for riding around playgrounds or roads without traffic.


Overall, the Flying Horse pit bike is a reliable and decent bike for children and pre-teens. It has a small gas tank, simple driving system, and a basic set of safety features. It’s not for intense riding or racing, and is best for casual riding.

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