Best penny boardPenny boards are super “in” right now. Not only are they a fun activity, but they’ve defined a whole genre of fashion and culture. If you love penny boards, then this is the right article for you. I’ll rank 10 of the best, and often cheapest, penny boards available on sale right now.

The name “penny board” comes from the Australian company that makes small skateboards. The name refers to any small skateboard, and not just one from that brand. Penny boards are also known as short cruisers or mini cruisers. They’re known for having colorful designs, a light weight, and being made from strong plastic material. Penny boards have exploded in popularity, especially among young people and children.

10 Best Penny Boards

5 Things You Must Do With A Penny Board

1. Skatro Mini Cruiser

Rating: (4.8/5)

Skatro Mini Cruiser is our pick for the best penny board. It has a diverse array of designs and colors. You can get it in the following colors: blue, green, mint, orange, purple, white, and yellow.

This skateboard is designed from its trademark Skatro Flexy Technology. It optimizes the board to be lightweight and have a good performance. The manufacturer uses a machine to calculate the right amount of plastic to mould together the skateboard. This is a very important aspect in penny boards, because all penny boards are made from plastic. They can’t have too much plastic, because that will make the board stiff and difficult to ride. They also can’t have too little plastic, because that weakens the structure of the skateboard. And penny boards are supposed to be sturdy.

Skatro consistently uses the right amount and material of plastic to create a lightweight and very durable penny board. It weighs only 4.7 pounds, yet it’s strong enough to be used by even teenagers and young adults. It also uses steel bearings that are much harder than regular carbon steel and add to the strength of this skateboard. It also makes the ride smoother and faster. These bearings are long-lasting and will not wear out until a long time.

Overall, the Skatro penny board is our top pick because it has a high level of durability and performance, all for a great value. Check the product page to see even more cool features and find out how to buy it.

Penny skateboard classic2. Penny Skateboard Classic

Rating: (4.7/5)

This is one of the classic and well-known penny boards. It comes in so many different colors that I can’t even list them all here! You should check out its product page to see its full list of colors and designs. Some of them include: burgundy, classic green, space navy, sundown, safari road, and phoenix.

This is an authentic penny board. It’s directly from the company Penny Skateboards. As I said above, Penny Skateboards is the Australian company that’s best known for making the skateboards known as penny boards. So this is the real deal. It has a 22-inch long deck and 3.125-inch Penny trucks. It also has 59 mm Penny wheels. It’s a well-designed and solid skateboard. It’s as sturdy as you’d expect. My favorite thing about this skateboard is how many colorful designs and combinations you can get it in. It really is a treat to the eyes; you have a big selection to choose from. And each of them are masterfully made with fine art. Its designs and color have a very retro look.

This is one of the best multi-purpose skateboards. It’s a cruiser, so you can use it to cruise along in a park or along a sidewalk. You can also use it to get to school or college. This is one of those skateboards that you’ll be proud of showing off. The only thing it can’t do is tricks and stunts, because penny boards are not built for that.

Penny graphic skateboard3. Penny Graphic Skateboard

Rating: (4.7/5)

This is another classic and original skateboard made by the Penny Skateboard company based in Australia. It has great performance and mobility, but its main feature is its diverse and colorful designs.

As the name suggests, this skateboard has a lot of different designs. The one pictured here is in the style of a graphic novel. This skateboard incorporates wallpaper-style designs. They give it a fun and eccentric look. If you’re looking for a penny board with an eye-catching design, then I suggest this one for you. There are over a dozen diverse designs, wallpapers, and colors. If you’re into this skateboard, then I highly recommend going to the Amazon product page and checking out all the cool designs. You might just find one that’s perfect for you.

This board has a long 22-inch plastic frame. Its deck is built to be non-slip, with a waffle top, like most penny boards. Having a deck with a good feet grip is important for balance and performance. It uses stainless steel bearings and high tensile bolts. It also has a 3-inch aluminum truck with a powder-coated finish. This skateboard is very durable. It can be used by not only small kids, but also teenagers and young adults. It’s built from sturdy material. Combined with its ambitious and catchy designs, this makes it a dynamic skateboard and one of the best penny boards you can buy. It’s certainly something that your friends and peers will be impressed with.

Penny Nickel Board4. Penny Nickel Board

Rating: (4.7/5)

Penny’s nickel board is a sturdy and attractive skateboard that comes in various designs and color combinations: These include: white copper metallic, blackout, buffy, burgundy, callypso, classic glow, cyan red, and more.

You might be wondering how this skateboard is different from the other Penny skateboards, except for designs. There are actually some differences. But I want to emphasize how the designs set these skateboards apart. Penny boards have a successful formula that they follow: a small frame, a light weight, and plastic material. They work really great and ride smoothly. That’s why having dozens of different designs gives you a lot of options. Plus, penny boards are not just used for transport and cruising, but they’re part of a fashion. They’re very fashionable accessories, so the design of often the most important feature. And it’s where they excel; they have so many different and unique designs.

But, the rest of their features are not all the same. For example, this skateboard has a 27-inch deck, which is longer than the average skateboard by Penny Skateboards. A longer deck leads to better speeds by reducing air resistance. It streamlines the board’s shape. It also gives you more room to ride. But it’s also a little harder to balance on a long board, so there are advantages and disadvantages to it. But it’s mostly advantages. One of the big advantages is that this board is very durable, it can hold adults of sizable weights.

Playshion skateboard5. Playshion Skateboard

Rating: (4.6/5)

The Playshion skateboard is made from a special material. It’s made from fiberglass and polypropylene, which is a very durable type of plastic. When I explain the strength and durability of this skateboard, you’ll be amazed.

It weighs only 4.6 pounds, despite being made from fiberglass and PP. But what’s amazing is it’s weight limit. It can hold a maximum weight of 220 pounds, which makes it usable by most adults. The manufacturer recommended age is 5 and above, so this is clearly meant to be used primarily by kids and teens. Just like most penny boards are. But it’s so durable that even adults up to 220 pounds can use it! The weight limit is not just a measure of the deck’s strength, but also the strength of the wheels. The wheels are 59 mm in diameter and facilitate the structural integrity of this skateboard. It also uses 3.25-inch aluminum trucks and responsive PU brushings. It has steel bearings, too.

Clearly this is a very strong and sturdy skateboard. It also has good features. And all of it for a very cheap price. The platform is built to be anti-slip, which is important. Beginners especially need a deck with a good grip because they’re not as well-versed in skateboarding. This skateboard functions really well as a cruiser. One thing that makes mini cruisers great is that they’re faster and quieter than longboards, probably because of their structural and small size. They’re also much easier to carry than longboards and motorized skateboards, which is always a plus.

Ridge skateboard6. Ridge Skateboard

Rating: (4.6/5)

Ridge is a cool and highly fashionable penny board. It comes in a variety of color combinations (are you sensing a pattern here?). The colors include black, blue, orange, green, purple, and red. And there are boards with many color combinations and shades of those colors. There are dozens of options to choose from.

My favorite thing about this skateboard has to be its design. It has a pretty big deck; the length is 27 inches and the width is 7.5 inches. The wider space gives it more stability. It also gives you more room for your legs, which is a benefit. Some older riders complain that penny boards are too small for their feet. They should either switch to a longboard, or get a wide penny board like this one. The deck also has a very good grip. It’s built from solid ridges and that gives your feet much more traction. It keeps them glued to the skateboard, which is safer. It also makes it easier to ride, since it gives your legs more power. The wheels are built from high quality 78A PU. This design is optimized for safety and performance.

Like many penny boards, this skateboard is versatile in its usability and age range. It can be used by kids, teenagers, and adults. It’s multi-purpose. You can use it for cruising and playing. It makes a great ride along a sidewalk or in a park. It’s also a reliable personal transport.

Karnage skateboard7. Karnage Skateboard

Rating: (4.5/5)

Karnage is a unique penny board because of its cutout handle. I’m surprised that more skateboards don’t use this type of design. It’s very effective. Firstly, because it adds to the streamlined and sharp look of the skateboard. It also makes it lighter. Penny boards are all about being lightweight, and a design like this helps. But most importantly, the cutout handle is very useful for carrying the skateboard. Instead of having to awkwardly hold the skateboard, you can simply use the cutout handle to carry it with ease. This is a very important part of skateboarding that’s often overlooked. Portability is a feature that more skateboards should strive to achieve, and this one certainly does.

Besides the cutout design, this skateboard has many unique features. It weighs just under 4 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest skateboards on the market. The manufacturers really built this with portability in mind. This is the ideal skateboard for you if you will be carrying it around a lot. This could be when you’re traveling to school or just using it casually. It’s also a durable skateboard. It has a weigh limit of around 200 pounds, which is very impressive for a skateboard that weighs only 4 pounds. The molded plastic that it’s built from is very strong material. It also has 3-inch alloy trucks and 59 mm wheels with ABEC 7 bearings. Overall, this is one of the best penny boards that anyone can own.

Stereo Vinyl Cruiser8. Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

Rating: (4.4/5)

The Stereo Vinyl skateboard has a cool branding and design. It’s available in the following color: black, blue, clear, and yellow. It has one of the best penny board designs because it’s built from smooth material and uses contrasting color combinations. And if that wasn’t cool enough – you get a free pair of sunglasses that match the color of the skateboard!

This skateboard has a standard  22.5-inch length and a 6-inch width. A standard size makes it easier to carry, because it’s not long like the 26-inc or 27-inch skateboards. It also has a little more stability with these dimensions. This penny board can be used both by kids and by teens/adults. It’s popular among college students. But it’s most popular among pre-teens and kids, because of its fashionable choices. Besides the free sunglasses, you also get a sticker pack. You can use it to customize your skateboard and and give it cool designs. This makes it the number one customizable penny board.

Other features include 3.15 inch trucks, 90a brushings, 59 mm durmometer wheels, and a weigh of under 5 pounds. There’s not much to be said here. Like most other penny boards, this skateboard is lightweight and it’s built from durable material. The reason that penny boards are so strong, even with such a light weight, is the material they use. They’re made from plastic molded material, which is extra durable.

Quest Skateboard9. Quest Skateboard

Rating: (4.3/5)

Quest skateboard is a stylish and simple penny board. Its made from durable material. The deck is made out of 7-ply bamboo and hardwood maple. The bamboo is Super-Flex. Having a deck made out of wood and bamboo really gives it a natural look. It feels really smooth and just looks good. Moreover, the material is very smooth. And it’s also a durable skateboard. In fact, bamboo is so durable that even the best electric skateboards use it for a sturdy deck.

This skateboard’s design doesn’t just stop at the hardwood material. It’s designed with a kick and tail and nose, which you can see at the ends of the skateboard. The kick tail gives it much better performance. It decreases air resistance due to the streamlined shape of the board. This primes it for achieving higher speed with less drag. In order to match its high-speed performance, this skateboard has a durable set of features. It uses 80A PU wheels which hold a lot of weight and improve the structural integrity of the skateboard. They also give you a much smoother ride, with less friction between the wheels and the ground. They also have wheel wells fitted inside, that protect the wheels when the rider is making sharp turns. This penny board is clearly optimized for the best performance. You can ride it as high speeds with ease. You’ll also find it safer and more sturdy than some of the small and cheap penny boards.

Rimable penny board10. Rimable Skateboard

Rating: (4.3/5)

Rimable is a cute and very cheap penny board. It has a 22-inch long deck and a 6-inch width. It also had 3-inch wide aluminum trucks and high-speed precision steel bearings. This is one of the skateboards that gives the best bang for your buck. Despite being so cheap (check the Amazon product page for its latest price), its durable and can hold a maximum weight of 200 lbs. It also has smooth wheels that are 59 mm and 78A. The wheels are urethane core; that means that they ride on most surfaces with minimal friction and drag. They provide you with a very smooth ride. They are also not quick to wear out; they will last for a long time. Its urethane material is great for skateboard wheels because it can hold a lot of weight and it can maneuver sharp turns. As a skateboarder, you’ll probably find yourselves making sharp turns at some point. These are the kinds of wheels you need for those turns.

This penny board has one of the best and most ergonomic designs of any skateboard. It has specified patterns on the deck that give your feet better grip while riding. It also has beautiful color combinations. It comes in the following main colors: black & green, blue & red, galaxy, green & black, red & blue, and sugar skull. Check out its product page to see pictures of these snazzy, cool designs.

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