Small motorcycle with helmetsAs an adult, I love mini bikes. But I’ve had trouble finding the right-sized one for a guy like me.

After much research, I’ve discovered that there are awesome adult-sized small motorcycles. They’re like hidden gems; it’s all about knowing where to look.

My picks for the best mini bikes are based on performance, speed, design, and price. Jump ahead:

Top 5 Best Mini Bikes For Adults

Top 5 Best Mini Bikes For Kids (Under 18)

Best Mini Bikes For Adults

It’s not easy to find a mini motorcycle that adults can use. Due to their small and light structure, most mini bikes are intended to be used by kids. But many adults want to use mini bikes, because they’re cheaper, more convenient, and easier to use than regular-sized motorcycles. Here are the top 5 mini bikes that are suitable for adults:

Best mini bike for adultsRazor MX650

Rating: (4.6/5)

The Razor MX650 is a powerful and affordable electric mini bike for teenagers and adults. This is hands down the best electric mini bike for adults, and we’ll go through all of the reasons why.

It has a clean and sharp design, which I’ve come to expect from Razor products. They always master the designs of their electric vehicles. The other electric bikes in the Razor MX series come in different color combinations, but this is the best one. It resembles a Motocross design.

This bike has a powerful 650-Watt electric motor that runs on just three 12-Volt batteries. The charge time is 12 hours and the charger is included with the bike. You can also discounted Razor helmet and pads when placing an order. The top speed (17 MPH) is exceptionally high for an electric mini bike. The powerful motor, as well as large tires, make this bike a good choice for off-road riding and dirt biking.

Not only does it have a powerful performance, but it also has a reliable user interface. It has a twist-grip throttle to adjust between variable speeds, as well as dual disc brakes. It’s made with frame geometry that adapts the bike to off-road and uphill conditions. Despite a fast and compact build, the bike is lightweight; it weighs just under 100 pounds. It’s one of the cheapest mini bikes with peak performance.

Coleman CT200U

Rating: (4.4/5)

Coleman CT200U is the best gas mini bike for adults of all ages. I highly recommend checking out our full review of the Coleman mini bike if you’re interested in a more in-depth look.

Firstly, it has an engine displacement of 196 cc, which is uncommonly high for a mini bike; most gas mini bikes have a less than 100 cc engine. This makes the bike much more powerful and long-lasting, and resembles a full-sized bike in performance and function. While it does not have an exceptional top speed, it’s still good enough. The real power comes from the durability and stamina of the engine. You can travel much longer distances, with better control, and over different terrains.

Speaking of terrains, this bike is built to perform off-road. With the thick and low-pressure tires that ride smoothly, you’ll drive this bike into the outdoors with ease. Its many uses include dirt biking, racing, and hunting. And even though this is a versatile and heavy duty mini bike, it still retains its compactness. It weighs 112 pounds, which is just slightly over the average mini bike’s weight. It’s a popular mini bike among adults, because not only is it cheap, but adults can use it for various purposes. It has a powerful engine and a well-built frame that can hold a lot of weight.

Razor MX500

Rating: (4.3/5)

The Razor MX500 is a compact pocket bike and electric mini bike. It has a 500-W powered by three 12-Volt batteries. It’s meant for people aged 14 and above. This means that it can be used by teenagers and also some adults, provided they’re below the weight limit.

The high performance motor reaches a maximum speed of 20 MPH, backed by its safe and advanced features. The bike is made from durable steel and has hand-operated dual disc brakes. It has a high-torque chain-driven motor along with dual suspension. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for any teenager to ride the bike. The durable frame and safety features are good quality, and ensure that this is a safe bike for anyone to ride. It lasts up to 40 minutes of continuous use per charge; this is typical for Razor electric products. While I wish Razor products had a longer battery duration, this one is sufficient for a mini bike. The battery will require a charge time of 12 hours; the battery charger is included with the purchase. Overall, the Razor MX500 is an electric mini bike with great feature and good performance.

Monster Moto 1000-Watt

Rating: (4.3/5)

This Monster Moto mini bike is the most powerful electric mini bike on the market, with a 1000-Watt engine. This is a heavy-duty, large, and comfortable electric mini bike. It has a wide seat with spring-loaded foot pegs and a throttle that’s built to be user-friendly. The battery is efficient; it fully charges in 6 hours. This is half the charge time that most Razor mini bikes have. This bike’s E1000 charger is efficient, especially considering that the motor’s wattage is 1000-W. A cool feature this bike has is a battery level indicator located on the handlebars. It can be used to check the battery status, so that you’ll always know when to charge it.

Like most other Monster Moto mini bikes, this bike is built from durable material. It’s made from a steel welded tube frame and no-dent polypropylene fenders. Durability is very important for off-road bikes like these, because you’ll likely be riding on rough terrain sometimes. You’ll also probably encounter bumpy roads. A mini bike needs to have a durable frame and structure to withstand that. The tire durability is important too. This mini bike’s tires are designed to be all-terrain; they’re thick and have good traction. Overall, this is an awesome mini bike, and should be your ideal choice if you’re an adult looking for the most powerful electric ride.

Monster Moto 105cc

Rating: (4.0/5)

Monster Moto is a gas-powered mini bike with a 105cc engine. It has a 3.5 horsepower with four-stroke and centrifugal force clutch. It uses hand-operated rear disc brakes, which are located on the handlebars. The handlebars are adjustable, to accommodate for riders of different heights. This is a durable bike with a rugged, reinforced steel frame made from welded tube and powder coated gusset. It has polypropylene fenders that are strong and don’t bend or get dents. The bike weighs 78 pounds, which is fairly lightweight. The good thing about mini bikes is that they’re much easier to use, and you’re not slugging around a heavy machine. Despite being sturdy, this mini bike is made from lightweight material.

This bike is best suited for off-road use. Monster Moto mini bikes are not designed to be street legal. Read more about street legal vehicles here. Off-road includes areas like your neighborhood street, a park, the woods, mountains, beaches, etc. Basically anywhere where road laws don’t apply. And this is a great bike for off-road use. It’s fast, sturdy, and reliable. It’s used by adults and teens, and sometimes even kids.

Best Mini Bikes For Kids

Kids’ pocket bikes are easy to find. But finding a good and reliable one is not easy; there are too many low-quality mini bikes on the market. A good one has to be durable, long-lasting, and fun. Finding the perfect mini bike for your kid is a joy because it gives them a learning experience; riding a motorcycle at a young age develops co-ordination and skills that will be useful in the future. Here are the 5 best mini bikes for kids:

Best mini bike for kidsMonster Moto 80cc

Rating: (4.5/5)

Monster Moto is a reliable gas mini bike for kids and teens. With a top speed of 23 MPH, it goes considerably faster than an electric mini bike. Gas vehicles are almost always faster than the electric ones, because they can generate more power.

This mini bike has an 80cc gas engine with 2.5 horsepower and a four-stroke valve. This is the smaller version of the Monster Moto mini bikes; read below to see the other versions. But this version is my top pick, because it packs compact features into an affordable and versatile mini bike that can be used by both kids and teenagers. It rides great on all off-road surfaces like sand, mud, gravel, grass, and snow. The tires are all-terrain and have a good grip. You’ll be comfortable on the large seat as you ride through the off-road. The controls are simple and effective; there are hand-operated disc brakes, adjustable handlebars, and a pull start that’s easy for anyone to use.

Durability is important for off-road mini bikes. This Monster Moto has a reinforced steel frame that will hold against years of use. You’ll probably go through some bumps and rough patches, and maybe even take some falls. A strong and reliable bike like this won’t break or wear down easily.

XtremePowerUS Mini Pocket Bike

Rating: (4.5/5)

This is a perfect mini bike for kids; it’s small, flashy, and simple. This bike is different from the other bikes on this list; it’s meant to be used as a ride-on toy for kids, and does a very good job of it.

This is a very lightweight bike, weighing only 52 pounds. It has a compact, 40cc engine. While it’s not big on performance, it is big on design and fun. It has a very detailed design; right down to the nuts and bolts, it represents a scaled down version of a motorcycle. It definitely has the coolest design out of all the mini bikes on this list.

This bike is ideal for children riding around the neighborhood, parking lot, or park. It’s comfortable and easy to learn to ride. It has a small 40cc gas engine to be re-fueled in a 1.2 liter gas tank. Despite being a small bike, it actually has some considerable power and speed. It reaches a top speed of 18 MPH, and has a 26 mile range. Since it is identical to an actual motorcycle in its basic function, this bike is a great learning tool for kids. They can have their first experience with riding a motorcycle at an age as young as 8. It serves as good practice for riding a motor vehicle and developing important skills like balance, coordination, and fine motor skills.

Monster Moto 250-Watt

Rating: (4.4/5)

This is a cute Monster Moto mini bike for kids. It comes in two colors: red and pink. It has many of the standard features that you’d find in Monster Moto mini bikes. it’s a durable bike, with a strong, rugged steel frame that doesn’t bend or break. Durability is especially important in kids’ mini bikes, because it’s a component of safety. You want to make sure that your kid has the safest riding experience, and a sturdy mini bike like this helps with that. It also has a speed limiter for safety. This lets you limit the bike’s maximum speed, between 7 MPH and 11 MPH. It can customize the experience for a child. Everyone has different learning abilities and curves, so it’s very useful to have a customizable mini bike. Some of the features that come with this bike include a tool kit, battery pack, charger, instruction manual, and certain parts. The bike will be partially assembled, so you’ll need to put the rest of it together. The main thing is really just to attach the handlebars. It’s easy to assemble, and the tool kit and manual will give you everything you need for assembly. It also has an efficient battery which charges in only 5 hours. Furthermore, the bike is lightweight; it weighs 51 pounds. That makes it portable and easy to use for kids.

Rosso Motors

Rating: (4.0/5)

Rosso Motors is a 2-stroke pocket bike with an (approximately) 40cc gas-powered engine. It’s very fast, it has a maximum speed of 15 MPH. This makes it very fun for kids who are looking for a thrill. It’s recommended for kids aged 5 and above. This type of mini bike is very popular among kids, especially young boys. It has a cool design and represents a real motorcycle. It’s a scaled down version of a real bike. The features and frame are very detailed; down to a tee. Kids who love motorcycles get to ride this bike and envision that it would be like to one day ride a full-sized motorcycle as an adult.

The other features of this mini bike include a weight limit of 165 pounds, a pull-start, a fuel capacity of 1.25 liters, and a weight of 42 pounds. This bike is very lightweight, despite being gas-powered. This is also something that makes it a good fit for kids. Kids find it too hard to ride a heavy bike, and it can be dangerous. That’s why mini bikes for kids need to be lightweight. This bike is also user-friendly for kids; a pull-start is the simplest type of engine that anyone can use. And lastly, this bike is sturdy and it can hold a lot of weight on its frame.

MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike

Rating: (3.8/5)

This gas-powered mini bike by Monster Moto has a very cool design. It’s modeled after a real-life motorcycle and is perfectly scaled down. This bike is sure to be popular among young boys because of its cool look and design. It’s very fast too; it has a maximum speed of 20 MPH and that makes it more exciting. It’s ideal for kids to ride around the house (if you have a big enough house!) or ride it in the backyard or front street. You don’t wanna take this bike too far out, because it’s not built as an all-terrain or off-road mini bike. It’s more of a ride-on toy that kids can play with in their spare time. And it is a great ride-on toy because it prepares kids for riding a motorcycle as adults. It helps develop skills such as balance and co-ordination that will benefit them in the future.

The main features and specifications of this mini bike include a 33cc engine, 2-stroke, pull-start, steel frame, front and rear disc brakes, 11-inch pneumatic tires, and a weight of 50 pounds. This bike is built to be durable and easy to use. Pull-start is the simplest mechanism for starting up a bike and it’s easy for kids to use. The bike is very safe, because it uses efficient brakes and large, strong tires that give the bike a durable structure.

How To Choose The Best Mini Bike For You

Before buying a mini bike, there are some things you should consider. I’ll try to address them all here, and answer frequently asked questions that buyers have.

Are You An Adult? Check The Age And Weight Specifications

If you’re an adult looking for a mini bike, then the first thing you need to do is check the product specifications. The most important features you should check for are: the recommended age and the weight limit.

Most mini bikes are designed for kids and teenagers, because that’s who their intended audience is. But the market for adult mini bikes is clearly big. Just be careful, when looking at commercially sold mini bikes, to make sure that you don’t fall above the weight limit. Some mini bikes can’t accommodate adults of all weights. The Razor MX500, for example, has a weight limit of 175 pounds. A lot of adult men weigh more than 175 pounds, so if that includes you then you should look for a different mini bike. Like the Razor MX650, which has a 220-pound weight limit.

Know The Differences Between Electric and Gas-Powered Mini Bikes

One of the key differences in mini bikes is whether they’re powered by gasoline or by a battery. The type of power source will change key aspects of the bike that you should know about. Here are the main differences between the two:

  • Electric mini bikes are usually cheaper than the gas-powered ones. They’re not a whole lot cheaper, but they are noticeably cheaper.
  • Gas mini bikes are faster than electric ones. Because they use gasoline fuel, they have more power and can go at higher speeds. It’s up to you to decide whether you want more speed for a higher price.
  • Electric mini bike have more clean designs, while the gas mini bikes have more rugged designs. What you prefer depends on personal preference.
  • Gas mini bikes take less time to re-fuel. You can just immediately fill in the gas tank when it’s empty. On the other hand, when the electric mini bike’s battery run outs, you need to wait 6-12 hours after plugging in the charger, for it to fully recharge.
  • Gas mini bikes have a higher cost of maintenance, because of the fuel. Electric mini bikes don’t really have a recurring maintenance cost, besides the electricity cost of charging the bike.

Can You Ride It On The Road?

Mini bikes are not street legal, so you can’t ride them on the road. There are a few requirements to making a vehicle street legal. Here are a few of them (read the full list here):

  • Indicator lights
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Horn
  • License plate

After you’ve fitted all the necessary features on your mini bikes, you need to take it for a speed test and then get it registered at your local motor vehicle agency. There are a host of procedures to follow and they vary state-by-state, so please contact your local motor vehicle agency for information on how to proceed.

Where You Can Ride It

Mini bikes are a lot of fun when you ride them in the right places. They’re intended for off-road use, which basically means they can be driven anywhere that’s not on the road! Popular places for riding mini bikes are the outdoors, woods, parks, and terrains.

People like to ride mini bikes around their neighborhood or block, which is legal. Just make sure that it’s not a road, because it can be confusing sometimes. Riding around your community is fine and legal.

Kids’ mini bikes are often ridden in the house or around the backyard. They don’t have a high range so they’re not usually taken out very far. They also have small engines, like a 33 cc gas engine for example. Those small pocket bikes are best suited for riding around the house.

Another place where you can ride it is bike paths. If you live in a country with bike paths, then you can ride your mini bike there, just as you can ride a bicycle without a license. You will need to follow some regulations though, so please check locally. This makes mini bikes a great form of personal transport, because people use bike paths all the time to get to work and school or college. Mini bikes are even faster.

Lastly, anywhere outdoors or in nature is a popular place to ride a mini bike. That’s probably most people’s favorite place. Mini bikes are recreational vehicles that adults love to ride in the woods, parks, and any off-road land.

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