Go-karts are a versatile product. Whether you’re looking for competitive racing, leisure, or adventure, a go-kart can provide it. What makes them so great is that they’re just smaller versions of cars and jeeps, so they provide a similar functionality and experience, but at a much better price. They also come in a variety of models and colors. Here you will find the best go-karts for sale around the web. Browse through this article to find and buy the go-kart that is tailored to your needs.

The first-ever go-kart was made in Los Angeles in 1956, so they’re relatively new. It looked a little bit like this. Thankfully, go-kart designs have drastically improved since then. And this is a go-kart for a specific purpose: racing. As you browse through this article, you’ll notice how current go-karts are much more innovated and advanced.

Go-Karts For Sale Now

It’s time for our yearly pick of the top 10 go-karts for sale! We’ve carefully narrowed it down to the 10 best ones. These go-karts are selected based on five criteria: price, functionality, durability, design, and brand value.

Each go-kart gets a maximum score of 100 points, with the maximum scores divided up as follows:

Price = 15 points | Functionality = 30 Points | Durability = 25 points | Design = 20 points | Brand value= 10 points

The most important factor is functionality, as it measures the overall functional features of the go-kart and how well it performs. The brand value is the least important, because with go-karts, brand differences are not a big issue and don’t need to be given much importance. The other factors are how affordable it is (price), how sturdy its materials are (durability), and how appealing and pragmatic the go-kart looks (design).

Go-kart for sale

Number 1 – Kandi KD-200 Go-Kart

The Kandi KD-200 is the best go-kart for sale this year. Unlike the other karts on this list, this is a powerful heavy duty kart that’s ideal for people who are serious about go-karting outdoors. It has a long-lasting engine and rivals the features of a real motor vehice such as a jeep.

At a great price for its killer features, it gets a 13 on price. The functionality of this vehicle is top-notch: it has a 300cc engine with four-strokse, and reaches a maximum speed of 40 mph. It has many more features, which can all be read on its product page. It scores a 29.5 for functionality. It’s built to be incredibly durable and gets a 24.5 score. The design is very clean-cut and appealing, and it comes in three colors: blue, yellow, and black. It gets an 19 for design.

Lastly, Kandi is not one of the well-known brands, and it gets a 7 for brand value. However, we’re confident that the brand will impress people and earn their trust as they see how amazing this go-kart is.

Total score – 93

Number 2 – Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Second on this list is the Razor Ground Force Drifter Go-Kart. This is an electric battery-powered go-kart primarily for children, but it can also be used by teenagers and young adults, as long as they weigh below 140 pounds. It comes with two 12-Volt batteries, and the battery runs for up to 40 minutes for each charge. It reaches a maximum speed of 12 mph, making it ideal for recreational driving. It includes various features that add to its driving functionality, such as a chain-driven motor and variable speed controls. Here is a full review.

For the price, it gets a near-maximum of 14 points, because it’s one of the most affordable go-karts that delivers on its promise. The functionality score is 27; it has all of the essential functionality features that make it run smoothly with a small learning curve for the driver. With a sturdy steel frame and aluminum cast wheels, it has all the sufficient durability features that give it a score of 22. The design is very simple and is streamlined to combat air resistance and be easy to maneuver, and the navy blue color is a nice touch. The appealing and pragmatic design gives it a score of 18. As for the brand, Razor is arguably the most trusted brand of go-karts. So it gets a maximum score of 10.

Overall, the Razor Ground Force Drifter is an ideal go-kart for young people looking to have some fun and drive recreationally. It has all the features that satisfy a driver. It’s not for use for long rides or off-road environments, but rather in your own backyard or an empty outside area, away from traffic.

Total score – 91

Best Go-karts for sale

Number 3 – MotoTec Sandman Go-Kart

Moving on to an off-road go-kart, the MotoTec Sandman comes in 3rd. The biggest reason we like this go-kart is because it’s very affordable for an off-road experience. It has a 2-stroke 49cc gas-powered engine. And with large and solid rubber wheels, it can be driven on all sorts of terrain such as mud, snow, woods, and hills. It’s as authentic as they come; you start the engine by pulling the clutch. No battery or pedal involved, just pure fuel.

Because of its affordability, it gets a 13 on price. As a 49cc go-kart, it’s functional enough for a gas-powered off-road kart. But if you’re an adult or looking for more horsepower, then it’s recommended to buy a bigger go-kart. It gets a 25 for functionality. This go-kart has a solid durability and a score of 23. The design of this go-kart is ideal for its purpose, and the all-black finish makes it look consistent. It gets a 20 on design. The MotoTec brand value gets it a score of 8.5.

Total score – 89.5

Number 4 – MotoTec Solar-Powered Go-Kart

The MotoTec solar-power go-kart comes in 4th on our list because of its innovative and environmentally friendly design. It’s equipped with a solar panel on its rear side that can recharge the kart in 4 to 6 hours. The solar panel recharge is a really nice feature, but it’s optional; the kart includes a 24-Volt battery that can be recharged manually.

The MotoTec is fairly affordable for its technology, and it gets a 14 on price. The functionality of the go-kart is impressive, with a maximum speed of 15 mph and a battery life of 2 hours. The full features can be read on the product page. It gets a 27 for functionality. The durability of this go-kart is sufficient and is at 20. The strongest point of this go-kart is its design; with a simplistic design and an innovative solar panel, it has the maximum score on design. Lastly, it gets 8 for its MotoTec brand value.

This is truly a go-kart of the future. It encourages young people to be more environmentally conscious and teaches them the importance of renewable energy.

Total score – 89

Number 5 – Monster Moto MM-K80RT

The MM-K80RT is a gas-powered 79.5cc go-kart. What immediately catches your attention about it is the unique design. It has a camouflage Realtree design. That makes it great for people who into the woods, or just want to sport a camouflage-style look. Monster Moto produces mini-bikes along with go-karts. Here is a discussion about Monster Moto and what people think of it.

The MM-K80RT is not the most affordable of the go-karts, for having a 79.5cc engine. However, it appeals to many people for its design and durability. It gets a 12 for price. It has the standard features that give it a functionality of 27. It’s durable and well-built for off-road use, and gets a score of 22. The design of this go-kart is unique and beautiful, and gets a maximum score of 20. The Monster Moto is an average brand, and gets a 8 score.

Total score – 89

Number 6 – Trail Master XRX Go-Kart

The Trail Master XRX is another high end and heavy duty go-kart. Powered by a 300cc gas engine, it rivals the horsepower and fuel capacity of a car. This go-kart is a two-seater and is designed for off-road use. While its tires are big, they’re not huge relative to the rest of the vehicle. But that’s made up for by the extensive driving functions.

It receives an 11 on price. For its high-quality functionality, it gets a score of 29. And it gets a score of 23 for durability. The design is one of its weakest points; it’s not very appealing to the eyes and it has a rather impractical frame and structure, so it gets a 14 for design. Lastly, Trail Master is a respected motor vehicle brand and gets a score of 9 for brand value.

Total score – 86

Number 7 – Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury

Going back to a smaller go-kart intended for children and pre-teens, comes the Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury. It’s a battery-powered electric kart that has special unique features. Namely, it has a so-called Spark Bar that leaves a shower of sparks upon reaching its maximum speed of 12 mph. These are not harmful or real sparks; they’re sparks generated by a spark cartridge that create a cool effect.

The Fury gets a 13 on price because of its affordability. It’s features are impressive; along with the Spark effect, it has variable-speed control, a chain-driven motor, thumb-trigger acceleration, and other cool features. It gets a 25 for functionality. Being a small go-kart for children above 8, it’s not built to be incredibly durable and gets a score of 19. The design is one of the best parts of this go-kart, and gives it a score of 18. Lastly, the Razor brand rarely fails to deliver and gives it a brand value score of 10.

Total score – 85

Number 8 – Kandi KD-150 Go-Kart

The next go-kart on the list is like a downgraded version of the Kandi KD-200. However, it has its own impressive set of features and performance, and it can fully serve the purpose of serious off-road go-karting. It has a 150cc engine that generates a maximum of 10.5 horsepower. It can be used on most terrains and areas: woods, hills, mud, snow, and sand. It contains all the standard functions and safety features of a motor vehicle.

It gets a score of 13 on price, because it’s not expensive for a 150cc off-road vehicle. It gets a score of 26 for functionality; it has a comprehensive set of functions. Its durability is impressive like most heavy duty go-karts and gets a score of 23. It has a poor design: the steel frame is impractical and can make it difficult to mount the vehicle, the net behind the seats is unnecessary, and the overall look of the go-kart is not appealing. It gets a 12 on design. Lastly, it gets a 7 for its Kandi brand value.

Total score – 80

Number 9 – SX-10 Power Kart

At number 9 on this list is the SX-10 Power Kart by Big Toys. It’s a unique children’s kart in that it’s gas-powered, so it gives a more realistic driving experience. It’s perfect for racing, with its sleek and lightweight design and it’s speed. It reaches a maximum speed of 32 mph and has an impressive range of 20 miles per tank. Among its other impressive features include a rear disc-brake system and a 2-stroke 49 cc engine.

It is rather pricey for a children’s go-kart, so it received a price score of 11. The functionality is impressive and it’s purposeful for racing, which gets it a score of 25. The durability is not one of its strong points, as it has a small frame, so it gets a score of 17. The design is perfect for racing, so it gets a score of 19. Lastly, the brand value gets a score of 7.

Total score – 79

Number 10 – Berg Toys Compact Jeep

Another gem from BERG Toys, the Compact Jeep Adventure is for the tough kid who can handle even the harshest off-road terrain! Go on a ride-along through the woods on this durable and reliable mini-jeep. Some children want a thrilling but safe adventure, a time to truly explore the outdoors without apology. This Compact Jeep promises to offer that experience. It is essentially a jeep for children. It has all the power and durability that one could ask for to navigate most kinds of terrains. It’s also pedal-powered, so it provides a great workout to strengthen your kid and make them actually well-conditioned for the rugged outdoors.

The price is well worth the kart, so it gets a score of 12 on price. The functionality is great for a pedal go-kart, so it gets a score of 20. The durability of the go-kart is great for a children’s kart, so it gets a score of 20 as well. The design is unique and well-made; it resembles a rugged jeep-like vehicle, so it gets a score of 18. Lastly, Berg Toys is a recognizable and trusted brand, so it gets a brand score of 8.

Total score – 78

How To Choose A Go-Kart

The Type

The first thing to ask yourself is: what purpose do I want my go-kart to serve? This can greatly narrow down your choices. Are you looking to buy your kid a toy to play with? Are you looking to have a go-kart to ride in the outdoors?

I encourage you to browse through the go-kart categories, as well as our top 10 go-karts for sale, to find your ideal type. Buying a go-kart is not a quick process; it will require some time and research. To make it easier, there are a few good rules-of-thumb for when you have trouble deciding on what kind of go-kart to buy. If you want to drive a go-kart on the road, then you’re best off buying racing or off-road go-karts. This is quite rare; most people don’t drive them on the road. You’ll need a permit for this so check your local laws on go-kart driving. Read this article to know more about driving go-karts on the road. It seems illegal in most cases without a license or permit. But that’s ok, because you don’t need to drive on the road to have a good time.

If you want to drive on places such as hills, woods, snow, mud, etc. then your best option is to buy off-road go-karts. These are designed to be driven on the roughest terrains, and they’re also the most fun. If you want a go-kart for racing, then you should obviously buy racing go-karts. You can have your own polished racer and participate in races often. However, if you’re looking for some casual racing, then going to a go-kart track might be better. Here, you can rent a go-kart for the day and race all you want!

And lastly, if you’re looking for a go-kart for children, then you should check out our kid’s go-karts for sale. Kids’ go-karts come in two forms; either pedal or battery-powered. Both are small, economical, and safe to use.

The Brand

Choosing from the best brands can help narrow down your choices of go-karts. Note: Brands are not that important when it comes to go-karts. There aren’t as many differences in go-kart brands as there are in, say, laptop brands. With that being said, we’ll go through the top go-kart brands and describe each of the good qualities they have (as well as the bad qualities).


Razor is a popular and newly formed brand that makes children’s scooters, mini bikes, and go-karts. It’s one of the best; their go-karts are constantly reviewed as one of the top ones. Two of the go-karts featured on this list are on Razor. As you might’ve noticed, they specialize in battery-powered children’s go-karts. They have received a slew of awards for their work.


Kandi is another staple brand. It manufactures go-karts, ATVs, and buggies. Their most well-known product is the KD-200, which is featured at the top of this article. Kandi go-karts are a popular choice for progressing into advanced karting. It’s a good choice for adults, as well as teenagers. Kandi manufactures heavy duty vehicles, mostly for off-road use.


A brand that’s worth including is Hammerhead. They produce some of the best off-road go-karts in the business. They have sports-like designs, so they also look like they can be used for racing. Hammerhead is a relatively new brand, but it has gained quick prominence in the United States.

These are just the three best brands of go-karts. There are several other brands that are worth your time, including MotoTec, Thunderkart, Hauck, Berg Toys, BMS, and Trail Master.

The Budget

Budgeting is important when trying to buy a go-kart. When you’re trying to make long-term purchases, then you’ll want a go-kart that is durable but won’t drain your bank account. The key here is to be frugal, by getting a go-kart that’s not expensive but it still has all the optimal features you need.

For this, I recommend looking at our top 5 cheap go-karts for sale. These are go-karts that are among the cheapest in the market. They have good features too. The type of go-kart that you’re buying also makes a huge difference in the price. For example, if you want a gas-powered go-kart, then it will be more expensive than a kids’ go-kart. So, manage your expectations according to what you need.

So… What Are You Waiting For?

Still need a few more reasons to buy a go-kart? Then check out this awesome video of a go-kart in action:

This is a race between a mini bike and a go-kart. And (spoiler alert) the go-kart wins. It packs way more horsepower, functionality, and features to navigate. Off-road go-karts like this one can make for a hell of an adventure and a thrill ride.

Enjoy go-karting!

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