Motorized skateboard in motionBottom line: Boosted Dual+ 2000 is our pick for the best motorized skateboard in 2018. Click on the link to buy it at a discount on Amazon.

Do you love skateboarding, but want a little boost? That’s what electric skateboards are for. They give a powerful and fun experience, powered by an electric motor.

And if you’re looking to get one, then this guide is for you. We spent countless weeks researching and trying out motorized skateboards, and picked the ten best ones. You can read our full reviews of the best electric skateboards and longboards.

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1. Boosted Dual+ 2000W

Rating: (4.8/5)

Best electric skateboard

Boosted Dual 2000 is our pick for the best electric skateboard to buy in 2018, or in any year really (we’ll let you know if a newer and better model comes out in the future). This is currently the best one, based on all of its features. This includes the power high wattage 2000-W electric motor and the top speed of 22 MPH. It offers a customizable experience through adjustable speed and power that can accommodate the rider’s ability and level. It’s has a very sturdy design and it’s ideal for personal transport and off-road riding, mostly short-distance.

Here are the specifications of the Boosted Dual 2000:

  • 2000-Watt motor
  • Dual drive
  • Maximum speed 22 MPH
  • Range 7 miles
  • Weighs 13.5 pounds
  • Charge time 60 minutes
  • Adjustable speed and power level
  • Wireless remote

Boosted is a relatively new company that was founded in 2012. It was a start-up that wanted to design electric skateboards for urban and outdoors use. This included commuting to work or class, going on short trips, or just riding around in a park. The founder himself, John Ulmen, wanted one to get around his college campus. The inspiration for Boosted electric skateboards was: fun and fast personal transport. And pretty quickly, their products have taken off and revitalized the market for electric skateboards. Boosted’s electric skateboards are arguably the best in the market, so it’s no surprise that our number one pick is a Boosted skateboard, and we’ll explain why.

This is a skateboard with a 2000-Watt motor, which is very powerful for any electric vehicle, let alone a skateboard. Despite all that power, this skateboard is one of the most compact and portable that I’ve seen. It weighs only 13.5 pounds, which, if you’ve used electric skateboards before, is very light. In fact, a common concern that prospective electric skateboarders have is the boards will be too heavy, because of the motor. And it is true that the motor and batteries add some weight to the board. But motorized skateboards, especially those by Boosted, have to circumvent that and be as light as possible. And this skateboard manages to do a very good job of that.

Something you don’t typically realize if you’re a newbie is that there is a lot of carrying involved. You only see the fun parts, with people riding on their skateboards and performing cool tricks. But in-between that, they have to carry the skateboards in their hands. That can be a real hassle if the board is too big or heavy. That’s why important for an electric skateboard to be as light as possible, and not too big, despite having an electric motor. And this skateboard, with a weight of 13.5 pounds and a contained deck, is very light and portable.

This board’s features and performance are what make it so fun to ride. It has 3 microprocessors and several sensors to ensure a safe experience and a software that adjusts the power and speed to your riding ability. It’s user-friendly because you can set your own speed limits and customize your experience. Beginners will find it easy to learn to ride at a stable speed. Eventually, they can move to the highest level, which is also the fastest and most fun. The maximum speed this board can achieve is 22 MPH, which really makes you go “wow”. Speeds that high are pretty amazing for skateboards, but they’re expected when you have a motor with 2000 wattage.

This skateboard, and most of other Boosted’s skateboards, have the intended purpose of urban transportation. Whether that’s riding through the city, campus, or terrains, this skateboard is built to do it all. And so far, I have no complaints with its performance. Its very fun and safe to use, and it has power that lets you ride it anywhere. It can be used for work, commuting, or just exploring or adventuring. This skateboard definitely lives up to its promise.

The only minor problem I have with this board is that the range of 7 miles is a bit too low for explorers. A 7-mile range is fine for taking short trips or commutes that are close by. And it is good enough for riding in a skate park or in the neighborhood. And that’s what most people use it for. But with 7 miles, you can’t take it very far. Counting the round trip, you can really only take it 3.5 miles in one direction, and 3.5 miles back. People can’t take it out on long trips if they want to. However, you can find an outlet to plug in the charge on your way, as it comes with a USB charger.

Overall, this is the best electric skateboard on sale. It has high quality features, design, performance, and user interface.

2. Boosted Dual 1500W

Rating: (4.7/5)

Boosted dual 1500 plus review

Boosted Dual 1500 is an advanced electric skateboard with a powerful set of features for optimal performance. This includes a 1500-watt motor, with a speed that reaches up to 20 MPH. It has 3 different driving modes, for beginners, intermediaries, and expert riders. The beginner levels have speed controls that make it easier for you to safely learn to ride it. You can gradually work your way up to the advanced mode. This board has efficient regenerative brakes and a battery that charges in only 60 minutes. It has a sturdy and attractive design, with the deck built from 100% real bamboo.

Here are the specifications of the Boosted Dual 1500:

  • 1500-Watt motor
  • Dual drive
  • Maximum speed 20 MPH
  • Range 7 miles
  • Uphill climb
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Charge time 60 minutes
  • Regenerative braking

Boosted Dual is a powerful 1500-watt electric skateboard. The wattage is very high and gives the skateboard a powerful boost for its performance. What I found especially impressive is how it can fit a 1500-Watt electric motor into such a small area. The motor occupies a small portion at the bottom of the skateboard. It’s very compact and weighs only 15 pounds. That’s, of course, heavier than a regular skateboard, but that’s expected because the battery and motor and extra weight. But despite being motorized, it’s a lightweight board that’s easy to carry in your hands.

Let’s talk about this skateboard’s performance. It’s one of the features that benefits the most from having a 1500-Watt motor. It has a high maximum speed of 20 MPH – making it one of the fastest electric skateboards in the market. It has a razor fast acceleration and it has 3 different riding modes so you can adjust its speed.

There’s a Beginner mode, in which the maximum speed is capped at 8 to 10 MPH. This is a good mode for (you guessed it) beginners. It implements speed controls that won’t raise the speed beyond 10 MPH. It lets the user practice at steady speeds. The next mode is known as the Eco mode and it has a maximum speed of 16 to 17 MPH. We’re not sure why it’s called the “Eco” mode, but it’s basically a mode for intermediaries. The third and last mode is the Expert mode. It has no speed caps, and can reach the maximum speed of 20 MPH. This is the mode for people who are comfortable with riding this skateboard and want to go at high speeds. This is the best mode, because it places no limits on how fast you can go, or your range. This is the mode that most riders should try to get to, after mastering the first 2 modes.

The design of this skateboard is something that stands out. Its deck is built from 100% real bamboo, which gives it a vintage look. Bamboo is surprisingly sturdy, which you might not have known, because most electric skateboards are built from steel or plastic materials. Its a smooth material and it’s much less likely to get damaged or dirty. It’s easier to clean bamboo so this skateboard will stay clean and shiny for much longer than other boards. It also has good color combinations.

The range and versatility of this board are what make it work well. It’s built for use on all sorts of off-road surfaces that include hills, neighborhoods, parks, woods, and more. The powerful motor and technology maneuver it around rough terrains with ease. It has regenerative braking, which is a very efficient and safe braking system, because it converts the board’s kinetic energy into braking power. This is not only a very efficient form of braking, but it extends the board’s life because it causes less wear and tear. The charge time is very efficient; it fully charges the board in just 60 minutes. This gives you plenty of leeway to charge the board last-minute before taking it out. This board has a super fast and fun overall performance.

There is just one minor problem with this skateboard. It has a mileage of 7 miles, which is kind of low, especially if you intend to use it for long rides. 7 miles isn’t that much, so it’s likely to run out if you’re traveling far with it. But thankfully, most people ride their skateboards around areas like parks or streets. So they’re not very far or long, and 7 miles will be enough until you need to recharge it. Keep in mind that the skateboard doesn’t completely shut down after its battery runs out. So you can still use it with your feet like a regular skateboard.

Overall, this is one of the best electric skateboards that you will ever find, and for good reason. Its dual drive system and 1500-watt electric motor give it the speed and traction that lets you use it nearly anywhere. It’s an efficient board that’s very fun to use. If you’re looking for a motorized skateboard and want to get the best bang for your buck, then this board is the ideal choice.

3. Inboard M1

Rating: (4.5/5)

Inboard M1 motorized skateboard review

InMotion M1 is a motorized skateboard with an attractive and resourceful design. It has built-in LED lights and wheels, which improve the structure and make it easier to ride in the dark. The deck is built from wood-core composite and weighs only 14 pounds, which makes it easy to carry. Its also water-resistant and can climb slopes up to 15 degrees. The range is a maximum of 10 miles. This is a great skateboard for all purposes, whether its commuting, transportation, exploration, recreation, or racing. Plus, it comes with lots of useful accessories, such as a wireless remote, a carrying bag, and an instruction manual.

Here are the specifications of the Inboard M1:

  • 1600-Watt motor
  • Maximum speed 22 MPH
  • Range 10 miles
  • Uphill climb
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • In-wheel motors
  • RFLX remote with hard case
  • Inmotion carrying bag
  • Charge time 90 minutes
  • Regenerative braking

It’s hard to not be biased, but Inboard M1 is my favorite electric skateboard because of its design alone. It has the unique feature of in-motor wheels. It has a great color combination that works well for a skateboard. The deck has a dark color, which gives the skateboard a sleek and slim appearance. It also has built-in LED lights that provide safety and visibility for riding at night. They also look very cool. Nearly all electric skateboards should have built-in lights, because what’s the purpose of an electric motor then? This board has bright LED lights and they actually illuminate your path a good amount when you’re riding it in the dark.

But the visibility is more important. When you’re riding this on the road, or just any street or park at night, you need to let it be visible to others. Visibility on the road is especially important, because you’re dealing with traffic from other vehicles. This is good for the safety of your board because people will see its lights and be more mindful of it. The material this board is built from is wood-core composite and it’s very light, it weighs only 14 pounds. That’s lighter than most motorized skateboards with this power. It’s also useful for portability and carrying the board. The skateboard is water-resistant, which is important because if you’re a dedicated skateboarder, you will probably run into puddles or water, or just rain. A water resistant board is crucial for versatility and range.

Inboard did a good job of providing the necessary accessories to go along with the skateboard. When you buy it, you’ll get several items that are very useful for the skateboarding experience. There are the essentials, like a charger, a quick start guide, and an instruction manual. The charger fully charges the board in 90 minutes. The quick start guides has short tips about using the skateboard for beginners, and some basic information about how it operates. The instruction manual has more detailed information about setting up the board, using all of its features and accessories, and riding it.

Additionally, this board comes with a Bluetooth enabled remote control, along with a hard case for the remote. The remote is an advanced accessory that gives you full control over the board’s speed from your fingertips. The remote can also be used to change the riding modes, which I will get into below. The remote control is shaped in an unconventional, circular way, but it’s effective because you’re less likely to drop it. You will even get an Inboard skate tool as an accessory, which is like a tool kit that can be used to basic mechanics, if needed. And lastly, you also get a carrying bad along with this skateboard. This is really useful, because it doesn’t look good to carry around your board in some places. It’s also inconvenient. The bag is designed by Inboard and it perfectly fits the board inside. It’s a very apt accessory to go along with this skateboard.

This board uses regenerative braking, which is a smooth and safe braking system. It turns the kinetic energy of the board into braking power; it also stores that energy to use it when needed. As I said above, there are 4 different modes of setting. The first mode is slow and steady and is ideal for beginners. The second mode raises the speed and uses more power, but its still for the less experienced skateboarders. Modes 3 and 4 gradually increase the power/speed and let the skateboarder ride on full blast and achieve the maximum speed. If you’re an experienced skateboarder, you would ideally use different modes depending on the terrain and slope. You need more power riding uphill than on a flat surface.

Speaking of power, the motor has a standard wattage of 1000-W and a maximum wattage of 1600-W. The range is 7 miles, but you can extend it by swapping the extra battery. This gives it a better range of 10 miles. I really recommend using this extra battery because it gives the board a lot more power and speed. It makes it more reliable for longer trips, personal transport, and off-road exploration.

4. Boosted 2nd Generation

Rating: (4.4/5)

One of the best motorized skateboards

Boosted 2nd Generation is an improvement over the previous models. It has a maximum speed of 22 MPH and it has a 25% uphill climb. It’s an all-terrain skateboard that can be used for any purpose from commuting to exploration. It has the option to extend the battery range, which gives it a range of 12 miles. This is nearly double the previous models, and it lets you take the skateboard for longer rides and travel. The only drawback is that it’s more expensive than the previous models.

Here are the specifications of the Boosted 2nd Generation:

  • 2000-Watt motor
  • Maximum speed 22 MPH
  • Range 12 miles
  • Uphill climb
  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • Regenerative braking
  • Extended battery range

Another skateboard by Boosted? Yup. The 2nd Generated Boosted board has significant improvements over its predecessor in many areas. Though overall, the original ones are still the test.

One thing you might not know about Boosted boards is that they weren’t as popular when they first came out. A big reason for this was that they were overpriced. They would cost over $2000, and many people  thought this was too expensive. That was the main criticism it got. But thankfully after 2014, they heard that criticism and made their boards more affordable. Boosted boards now cost less than $1500, and they’re much more affordable. For the power and fun that they offer, that’s a pretty reasonable price. This board is slightly more expensive than the Dual boards, which is why we didn’t rank it at the top.

This board is very fast and powerful. It has a top speed of 22 MPH. A speed like that makes it competitive for urban transportation and commuting. It has a 25% grade uphill climbing. In other words, it can climb up to 25 degree slopes, and this is very useful because you don’t always ride on a flat ground. It’s practically impossible to ride a regular longboard uphill, because of gravity. But electric skateboards have a boost that lets them ride uphill. This feature is especially important for people who live in hilly regions, like I used to. The neighborhood wasn’t “flat”, it was downhill and uphill. A 25% grade is powerful and it can easily travel up even steep hills. But as a skateboarder, you have to be careful to assess the slope before riding on it. Going up a hill that’s too sleep can wear out the battery faster, so it’s better to carry the board and walk instead. Thankfully, this board is very light, it weighs only 15 pounds, so it’s easy to carry with you.

A board that’s gonna be used for extensive and fast outdoors riding needs to be durable enough to withstand all of it. This board is made with vehicle-grade durability. Its deck is made from real bamboo, which is a strong and long-lasting material. Its also less likely to get scratches and dirt is easier to wash off. It’s designed as an all-terrain skateboard; you can ride it pretty much anywhere. It has low downtime so that you’re always in motion and getting where you need to be.

This board has a lot of savvy features. It has a wireless Bluetooth remote to control the speed, acceleration, and driving mode of the skateboard. It’s responsive; you’ll usually keep it in your hand while riding the board, or in your pocket. It’s easy to grip and doesn’t feel like a burden to have to carry. It also ensures better safety, because it lets you brake any time. The brakes are regenerative, which are faster and less weary for the skateboard. There are 4 different riding modes, each with a different speed limit. You can set the modes based on whether you’re a beginner or more experienced skateboarder. But the modes are best used in conjunction with each other. Depending on the terrain and gradient you’re on, you can change the mode to maximize your range and speed. There are lots of ways in which you can use the remote to customize your riding experience.

One of the best features of this board that makes it a significant improvement over the previous models is its range. It has an option for extended the battery range, which gives the skateboard a maximum range of 12 miles, which is nearly double. The Boosted Dual boards have a range of around 7 miles, which I criticize for being too low for some riders. This board overcomes that problem. A range of 12 miles is great for longer rides and is going to last for a much longer time.

5. Yuneec E-GO2

Rating: (4.3/5)

Yuneec E-GO2 is the best cheap electric skateboard. It costs a lot less than the high-performance skateboards, but without sacrificing much quality. It has a 400-Watt motor and reaches a maximums speed of 12.5 MPH and a range of 18 miles. It’s ideal for short distance travel and commuting. It has very high quality of features; the deck and wheels are durable, the remote is user-friendly and responsive, and the battery is efficient. Besides a few drawbacks, this is the ideal skateboard for anyone who wants to get into this hobby without spending a whole lot of money.

Here are the specifications of the Yuneec E-GO2:

  • 400-Watt motor
  • Maximum speed 12.5 MPH
  • 18 mile range
  • Positive braking system
  • Charge time 3 – 5 hours
  • Weighs 13.9 pounds
  • Wireless remote controller
  • E-GO Cruiser app

Yuneec E-GO2 is an affordable skateboard with a modest motor and performance. It’s one of the highest-quality cheap electric longboards on the market today. It has a 400-Watt motor, which you’ll notice is significantly less than the high-performance boards that have a wattage of over 1000-W.

So what can this skateboard do with a 400-W motor? Well, it’s great for commuting between short distances, say a couple or a few miles. This skateboard is especially popular among teens who don’t yet have a driver’s license but want to get to certain places not too far away, like their school, gym, or a hangout. This board is great for traveling between short distances.

While it’s not as fast as some other electric skateboards, it’s certainly not slow. A 12.5 MPH maximum speed is decent and many skateboarders find that this is all they need. And for many, speed is not a priority. Riders that want to skate casually or get to a destination are not concerned with going the fastest; they’re more concerned with how reliable and durable the skateboard is.

This board excels in the durability department. It’s made from high-quality materials that are better than what you would hope to get with an electric skateboard that costs less that $400. The board deck and bearings are sturdy and they’re built to perform off-road and hold a lot of weight. The wheels are smooth and strong.

This skateboard is also great in terms of reliability. The remote is extremely user-friendly, and is probably the most responsive remote that I’ve used in any motorized board. The design of the remote is probably what does it for me. The throttle is easy to operate and the whole remote will fit comfortably in your hands. You don’t have to worry about gripping it, or dropping it (check out the pics to see what I mean). The remote lets you change the modes, speed, and check the battery level. It’s a crucial part of riding an electric skateboard. The battery is also quite efficient and long-lasting. It charges in 4 hours, which is a bit high compared to some other boards, but is still good for an electric vehicle.

What I also like about this board is that it’s very noise-free; it makes almost no noise when riding. A lot of the other skateboards, particularly the powerful engines, also rev up their engine more, which creates extra noise. This skateboard is great as a nearly noise-free option.

There are a few drawbacks to this skateboard. One of them is the braking system. If you read our other reviews, you’ll know why regenerative braking is the best type of braking for electric skateboards. This board has positive braking, which is not as effective. It won’t bring you to a halt as quickly, though it eventually will. Regenerative braking is just faster. When I was going at full speed and applied the brakes, this board took about 5 seconds to stop. That’s not useful when you need an emergency stop. Still, it works fine for most purposes.

Overall, Yuneec E-GO2 is probably the best electric skateboard that’s affordable. Some people are apprehensive about going into electric longboarding, because of the prices. Who wants to spend over $1000 on a hobby? Not everyone. For those people, this skateboard is a great option for its affordability and high quality.

6. Skatebolt Electric Longboard

Rating: (4.2/5)

Skatebolt electric longboard review

Skatebolt is a very fast electric skateboard, with a maximum speed of 24.5 MPH. It has a 1000-Watt motor and is cheaper than most other high-end electric skateboards. It’s not as reliable as the higher-end models. It’s best used for short bursts of power and performance, rather than a long-term personal transportation device. This means it can be ideally used for performing tricks, stunts, racing, and recreational use. It also has one of the coolest and practical designs.

Here are the specifications of the Skatebolt:

  • 1000-W motor
  • Maximum speed 24.8 MPH
  • 15.5 mile range
  • Uphill climb
  • Weighs 19 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity 280 pounds
  • Regenerative braking
  • Front and tail lights
  • Wireless remote control

Skatebolt is one of those electric skateboards that gives you short bursts of power. It is a skateboard that’s flashy, has a great all-round design, and fast performance. What it lacks compared to other boards, however, is a long life and reliability. There can still be value to getting a skateboard like that, for the low cost alone.

First, let’s talk about the design. The makers of this skateboard definitely invested a lot on design. It has one of the coolest designs of any motorized board that I or many other people have seen. It has front and rear LED lights in red, and they pair well with the all-black design of the skateboard. Not to mention that having lights on a skateboard is very useful for riding at night. It illuminates your path, and lets others see your skateboard.

The design is also solid and practical. The long shape, characteristic of a longboard, gives it more traction and stability. The streamlined look helps it each high speeds. The material is also sturdy; it can support a lot of weight (280 pounds). The wheels are smooth and free. There are no complaints with the design of this skateboard.

Another high point of praise is this skateboard’s power, and especially speed. It has a maximum speed of 24.5 MPH, which blows out any of the skateboards in its price range. It even beats many of the high-performance skateboards, that cost over twice as much! Even the Boosted skateboards have a maximum speed of around 22 MPH, which is less than this board’s max speed. It also has a gradient climb of 25 degrees. The motor wattage is 1000, which means that it has a efficient motor, given that it can churn out this much power with that wattage. This also means that this skateboard is not as long-lasting as some of the higher-end models.

With a high speed, there are a lot of purposes that you can use this skateboard for. It’s great for casual riding and fun. You can ride it around the park, neighborhood, up hills, etc. and experience the speed and motion. It’s even used for commuting to and from work, by many riders. This is only a good idea if the commuting distance is short, and not too long.

Now, what did I mean by this skateboard lacking in long life and reliability? Well, the Skatebolt brand is not as well-known or established as other brands like Boosted or Inboard. This means there’s less brand trust and reliability in their product. This is not just hypothetical; there are several reviews of this skateboard that show that some buyers have found a problem with this skateboard’s parts and features. A commonly cited problem is that the wheels start to wear out after a while. For these skateboarders, it worked well for a few weeks, until it started to “fall apart” (according to them). I haven’t experienced those problems myself, but they were so frequently cited that I had to list them here. Also, I didn’t use my skateboard for long distances, so they might’ve used theirs for a longer duration.

One slight problem I have with this skateboard is the remote. The remote has a pretty mediocre quality and it sometimes has connectivity issues. It sometimes is not responsive at all, or a second or two late. The remote definitely should’ve been made with better care and quality.

What I can tell from my analysis of this skateboard is that it’s best suited for short-term use. This is not a kind of skateboard that you can use for long-distance commuting in the long-term. It won’t work like your personal transportation device. Rather, it is a fun and very fast board that’s great for casual riding, racing, and performing stunts and tricks. On top of that, it’s flashy and has a great-looking design.

7. Acton Blink Lite

Rating: (4.2/5)

Acton Blink Lite review

Acton Blink Lite is the cheapest high-quality electric skateboard on the market. It’s the best electric skateboard for kids and teens; it supports a maximum weight of 130 pounds. It has an agile 250-Watt single hub motor with a maximum speed of 10 MPH. It’s also one of the lightest electric skateboards, weighing only 7.7 pounds. It’s very fun and easy to use, and is ideal for young riders because of its safety features, user interface, connectivity, durability, and performance. It has an attractive and colorful design; it’s the perfect summer activity for young skateboarders.

Here are the specifications of the Acton Blink Lite:

  • 250-Watt motor
  • Single hub
  • Maximum speed 10 MPH
  • Weighs 7.7 pounds
  • Weight limit 130 pounds
  • Range 5 miles
  • Regenerative braking
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Bluetooth remote control

Acton Blink Lite is the cheapest electric skateboard that’s worth any bang for your buck. Its current cost is less than $250, which you can see is far less than other skateboards on this list so far. However, it is different in that this is an electric skateboard for kids, and not a high-performance skateboards like the more expensive ones. But its performance is actually really good for the price, as you’ll see below.

This skateboard is popular among a lot of people, and not just kids, because it works as a budget electric board. Many people turned off from buying electric skateboards because the high-end ones cost upwards of $1000. So, some of them opt for this skateboard instead, because it’s functional and has a price over 4 times cheaper. Of course, the weight limit of this board is only 130 pounds, so a lot of adult men can’t use it since they weigh more than that. The ones that do satisfy the weight limit, though, opt for this as their ideal cheap skateboard. This is also a popular skateboard among adult women, because many of them do fall under the weight limit.

Let’s talk a little about the power and performance of this board. It uses a 250-Watt single hub motor. Single hub means that its lighter and less clunky. More importantly, this leads to better performance because it makes the board streamlined, reliable, and faster. For smaller skateboards like this, a single hub motor is ideal, because you’re not using a lot of power or space. So a single hub motor maximizes the power that this board can exert using the batteries. The maximum speed is 10 MPH, which is about half of that of a high-end board. Again, this is not a skateboard that’s built for high performance and power like the Boosted or Inmotion M1 skateboards. It’s built for fun, reliable, and safe skateboarding.

This skateboard’s range is 5 miles, which is one of the better aspects of its performance. A 5 mile range lets you use it for short-distance travel and transport, like going to school or a park, which is what this board is most used for. Its a popular skateboard among middle schoolers and teenagers. They use it to ride to school every morning, or to a skate park with friends. It’s also a fun skateboard to run around the neighborhood and streets. It’s used by many young riders as a recreational activity.

This skateboard has plentiful and resourceful features. It has bright LED lights that are integrated with the deck of the board; they’re built-in. This is a really useful feature because it lights up the path at night and it makes the skateboard more visible to bystanders and traffic. If you’re riding a skateboard on the road when it’s dark, you must have some kind of lights to illuminate your board. And of course, we can’t mention the fact that built-in lights make the skateboard look just that much cooler.

It also uses regenerative braking, which is the most efficient kind of braking for motorized skateboards. It stores energy into the deck and wheels of the board, and releases it in the form of braking power when needed. This saves power and is safer, because it slows down the skateboard gradually without any sudden halts or jerks. If you’re wondering how you can use the brakes while riding a skateboard, then the answer is: the Acton app. This is the skateboard’s official phone app available both on iOS and Android. It connects your phone to your skateboard and lets you check the speed and miles traveled. It’s a cool feature that shows the real-time status of your skateboard. There’s also a Bluetooth remote control that you use to control the skateboard. It can turn the skateboard on and off, change its speed and direction, and use the regenerative brakes. You need to carry this remote while riding.

8. Powerextra Electric Skateboard

Rating: (4.0/5)

Powerextra is (you guessed it) a powerful electric skateboard with an 1800-Watt motor. It can climb up steep slopes and is best suited for casual riding and performing stunts. It’s a lot cheaper than other high-powered skateboards, because it’s not as reliable and shouldn’t be used for long-distance travel or commutes. It’s best used as a hobby. This skateboard is very durable and is built from high-quality bamboo and fiber glass. It’s also user-friendly; the remote is responsive and easy to operate.

Here are the specifications of the Powerextra skateboard:

  • 1800-Watt motor
  • Maximum speed 12.4 MPH
  • Charging time 2 – 4 hours
  • Wireless remote control
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • Weight limit 264 pounds
  • Uphill climb

Powerextra is another cheap electric skateboard that offers high-powered features for a low price. It has an 1800-watt motor, which is a lot of power for an electric skateboard. A typical, average board will have around a 500-W motor, and a high-performance board will have more than 1000-W motor. A high-wattage motor lets you do many things that a low-wattage motor wouldn’t. Wattage essentially indicates how much power the device consumes. So this skateboard consumes a lot of power, which means the battery has more energy. It also means it expends more energy. It can either mean that the skateboard is fast or that it can travel up sleep inclines.

This skateboard’s maximum speed is around 13 MPH, which is not remarkably high, which means that it has a powerful climb. And that is true; this skateboard has great incline power. I’ve been able to use this to get to 20 degrees slopes, and it barely loses any speed. That makes it a great board for people who lives in hilly areas; it can traverse slopes with ease. That’s one advantage of having an 1800-watt motor.

But as I mentioned before, this skateboard costs a lot less than a typical 1800-Watt skateboard would cost. And that’s because it doesn’t have the same speed and long-lasting performance that a high-end skateboard has. For example, it doesn’t have a very big range. It can’t be used for long commutes because the battery would run out. It’s also not as long-lasting as some of the higher-end skateboards. That’s why it should be taken as a fun, recreational hobby and not a persona transportation device. It’s best suited for traveling short distances and riding around casually, especially uphill.

The durability is another strong point of this skateboard. Its deck is designed from 3 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of fiber glass. It’s extremely durable and can support a maximum weight of 264 pounds. The material for the deck is the best combination I’ve seen for any motorized board. The bamboo layers keep it intact and smooth, while the layers of fiber glass give it an impermeable strength. The wheels are also built for high performance and high load. They’re free wheels that run smoothly and are firmly attached to the skateboard.

Last, but not the least, this skateboard is user-friendly. It has a responsive wireless remote control to turn the skateboard on and off, and to control the speed. It’s a very small remote with a curved shape and it fits nicely in your hand. It also has a strap for putting around your wrist, so that the remote never falls out of your hand while you’re riding. The two main functions for the remote are: acceleration and braking. A small and light remote like this really helps because it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying any extra load. The deck’s material is also user-friendly. It has a long frame to give your feet plenty of space. It’s also coated with sandpaper, which increases friction and makes it less likely for your feet to slip.

9. KooWheel D3M Onyx

Rating: (3.8/5)

Koowheel electric longboard

KooWheel D3M is a great mid-range electric skateboard. By that, I mean it has an average motor power and a price. It falls in-between the low-price and high-price skateboards. It’s the ideal skateboard for people who want to use it for all purposes, but don’t want one of the higher-end boards because they’re too expensive. This board has the right mix between performance and affordability. It has a great speed, range, durability, and reliability.

Here are the specifications of the KooWheel D3M:

  • 350-Watt dual motor
  • Brushless hub motor
  • Maximum speed 22 MPH
  • Weighs 16 pounds
  • Range 18-22 miles
  • Maximum weight capacity 286 pounds
  • Wireless remote control
  • Charging time 2 hours

The KooWheels D3M Onyx Edition is a perfect mid-range electric skateboard, and here’s why. Lots of people who want a motorized skateboard are stuck between the low-price and low-powered boards (like the Acton Blink Lite) and the high-performance boards that cost a lot of money (like the Boosted boards). This skateboard is a good middle ground between those two. It has a mid price range (between $600 and $700), and it has a relatively low-wattage motor with a great performance. Let’s look at each of those features in detail.

This skateboard uses a dual 350-Watt motor. This is significantly lower than the typical powerful motorized skateboard that has an upwards of 1000 watts in its motor. But one thing to keep in mind is that this is a dual motor; this means it has nearly twice the power in one motor. So the effective maximum power is around 700-watts. Dual motors have an advantage over single motors because they get better mileage and save more energy. It also allows the skateboard to do more things at once; as it can assign one task to one motor and a different task to the other motor.

The maximum speed is very high for a 350-W motor; it reaches speeds of up to 22 MPH. It allows for easy graduation for beginners. You can start off with a low speed and ride on flat surfaces outside, or even inside. Once you start to get the hang of it, you can progress to higher speeds. The speeds can be controlled by the wireless remote which you will keep in your hand at all times. Lastly, when you’re ready, you can start riding it at the maximum speed. Don’t forget that 22 MPH is very fast. Unless you’re an experienced skateboarder, you should be careful and only reach the maximum speed sparingly.

This board also has great range; between 18 and 22 miles.It’s an all-round skateboard that has both a high speed and range, which makes it good for multiple purposes. You can use it as a fun, recreational hobby and also as a long-distance commuting device. A popular use of this skateboard is going between classes in a college campus. Modern transportation devices like hoverboards, segways, and electric skateboards are a common sight on college campuses these days. They get you between short distances with ease. And plus, no one can deny that they’re cool and fashionable.

But this board is not just good for traveling short distances; it can also travel long distances and commutes. Give that the maximum range is 22 miles, you can take it pretty far. It’s a very reliable skateboard; it charges in only 2 hours, which means it can be readily available for use whenever you want it. The skateboard is also durable and built from high-quality materials. The deck is made from Canadian maple wood and the wheels are polyurethane. This board can hold a maximum weight of 286 pounds, which is exceptionally sturdy. It guarantees that even the bigger adults can use this skateboard.

10. Atom Electric Longboards

Rating: (3.5/5)

Atom electric longboard review

Atom electric skateboards are a series of wooden skateboards with a vintage design and a unique features. They’re among the lightest electric longboards on the market, with some weighing as light as 8 pounds. This gives them the advantage of portability and a lighter riding experience. Atom electric longboards are a relatively new series of skateboards and they look promising for the future. They have different models that vary by size, power, and price.

Here are the specifications of the Atom Electric Longboard:

  • 400-Watt motor
  • Hub motor
  • Regenerative braking
  • Lithium cell batteries
  • Please see the individual product’s page on Amazon to find a full list of its specifications

I’m doing something a little different for this review. Rather than review one single skateboard, I’m going to collectively review this series of Atom electric skateboards. I came across this recently, and they look very promising to me, so I thought I’d give them a shoutout and evaluate them. There are all known as Atom electric longboards, and they’re a series of 4-5 skateboarders that are very similar, with some differences in size and other features.

The one I’ll review in particular, pictured above, is the Atom electric H.4 longboard. It has a 400-watt hub motor. This is a very compact kind of motor, which is actually placed inside the wheel. This saves up a lot of space, which skateboards need, because they can’t be clunky or sluggish. It’s also an efficient motor because it powers the wheels directly, rather than having a channel which transfers power. This board has a fairly good speed, which averages around 10 MPH and can go a little higher to its limit.

Other good features of this board include its batteries and braking system. It uses good quality lithium cell batteries. They’re leak proof and will charge in a very low amount of time. They’re also the safest kinds of batteries to use for electric gadgets. This skateboard uses regenerative braking, which is when the board’s kinetic energy is stored in the wheels and engine. Then, it’s used to brake and bring the skateboard to a halt. This is one of the best braking systems because it’s very safe for skateboards. It’s also efficient and wastes the least amount of energy. And lastly, it’s the type of braking that leaves the least wear and tear on the skateboard, which increases its life and durability.

One thing I was surprised by is how light this skateboard is. It weighs a mere 8 pounds, which is definitely the lightest skateboard that I’ve ever heard of. The advantages of such a lightweight skateboard include easy portability. You can carry this skateboard around with ease, without being too much of a burden. Something that people who are new to skateboarding don’t realize is that there’s a lot of carrying involved. You can’t always ride your skateboard everywhere. For example, whether at your destination (grocery store, gym, college), on a road, or inside an apartment building, you’ll need to carry the skateboard in your hands. This is why light skateboards are good because they’re easy to carry.

Overall, this series of Atom electric skateboards looks promising. They have some defining characteristics; for example, they have a vintage, wooden design. They’re all made from polished wood and have a sophisticated design. They’re also very lightweight. So if you’re looking for a lightweight electric skateboard, then these could be a good option for you. Atom electric longboards are a relatively unheard of series, and I would recommend anyone to give them a try. There are different skateboards in the series, so you can pick the one with the size and specifications that suit you best. You can also consult the guide below on choosing an electric skateboard.

How To Choose A Motorized Skateboard

Deciding on which skateboard to get can be confusing – there are a lot of different options. People have different opinions on what the “best” electric skateboard is. There are lists and reviews of people who have different picks from us. But there are some important features that anyone should want in their electric skateboard. Here are the most important things to consider when deciding on which electric skateboard to buy:

Type Of Motor

The motor is probably the most important aspect of an electric skateboard, because it generates all the power and motion. I’ll talk about power in a different section below. This section is about the type of motor. There are two main kinds: a hub motor and belt drive motor.

A hub motor is fitted inside the wheels of the skateboard. There are several advantages to hub motors. The obvious advantage is that it saves space and weighs less. They’re designed to make the board more integrated and compact. People who use their electric longboard for daily commuting are especially thankful for any extra weight taken off.

There is also less drag when it comes to hub motors. It facilitates the direct transfer of energy from the motor to the wheels. Because the motor is fitted inside the wheels, one revolution of the motor occurs at the same time as the wheel revolution. This increases the efficiency by saving energy. It also helps make the ride smoother.

A huge advantage of hub motors is that the skateboard can be used like a normal skateboard after the battery runs out. That is you, can push it with your feet and ride it like any other skateboard. I cannot stress how important this is. You don’t want to get a skateboard that essentially becomes unusable after the battery runs out. Skateboards with belt drive motors can’t be used like that. This reason alone is why you should opt for a hub motor over a belt drive motor.

Hub motors allow for regenerative braking, and they have a better braking system. the braking is instantaneous and efficient. In belt drive motors, there’s a longer chain of energy transfer required, which is less efficient.

Other advantages of a hub motor include being waterproof. The motor in inside the board, which makes it waterproof. A waterproof skateboard is very useful, especially for urban transportation, because you’re likely to run into rain and water puddles at some point. Hub motors are also quieter, because they have integrated parts. Belt drive motors make more noise because of their churning belt and moving parts. Relating to that, another advantage of hub motors is that they just have a smoother ride. Due to the integrated design, they coast better and more freely. And lastly, hub motors require less maintenance because they have less parts. A belt drive motor requires maintenance of its pulley, gears, clutches, etc.

Overall, hub motors have a big advantage over belt drive motors, because they’re smoother, more efficient, and just provide a better user experience. It has re-defined the electric skateboard industry and made a big impact.

However, just to give you the full picture, there are a couple areas in which belt drive motors are better. In a hub motor, all the shocks and vibrations go directly to the motor, since it’s located in the wheels. There’s only a thin coating to absorb the blows. This can lead to a hub motor wearing out quicker. But skateboard manufacturers realize this, and make hub motors to be as durable as possible. Belt drive motors also have better torque and uphill climbing ability.

All in all, hub motors are the better choice, but they’re not perfect and do have a few (minor) problems.

Customer Service

If you’re looking to buy your first electric skateboard, this is probably something you don’t think about. But you should start thinking about it. Buying from a company that has good customer service is very important because you might need them to ask questions or get services and maintenance.

Electric skateboards are a very niche product, so not a lot of companies are producing them. It’s not like you can find electric skateboards made by Apple or Samsung, or any company which has an established support team. That’s why you should pick an electric skateboard company that is known for having good customer service.

Generally, the bigger and more established companies have the better customer service. So if you’re buying an electric skateboard, go with the brand that’s well heard of. Boosted offers great customer support. Other brands like Inmotion and Metroboard also have the best customer support. If you’re buying a low-priced Chinese board, you’re likely not going to get quality customer support.


If you’ve read through all of my reviews, you know that portability is a very important feature for me. And it’s not just me; skateboarders know that a good chunk of their time is spent carrying the board in their hand. Whether it’s to climb over a ledge, walk down stairs, or travel in public transport, there are instances where you have to carry the skateboard in your hands.

Opt for as light of a skateboard as you can get. The lighter it is, the less of a burden it will be to carry. Thankfully, skateboard manufacturers are on top of that, and making lightweight designs is a priority for them. Having a smaller-sized skateboard would also increase portability, but that’s a different issue. Longer boards are more stable and have better speeds, so you shouldn’t opt for a smaller size just to get more portability.

Airplane Travel

This is not as important as other factors, but it’s still something to think about. There are plenty of reasons why people want to bring their electric skateboard aboard an airplane. They might be traveling or going on a holiday, and they use their skateboard to get around. It is great for transport, after all. They might also be moving, and didn’t put the skateboard in the check-in luggage, for whatever reason.

In order to found out if you can bring your e-skateboard on an airplane, check with the airline. They’ll let you know if it’s permitted. In the United States, the FAA/TSA rules state that you can bring a battery of less than 99 watt-hours. This does limit the type of skateboard you can bring.

Airlines are cautious of electric skateboards because of the battery. In fact, you should assume that you can’t take your skateboard on the plane, unless it’s been approved. Sadly, this means you might not be able to take it to your cool vacation or work trip. Still, it’s not the end of the world.


A mistake that newcomers make is that they go for the e-skateboard with a low price. They’re intimidated by the prices, so they want to save money and buy a cheap skateboard.

That’s a mistake, in my opinion, because the cheaper boards are more likely to wear out and break easily. Then they’ll have to get it repaired or buy a new one. So it ends up costing more in the long-run.

A high-end electric skateboard will last you a much longer amount of time. It can take more blows and hits. It can also be used for many more purposes; such as long-distance travel and commutes. So if you’re looking for an e-skateboard that you intend to use for a long time, then get one that doesn’t cost $200.

The cheaper skateboards can be fine for certain purposes, like if a child wants to use them and it won’t involve use that’s intense or of a long duration. Or for people who just want to casually ride it every now and then, but not as a serious hobby or a transportation device.

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