Looking for the perfect BMX bike? Bicycle motocross (BMX) is a difficult sport but it’s rewarding when you get the hang of it. It takes hard work and practice, but a big part of it is having the right bike. A BMX bike needs to be agile, lightweight, and durable in order to perform the various tricks and techniques. It has a significantly different framework from a regular bicycle.

Based on performance and quality, here are the 15 best BMX bikes to buy in 2018 (in no particular order):

Best BMX bikeMongoose Legion L20

Rating: (4.0/5)

Mongoose Legion L20 is a BMX bike for beginners and intermediates, especially young riders. It’s built from durable hi-tenT steel frame and fork. The tube length is 20 inches. The pedals are plastic and have 0.5-inch axle. Pedals have to be lighter than the frame of the bike, because if the pedals were metal too, then it would be harder to ride the bike. And BMX bikes especially need to be agile for use. The bike uses alloy u-brakes and a 360 degree brake rotor. This makes it easier to brake when needed, and doesn’t get stuck. This bike is built to perform many different tricks. The handlebars can spin 360 degrees. There are four different pegs for freestyle tricks and grinds. The framework is built so that you can learn new tricks easily and the bike will adapt to them. It does this by having a lightweight frame, durable tires, and free-style based handlebars and pedals.

This bike is popular among pre-teen and teenage boys. It comes partially unassembled, with instructions. It’s very easy to assemble, as you just need to follow the steps. It uses tight grips on the handlebars and the tires are designed to have traction on the ground. The brakes may need some adjusting, but they work well with the rest of the bike’s functions. This bike is both lightweight and sturdy, which is a difficult balance to keep but this bike does it skillfully. It’s also very affordable for a BMX bike.

Redline MX24

Rating: (4.2/5)

Redline MX24 is a BMX bike primarily for big kids and adults; specifically, riders with a height of 5’6″ and above. It’s considered a simple bike that’s ideal for beginners and newcomers, due to its simplicity and reliability. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and weighs 22 pounds. That makes it easy to carry, transport, and of course ride. The lighter the bike, the more freedom you have in doing BMX. The light “air bikes” are especially better at performing mid-air tricks. This bike has an anti-flex seat, which improves its responsitivity. The bike’s features are built to perform versatile and rapid tricks. It has 3-piece alloy cranks power block tires for maximum mobility. The tires are high quality and are safe for jumping. They’re designed for mid-air tricks and won’t wear out easily after repeated use.

For riders who don’t want a mini bike for kids, this is the bike to go with. It comfortably fits adult riders, and is advanced enough to perform tricks above a beginner’s level. It runs smoothly and is primed for modifications. The seat, handlebar, or wheels can be modified to fit a certain purpose. It’s a relatively large BMX bike, with 24-inch wheels. This bike is great for competitive racing and not just freestyling. It can be an eligible bike to enter into competitions and races. It has the durability, features, and performance to run on a competitive level and is the choice for many riders.

BMX bike under 200Mongoose Legion L40

Rating: (3.8/5)

Mongoose Legion L40 is among the series of BMX bikes by Mongoose. It has hi-ten steel frame and fork, along with the BMX geometry and the tube that measures 20.5 inches. It has a 25x9T gearing, which is commonly used in BMX bikes, particularly by Mongoose. It provides good ground clearance due to the smaller cogs and sprockets. Ground clearance is important for BMX bikes. L40 uses alloy u-brakes with a 360 degree brake rotor. The advantage with this is tangle-free braking. When you’re doing BMX tricks, it’s easy to get tangled up, either with your pedals or chain, so a tangle-free breaking system is useful. This bike also has a 50 mm front loader threadless stem and 8.25 inch handlebars. The handlebars are a standard size for BMX bikes. It also has a slim-railed seat which is both comfortabe and sturdy enough to work with BMX. You don’t want a seat that’s too comfortable in BMX, because that makes it harder to perform the higher-effort tricks.

Mongoose L40 is best suited for youth riders, especially those below 13. It requires some mild assembly on arrival, along with instructions. The instructions are easy to follow and anyone can assemble the bike in little time. Having some tools at your disposal also helps. This bike is lightweight, which makes it easy to perform both on-ground and mid-air tricks. It’s very user-friendly, as the brakes are made to operate smoothly and the grip on the handlebars is tight. This bike is lightweight and versatile.

Redline PL26

Rating: (5/5)

Redline PL26 is a BMX bike recommended for riders aged 13 and above, or for riders with heights of 5’0″ and more. It has a unique and minimal design with white and black color combinations that give the bike a streamlined look. The frame is full chromoly (chromium-molybdenum steel) which is a durable and sturdy steel. It’s stronger and harder than regular steel frames. The headtube is integrated with a Euro bottom bracket which gives the bike a good strength-to-weight ratio. The bike’s motto is strength and durability. It also has a chromoly fork with tapered legs which have extra strength. The bike weighs 28 pounds, so while it is heavier than smaller BMX bikes, it’s still lightweight enough. It has a 26-inch wheel size, which makes it relatively big for  BMX bike.

It’s a multi-purpose bike; it can be used for casual cruising, riding around the neighborhood, performing tricks in skate parks, and even entering into competitions. It can easily perform both basic and advanced tricks, in part because of its updated geometry. This is a particularly popular BMX bike among adults. It’s agile and feels as light as a mini BMX bike, while being much more advanced in its performance. Because of its stellar durability, it can withstand more use and riskier tricks that many other BMX bikes can’t. It’s one of the best all-round BMX bikes on the market, and it’s recommended for anyone who is looking for a serious and fun experience.

Redline Asset 24-inch

Rating: (4.0/5)

Redline Asset is a BMX bike for bigger kids and adults and it has a wheel size of 24-inches. It has a gloss black finish which looks slim and streamlined. The frame is fully made of chromoly. It also has full chromo 3-piece tubular cranks. Other features include chromo handlebars and Monster pedals. This bike’s clear strong point is that it has a durable structure. The chromo frame is not only strong, but it gives the bike a new and shiny look.

This bike’s is relatively big, with 24-inch wheels. BMX bikes typically have a wheel size of 20 inches. Some riders consider that too small or uncomfortable, and 24-inch whee sizes are much better for them. This is primarily a cruiser bike and can be used in skateparks and streets or off-road areas. It can also be used in races, but with a smaller degree of effectiveness. Despite having a strong frame, it’s fairly lightweight, with the full bike weighing only 26 pounds. This makes it easier to perform mid-air tricks and pedal tricks. Moreover, the large wheel size gives the bike more traction and allows it to be stealthy and tough. Plus, the brand Redline has specialized in BMX bikes for over 40 years and they produce some of the best performing BMX bikes on the market. We will discuss more below about the best BMX bike brands, and which ones are worth your money.

Mongoose Legion L100

Rating: (4.4/5)

Mongoose Legion L100 is one of the best BMX bikes on the market and in the Legion series by Mongoose. It has a full chromoly frame with integrated headset and a tube that measures 21 inches. It uses 25x9T gearing, which is a common gearing configuration for BMX bikes. It helps with ground clearance and better flexibility for the bike. This bike also has 3-piece tubular cranks and an 8-spline spindle with a sealed mid bottom bracket. The handlebars are 8.75 inch long and the forks are full chromoly. This bike also uses read alloy u-brakes and alloy brake levers. Braking is very smooth and safe. The bike is brought to an abrupt halt when the brakes the used, but the transition is smooth and doesn’t jerk the rider. The wheel size is 20-inch, which is the perfect size for a compact BMX bike that’s not too big or small. They’re backed by the wide alloy rims that are double wall and 36-hole. The wheels of this bike are very smooth and durable.

This bike is usable by both kids and adults, though it’s most popular among kids around their teenage years. This is one of the best-rated bikes based on user experience and user satisfaction, mainly because of the quality. Unike many other BMX bikes, this bike has shown to be reliable and durable. It costs a little more than typical BMX bikes under $200, and that’s because the quality is better. If you want a high quality bike, you should be prepared to spend a little more money.

Framed Twenty6er

Rating: (4.7/5)

Framed Twenty6er, as you might have guessed by its name, has a wheel size of 26-inches. The reason this is notable is that BMX bikes typically have a wheel size of 20 inches or less. Some also have 24-inch wheels. A wheel size of 26 inches is considerably larger, and it indicates that they bike is intended for an older audience. This BMX bike is suitable for adults. The Framed Twenty9er is another large BMX bike for adults, but it’s currently unavailable, so the next best option is the Twenty6er. It has a lightweight and rugged alloy frame with a weight of 28 pounds. It has its own custom BMX disc brakes. The tube length is 24 inches. Other features of this bike include a Framed alloy brake lever, hi-ten steel handlebars, hi-ten steel fork, 3-piece cranks, BMX style bike seat, and more. See the product page for the full list of features and specifications.

This is a high quality and smooth-running bike that’s great for adults who are interested in BMX, but have trouble with finding the right-sized bike for them. But the great thing is that this bike works well for kids too. Provided they’re the right size, this bike is also used by pre-teens and teenagers. So it’s versatile and adaptable to many different riders. It has the structure and power to perform various tricks with speed and agility. Plus, it’s durable and built from full chromoly alloy features that can withstand continuous use without wearing out.

Raleigh Kids

Rating: (5/5)

Raleigh Bikes is a kid’s BMX bike recommended for riders between the ages of 4 and 10. The ideal height for riders is listed as between 3’8″ and 4’4″. Those are fairly tight restrictions, and someone outside of that range can still ride the bike; these are just the recommended ideal conditions. It’s part of the series of Raleigh youth bikes that are durable, lightweight, and performance-focused. It weighs around 22 pounds and has an aluminum alloy frame. The stand over, or “step-through”, height is low which makes it easy for kids to mount and dismount the bike. The braking system of this bike is diverse. It uses the standard v-brakes for regular braking. In addition, it also has coaster brakes that give extra security and it improves the rider’s braking capability. Practicing different brakes gives the rider a feel of what works and what doesn’t. It has 20-inch wheel for a comfortable and compact BMX riding experience. There is a chainguard to protect the chain from getting tangled up or touching the rider’s legs. This is useful for when you’re performing varied tricks.

This is a popular bike for parents to buy for kids because of its low price and excellent quality. It takes around 15 minutes to assemble, and comes with instructions that are easily to follow. It has an easy interface that’s designed to make learning as quick as possible for young riders. It can perform the basic BMX tricks smoothly and safely.

Diamondback Mini Viper

Rating: (4.1/5)

Diamondback Mini Viper is a high-end kids’ BMX bike and is more expensive and far better quality than the regular BMX bikes on the market. It has a heavy duty steel frame and fork, and weighs around 20 pounds. Despite being made from metal and having a sturdy frame, it’s still lightweight for a kids’ bike. It uses advanced coaster brakes which are known for being one of the safer braking systems used in bikes. One of this bike’s strongest points is its comfort. It has a padded saddle seat that doesn’t strain your muscle or back while pedaling. BMX bikes usually need to have hard seats, because seats that are too soft are not ideal for the sport. This bike manages to have a seat that’s comfortable while not sacrificing the structural ability of the rider. Plus, it comes with training wheels for the especially young and new bikers. The training wheels help create balance and build confidence so that the rider can eventually take them off for a better experience.

The bike is easy to assemble, has a colorful design, is comfortable, and has good quality. It’s higher-priced than many other BMX bikes for kids, but we think the price is appropriate for its quality. BMX bikes for toddlers is a difficult feat to pull off. This bike is long-lasting; it can be used by riders from when they’re toddlers up to pre-teen age. It’s an all-round great BMX bike.

Tony Hawk 24-inch

Rating: (3.6/5)

This sporty BMX bike by Tony Hawk is best suited for bigger kids and adults. It weighs 31 pounds and has a wheel size of 24 inches, making it one of the bigger and heavier BMX bikes in the market. It’s made from a BMX-style steel alloy frame and has a matte black color with deluxe paint. It has one of the cooler BMX bike designs, and resembles a sport/racing bike. The bike has an all-black design, along with traces of neon green. The front and rear brakes are u-brakes, and the bike is single-speed like most BMX bikes. The u-brakes minimize any interference between the rider’s body and the bike. It allows the riders to perform tricks to their full ability. The bike uses tight green handlebars with a strong grip. It also has an alloy clamp, seat post, and threadless stem.

This bike is great for freestyle riding and is the go-to choice for both kids and adults who find the regular 20-inch BMX bikes to be too small and cramped. This one has 24-inch wheels, and is a lot more wide and spacious. The only downside is that it weights 31 pounds, which is heavier than the average BMX bike. But riders can actually use that to their advantage, because the weight gives them more momentum for performing spinning tricks, or other tricks that require momentum.

Hoffman Cirrus

Rating: (3.9/5)

Hoffman Cirrus is a boy’s BMX bike with a wheel size of 20 inches. It has a stylish design with a polished silver frame and black handlebars. The frame is a freestyle hi-tension type, which means its a thick bike frame that’s not overbearing or too heavy. The bike also has 3-piece tubular cranks made of full chromoly, along with 25/9 alloy cassette gearing. The brakes used by this bike are standard alloy u-brakes. Potentially notable about this bike is its weight. It weighs 30 pounds, making it one of the heavier 20-inch BMX bikes. But that shouldn’t be a big problem, because it’s still an acceptable weight for performing tricks and even mid-air stunts. This bike is primarily intended for freestyle. It has great, smooth tires and a durable frame that’s perfect for doing freestyle tricks on the street or in a park. It can also be used by a variety of different ages. The bike seat’s height can be adjusted to accommodate riders of different sizes.

A big reason why this bike is popular is because its simple, effective, and has an eye-catching design. There are no complicated brakes, or hurdles for new riders. It can be used for simple pedaling and also for bicycle motocross sports. The design is what particularly attracts riders to this bike. It has a different, brighter design than many other BMX bikes. And it works well, because it gives the bike a newa and distinguished look.

Framed Attack

Rating: (4.5/5)

Framed Attack is a lightweight and flexible BMX bike. It weighs around 25 pounds, despite having a sturdy chromoly frame. It has a 1/8th chromoly fork and 2-piece chromoly bars. The grip is distinguishable for its light color. It’s built from Velo Mushroom material and is a tight and easy to use grip. It absorbs sweat and keeps the hands comfortable while riding. This bike will be delivered partially assembled, and you will have instructions on how to put it together. Following the instructions is easy, and it should take only 15-30 minutes to assemble the bike. You need to have it assembled in order to get the warranty, otherwise it will be void. While it’s not necessary, you can always take it to a bike technician to get it assembled.

This bike is suitable for kids, pre-teens, teenagers, and some adults. Adults that are tall, say above 6’0″, should look towards using a bigger bike, such as a 24-inch or 26-inch wheel size BMX bike. The Tony Hawk BMX bike is a good example of it. However, many adults above 6’0″ report that this bike is perfectly comfortable for them. It is a very sturdy bike, as it can handle a lot of weight. You’re recommended to read the product details or contact the seller if you’re not sure that the size is right for you. This bike is not worth missing out on, because of its load strength and great performance.

Mongoose Legion L60

Rating: (4.1/5)

Another BMX bike in the Mongoose Legion series, the L60 is a wholesome and agile bike. Firstly, it shares many of the same features that other bikes in this series have. This include a BMX-styled Hi-Ten steel frame, which is lightweight and sturdy. It’s specifically designed for BMX. The top tube is about 20.5 inches long. This bike also has 25x9T gearing cassette driver and 3-piece tubular cranks. This gearing gives the bike better clearance and makes it more responsive. This bike uses standard rear alloy u-brakes with levers; they carefully bring the bike to a stop when used. Comparing the different brakes, such as coaster brakes, v brakes, and u brakes, is for a different discussion. But rest assured, the u-brakes are sufficient for bicycles. This bike has a special Mongoose saddle that’s lightweight and comfortable for riders. A BMX bike seat needs to have a good grip, and be a little hard, so that it straightens the rider’s posture. This bike’s seat is a good combination of those things.

This bike has a wheel size of 20 inches. One of the good things about riding a BMX bike is that it can fit a wide age range. For example, this bike is used both by 15 year olds and even 35 year olds. The versatility of BMX bikes is what makes them appealing to riders, and the Mongoose L60 is one of the more versatile ones.

Bounce Nemesis

Rating: (4.2/5)

Bounce Nemesis is different from regular BMX bikes, because it’s a mini BMX bike. See also: Fatboy mini BMX bikes. Mini BMX bikes are not just smaller, but they also have a different frame and structure. They have higher handlebars, and a relatively bigger seat and smaller frame. Despite the name, they’re often the choice for many professional riders, because the mini bikes can be more versatile and agile than a clunkier and bigger BMX bike. This bike has a reinforced frame which is sturdy and can withstand a lot of use without breaking apart. The geometry of this BMX bike is responsive, and it allows the bike to have better performance with stunts. The tires are a mere 10-inches, so they’re much smaller than those in regular-sized BMX bikes. Another thing to note about this bike, and Fatboy mini BMX bikes, is that they have no brakes. This of course reduces the space and size required for the bike, and makes their function much simpler. The downside, though, is having no brakes. However, many BMX riders find that brakes can be a hindrance, and only get in the way. They’re also not necessary, because you can just use your legs to bring the bike to a stop when needed.

This bikes is popular among kids below 10, but it can be used by riders of nearly any age. They will have to be below a certain size to fit, though. The exact specifications and requirements can be found on the product page or the seller’s contact page.

Royalbaby Freestyle

Rating: (4.1/5)

This is a cute and fashionable BMX bike for both boys and girls. It comes in the following colors: blue, green, orange, pink, red, and white. It includes many neat features, such as training wheels, a water bottle, a bell, and an adjustable seat. The bike is 95% assembled, and you only need to put together a few minor parts in order to starting using it. The minor parts are the pedals, training wheels, saddle, and handlebar. This bike is sturdy, despite being a small one. It’s made from a sport steel frame and has a 1-piece crank with ball bearing shaft and full chain guard. The tires are thick and are suitable for riding outdoors. This bike uses a mix of advanced and effective braking systems. It has a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake, which lets the riders explore different braking options. It also helps them learn about the different types of brakes, which comes in handy later when riding bigger bicycles. The training wheels, which are included, add to the bike by functioning as support for kids who aren’t ready to ride a bike by themselves. The training wheels are noise-free and they’re sturdy and don’t break. They’re useful for toddlers. They can also be easily removed when your kid feels ready to ride the bicycle without them.

This bike is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 8. It’s one of the most popular BMX bikes for kids, because of its compact and attractive design and its ease of use. Kids like it because it comes in colorful designs and it has cool little accessories, such as a water bottle holder.

What Are The Best BMX Bike Brands?

There many different brands that produce BMX bikes. Let’s look at the best-selling, best-rated, and most prolific ones. These are selected for their influence on the market, as well as their innovation in making BMX bikes. Knowing what the best brands are can help you narrow down your search for the best BMX bike. Here are the best BMX bike brands:


Mongoose is arguably the best brand that makes BMX bikes, based on their Legion series and other bikes. It was founded in 1974 and started off with creating a wheel to make BMX bikes stronger and more reliable. Mongoose has been at the forefront of making BMX bikes mainstream, and not just odd hobbies. They’ve produced a variety of different BMX bikes, for a wide range of riders. I recommend their series of Legion BMX bikes, from Legion L10, L20, L40, L60, L80, to L100.

Redline Bicycles

Redline makes high quality sports bicycle, particularly for BMX, cyclocross, and mountain biking. Their BMX bicycles are highly-rated and consistently liked by users for their speed, lightweight, and flexiblity in performing stunts and tricks. The Redline Asset and PL26 are some of the better ones by Redline Bicyces.

Framed Bikes

Framed bikes is a canadian manufacturer that makes a variety of different bikes, including BMX bikes. They’re liked for their simple yet effective designs. The Framed Twenty6er, for example, has a minimal design but it’s sturdy and ergonomic. Framed prides themselves on doing extensive research and testing on their bikes before releasing them on the market. What I really like about them is how they’re easy to use for riders of any age, whether they’re kids or adults.


If you love bicycles, you’ve probably heard of Diamondback. They’re a hugely popular brand that’s operational in many countries, such as Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, and Bangladesh. Diamondback makes nearly all sorts of bicycles. They’re not as prolific as other brands in BMX bikes, but their BMX bikes are a good quality. Based on the name recognition and brand trustability alone, Diamondback BMX bikes are a good choice for any rider.

Haro Bikes

Haro Bikes is a brand that specializes in making BMX bikes, so they focus all of their work on making high-performing and user-friendly BMX bikes. They also make mountain bikes. Their children’s BMX bikes are impressive, because they’re small and lightweight, but manage to be sturdy. They also have beautiful designs. I recommend the Shredder series for its variety of BMX bikes and lots of accessories, like training wheels.

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