Apollo dirt bikeThere is some debate about Chinese dirt bikes by Apollo. People are concerned about their quality, as Chinese-manufactured products are cheap and don’t have a stellar reputation. People are worried about them breaking down, not being sturdy, and not being stable.

There are all valid concerns, but not all of them hold water. We’re going to review 2 dirt bikes by Apollo, and see what the hype (and criticism) is all about. One of them is a 125 cc bike, the other is a 250 cc one. Then we’ll talk about whether you should buy an Apollo bike or not.

Read on below to find out.

Apollo 125cc dirt bikeApollo AGB 37 125cc Dirt Bike

Rating: (3.5/5)

The first bike in our review is the AGB 37. It’s a 125cc dirt bike that weighs 350 pounds and can be used by a wide range of ages. This is a smaller dirt bike and doesn’t have as much engine displacement as a 250cc dirt bike. Here is the full set of features and specifications of this dirt bike:


  • 125 cc engine
  • 4-stroke, single cylinder air-cooled
  • 17-inch tires
  • Weighs 350 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity 220 pounds
  • Available in different colors
  • Assembly required
  • 8.2 horsepower
  • Max torque 9.0/5500
  • Maximum speed: 55 MPH


The AGB 37 is a mid-sized 125 cc dirt bike that’s best suited for beginners and intermediates. It weighs 350 pounds and it allows a maximum rider weight of 220 pounds. Dirt bikes with a 125 cc engine is classified as being in the mid-sized range. There are 50 cc dirt bikes, 70 cc dirt bikes, and 110 cc dirt bikes that have a smaller size and engine capacity. They’re intended for children’s use.

This 125 cc dirt bike can be used by children, particularly pre-teens and teens, if they know how to ride it. It will require some practice and knowledge about the manual clutch system and the engine. This bike can also be used by adults of any age, as long as they’re below the weight limit. So this bike has a wide age range.

Let’s talk a little about the engine. A 125 cc engine is an average engine displacement for a dirt bike. A 250 cc engine displacement would be on the higher end. The engine is air-cooled, as opposed to being water-cooled. A 4-stroke engine implies that it’s certainly not a small engine. A 4-stroke engine is heavier, less noisy, and more efficient than a 2-stroke engine.

This dirt bike has a maximum speed of 55 MPH, along with front and rear disc brakes. A speed limiter is not present, and neither is a remote start. Those are typically present in children’s bikes, for added safety.


  • A four-stroke engine is a good choice for this dirt bike, because it’s more efficient and longer-lasting than a two-stroke engine. It makes minimal noise when it’s running, and it can withstand longer usage.
  • This dirt bike has a good design; not only does it look cool, but it’s also pragmatic.
  • The bike is affordable; currently under $700, it’s a budget price for a dirt bike with these features.
  • The maximum speed of 55 MPH is fast and it lets the bike be competitive in sports like Motocross and other kinds of racing.
  • Easy to assemble once the package is delivered and opened.


  • Some of the parts are not high quality, and you may experience problems with them. These parts include the carburetor, gas valve, and exhaust.
  • It is hard to find replacement parts for an Apollo dirt bike; you might have to go for other brands, which can make the process more complicated.


In short, the AGB 37 dirt bike is a mid-sized 125 cc dirt bike for adults and teens. It has a good design, a fast speed, decent engine & torque/horsepower, and is pretty cheap. But on the negative side, its parts are not very high quality.

Does that mean the bike is useless? No, this dirt bike is ideal for certain purposes. For example, if you’re new to dirt biking, or you’re an intermediate, and you’re just looking for a cheap average bike that works, then this may be a good choice. While it can’t promise to be a perfect bike for advanced dirt riding, it is still a good bike for practice or just fun. You can ride it outdoors for leisure or entertainment, and it’s perfectly fine for that. It can also be used for racing, because it has a high maximum speed. Later, we will discuss Apollo dirt bikes and whether they’re a good option for dirt riders.

Apollo 250cc dirt bikeApollo AGB 36 250cc Dirt Bike

Rating: (3.8/5)

Now let’s review the AGB 36, which is a 250 cc dirt bike by Apollo. This is a bigger and more powerful beast than the AGB 37, though it’s also more expensive. It’s a better-rated bike though; it’s more reliable and has a better performance. Let’s look at the features and specifications of this bike.


  • 250 cc engine
  • 4-stroke, single cylinder air-cooled
  • 21-inch tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Maximum weight capacity 440 pounds
  • Available in different colors
  • Assembly required
  • 15.64 horsepower
  • Max torque 17.5/5500
  • Maximum speed 70 MPH


The AGB 36 is a full-sized bike with an engine displacement of 250 cc. It has a fuel capacity of 8 liters. This makes it more sophisticated and powerful than the AGB 37 dirt bike. Which is funny, because judging by their names, you would think that since the AGB 37 comes after the AGB 36, it should be a better and stronger version. But no matter, the names are not what we’re focused on here; we’re reviewing the features and performance of this dirt bike.

A 250cc dirt bike is intended to be used by adults. This one allows a maximum rider weight of 440 pounds, so it can support almost any adult. It can also support two people at once, provided their total weight is less than 440. This dirt bike has a high torque and horsepower. This means that it can go fast and also turn pretty easily. This makes it competitive for Motocross racing and other sports.

It reaches a maximum speed of 70 MPH, which is very fast. You won’t find this kind of power in smaller dirt bikes. It has 5 speeds, which can be adjusted. It also has large tires, which help in riding on all-terrain surfaces like dirt, mud, and sand. It also lets the rider race and do stunts without damaging the bike.

This dirt bike is proof that you don’t need a big name brand bike to get a reliable and powerful dirt biking experience. Not only does this dirt bike give all the regular power that you’d expect from a big name dirt bike, but it comes at a much more affordable price.


  • A budget bike that has features that are nearly as good or just as good as a big name brand bike.
  • The 440 pound weight capacity lets an extra person sit on the bike, behind the driver.
  • The wheels and engine are designed for off-road riding, dirt biking, racing, and doing stunts.
  • Despite being an a powerful and advanced bike for adults, it has a simple user-friendly interface with 5 manual speeds and an electric kick start.
  • It’s a durable bike with a solid frame.


  • It can be a problem if you break a part and need to get it replaced, because the specific replacement parts for this model are hard to find.


In short, the AGB 36 is a full-sized 250cc dirt bike for adults and advanced dirt riders. It has the capabilities to race and ride off-road. The maximum speed of 70 MPH, along with the large off-road 21-inch tires, and the powerful engine make it great for dirt biking.

It’s undeniable that this dirt bike has a cool design; the almost all-black finish and the metallic coating is a ballsy look for a dirt bike. Most dirt bikes use at least some color combinations of silver, red, or blue. But the all-black design suits this bike well; it ends up looking cooler than you might have thought.

The Apollo AGB 36 dirt bike is one of those bikes that break the notion that Chinese products are all trash and low-quality (we’ll get more into that below). This is not a bike that has poor quality; it’s certainly average at worst, and pretty good at best. Now, you can’t expect it to be top 5 material at this price, because it is pretty cheap. But it strikes a really good balance between affordability and quality. It doesn’t sacrifice key features and quality for a low price. This bike shows that you don’t need to get a huge name brand bike in order to be satisfied.

Should You Get Apollo Dirt Bikes?

Now, instead of reviewing individual dirt bikes, let’s discuss whether you should buy Apollo dirt bikes in general. The two dirt bikes that we reviewed are the best ones made by Apollo, and they have decent features and an overall rating. If you’ve decided on buying from this brand, then you should definitely pick from one of those, whether it’s the 125cc bike or the 250cc bike.


But, let’s not ignore the concerns that some customers and prospective buyers have about these dirt bikes. Some people have concerns about the products being low quality, and it’s certainly true that everyday products in China are produced at a relatively cheap price. But the truth is that you get what you pay for. While the quality of Apollo products won’t be as good as that of Honda, they’re also much more affordable than Honda. It’s all about picking the right Apollo product; some will be so bad that they won’t even last for more than a day. Others will be reliable enough to last for years. This is why we picked the 2 best dirt bikes that have the highest quality and performance (from Apollo).

Another concern that people have, which we also stated in our reviews, is parts availability is not great for dirt bikes by Apollo. This problem can come up if you’ve used your bike a lot, and one of the parts, like the carburetor or clutch, are broken or worn out, and need to be replaced. You’ll seldom be able to find an exact replacement for the bike part. However, there’s an easy solution to this. You just have to do a little research and find a part from another company that closes matches the one you need to replace. There is no shortage of dirt bike parts available for sale, and you will definitely be able to find one that fits in your bike. So this is really a minor problem. Besides, not everyone needs to replace a part in the first place.


On the plus side, there are many satisfied customers that have liked these dirt bikes, and there are many reasons they give for liking Apollo products. Here’s a great discussion by people who have actually bought and tried these bikes. For one, they’re cheaper than the big name brands. And the right ones practically have the same performance. People like the simplicity and reliability of these dirt bikes.

Apollo itself is an interesting company that specializes in making off-road vehicles. One reason it’s unique is that it performs its own research and testing, instead of delegating it to others. It places strong emphasis on design, testing, and development. This is a good indication that they know what they’re doing, and put a lot of work into their products. While it doesn’t have the same budget as the big name brands, it does seem to have a niche dedication and work ethic.


In conclusion, we reviewed 2 dirt bikes. The AGB 37 is a 125cc mid-sized dirt bike that’s affordable and has a good design and engine. The AGB 36 is a 250cc full-sized dirt bike. It’s faster, more powerful, and has a better performance, and is also affordable for its quality.

Buying dirt bikes from Apollo remains a debated topic, although there is more praise than criticism by people who have tried those products. They’re praised for being affordable, and for being focused on design and performance. On the other hand, they’re critiqued for not being high quality, and for the dirt bike parts being difficult to find and not readily available.

It all comes down to finding the right dirt bike. There are a few tips you should keep in mind, and you will be on your way to riding an awesome dirt bike. First of all, be sure to do your research. Read reviews (like ours!), compare different bikes, and read all of the specifications before buying. You’ll easily be able to distinguish the good bikes from the bad ones. Secondly, ask a question about it. Whether you’re not sure about the parts availability or the durability of a dirt bike, just ask. The manufacture usually will reply to you very soon. Choose a bike that has gotten real and good reviews. Judge for yourself whether it looks to be worth the price.

Happy dirt biking!

P.S. if you experience any problems with starting up your bike, then read this article on how to jump start a motorcycle.

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