Red adult tricycleAfter careful consideration we’ve determined that the Schwinn Meridian is the best three-wheeled adult tricycle to get.

Adult tricycles are unconventional, but they have many uses. A sizable number of adults use tricycles for recreation, getting around, shopping, and exercise. While they are used by many different adults, they’re especially useful for senior citizens because of their stability and comfort. They’re also liked because of their uniqueness, and the storage basket that lets you carry items, making it great for grocery shopping. Here are my picks for the top 10 best adult tricycles to get in 2017:

10 Best Adult Tricycles

Types Of Adult Tricycles

5 Reasons To Get An Adult Tricycle

Schwiin meridian, the best adult tricycle1. Schwinn Meridian 26-inch

Rating: (4.5/5)

The best adult tricycle is selected for its mix of great features and its low price. Here are the features and specifications of this Schwinn Meridian bike:

  • Single speed
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Weighs 70 pounds
  • Brakes: Linear front pull and rear hand
  • Alloy rims and stainless steel spokes
  • Folding basket in the rear
  • Upright handlebars
  • Paddle spring cruiser saddle


When you’re looking for a full-sized tricycle for adults, look no further than the Schwinn Meridian. It’s the best-selling adult tricycle in America, and for good reason. It functions effectively for all ages and has everything you need in a tricycle. It may not be the most advanced or high-end tricycle, but it’s the best tricycle for its low price. Its simplicity and affordability are what drive its appeal.

This bike, like most tricycles, has a single speed and gear ratio. There are a few advantages to single-speed tricycles, the main one being that they’re lightweight and mechanically simple. They’re efficient; with a straight chainline and no chainrings or chain drag, you save extra space and energy. Single-speed bicycles have the disadvantage of not being versatile and having no option to pedal efficiently outside of the speed. But tricycles are perfect for a single-speed gear, because they don’t need to go fast or change up speed by a lot. A single speed suites this tricycle because of its stable function and geometry. The all-age specification makes this a good 3-wheel bike for seniors.

This bike also has the typical front and rear brakes; linear pull brake and rear hand brake, respectively. These brakes are simple and are used in most tricycles. The wheels are one of the top reasons why I love this trike. They’re very durable; made from a metal alloy and stainless steel. The tires are smooth and they ride along the road with ease. They’re made from sturdy material so you won’t easily scratch them when making those sharp and difficult turns on the tricycle.

There’s not much to say about this trike that you can’t already see. If you’re looking for an adult-sized tricycle for shopping, exercising, or recreation, at a modest price, then this is the trike to get.

Raleigh bikes tristar2. Raleigh Bikes Tristar

Rating: (4.4/5)

Tristar by Raleigh is a small and lightweight trike with 3 speeds and good for shopping and exercising. It’s a high-end tricycle that delivers on quality and performance. Here are the features and specifications of the Raleigh Bikes Tristar:

  • 3 speeds
  • Weighs 65 pounds
  • 24-inch size
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Rear metal basket that can carry a maximum weight of 45 pounds
  • Brake lever lock
  • Comfort tractor saddle


This is a pretty small tricycle; size 24-inch and weighs 65 pounds. It’s popular among small-sized adults, especially women. For some reason, the Amazon product page is incorrect when it shows this bike’s age range. It can be used by adults and not just kids.

One of the high points of this trike is that it has a 3-speed gear. This makes it more versatile and adjustable than single-speed tricycles. Having more than one speed comes in handy when you use the tricycle for exercise, because you need to switch gears often. Whether you’re going fast, or slow during breaks, you need to change the speed to pedal efficiently. 3-speed tricycles also come in handy in areas where there are inclines and not completely flat surfaces. You’ll find it helpful to switch between gears when going uphill and downhill.

Another pro of this tricycle is the rear basket. It’s a strong and metal basket that’s great for carrying a lot of weight. It can carry a maximum weight of 45 pounds, which is a lot for a pedal tricycle. Most tricycles with rear baskets can’t carry that much. So this is a great bike for going shopping! If you don’t have a car, then this is the next best option for going out shopping for groceries or clothes. You can’t carry that stuff on a bicycle; you can try, but it’s very uncomfortable. I used to take my bicycle out when going grocery shopping, and I would hang the grocery bags on the handlebars. It was very awkward and difficult! A tricycle with a rear basket would have come in handy.

This bike has a hand-brake lever lock which keeps the bike locked in place. It’s useful when you want to park or stop a bike uphill, and it prevents the bike from rolling down. It’s also useful to pull the lever lock when you’re getting on and off the bike; so that it stays in place. Overall, this is a top-quality and high-end trike. While it’s not for adults of all sizes and weights, it fits small-sized adults very well.

Razor DXT drift trike3. Razor DXT Drift Trike

Rating: (4.4/5)

A more sporty tricycle, the Razor DXT is an adult-sized tricycle for thrills and fun. It runs on a drifting mechanism that’s quite different from simple pedal tricycles. Here are the features and specifications:

  • Front free-wheel and Super Slider POM rear wheels
  • BMX style pedals
  • Front V-brake
  • Steel frame
  • Moto-style handlebars with pro-style grip
  • Triple crown fork
  • Adjustable bucket seat


Razor DXT is different from most recumbent or upright tricycles. With those, you pedal in a straight line and use it to get from one place to another. Drift trikes are meant for no holds barred fun. You can use it for sports, recreation, and even transport. The DXT is special in that it’s not like drift trikes for kids; this is a drift trike for adults (that older children can also use). That means it’s built to sustain a lot of weight and has a wide range of functions.

Drift triking is small but popular sport that has gained a dedicated following in the last several years. Drift trikes are usually driven downhill; they rely on momentum and gravity, a little bit on pedaling. They have slick rear wheels that reduce traction to make the wheels more loose. This lets the bike “drift” and not go in a straight line motion. Riders make use of pedals to have more control over the bike. Drift triking should be done in a controlled setting, because going downhill and drifting can be unsafe if you don’t know what you’re doing. The DXT has front V-brakes that safely and quickly stop the tricycle. Drift trikes fall under the usual cycling laws, so they can be driven on pavements, hills, streets, bike lanes, etc.

A good drift trike needs to have stable wheels that let the rider drift in a free-range and controlled motion. This trike has a 20-inch pneumatic front wheel and 10-inch blow molded rear wheels. It has a good grip and a 2-piece welded steel frame for durability. The seat is adjustable in 2 positions. When you ride it, you can feel how smooth the tires are; the drifting motion is natural. This is a super fun tricycle that you can take out for hours, riding downhill or around the street.

Mobo Triton Pro, an adult recumbent tricycle4. Mobo Triton Pro

Rating: (4.3/5)

Mobo Triton Pro is a three-wheeled cruiser that’s uniquely designed for cardiovascular exercise and recreational use in a recumbent position. Here are the main features:

  • Single speed
  • Recumbent design
  • Adjustable steel frame with 10 slots
  • Fits riders with heights anywhere between 4’2″ and 6’3″
  • Rear wheel steering
  • Weighs 44 pounds


Mobo Triton Pro is a three-wheeled recumbent cruiser trike. If you don’t know what recumbent tricycles are, they’re tricycles where the rider is in a laid-lack and reclined position. They have better weight distribution than upright tricycles. They also have an aerodynamic advantage and better stability, and they’re especially useful for people with back/neck/joint pain. Mobo Triton Pro is a good example of a recumbent tricycle that works for riders of all sizes and needs.

This bike is designed to be a good tool for cardiovascular exercise. It has a rear steering system; you can notice in the picture that there are two steering sticks near the end of the bike. Rear steering is known to be beneficial for building arm strength and shoulder stability. You don’t have to lean forward and roll your shoulders forward; instead, this position lets you keep your back straight. Having steering sticks, instead of handlebars, gives your arms a good workout too.

This trike is suited for anyone with heights between 4’2″ and 6’3″, give or take a few inches. The frame is easily adjustable from the bottom, with 10 positions.

So who is this tricycle good for? It’s a good choice for people with back, shoulder, or joint pain. In the reclined position, your back and shoulder are fully rested. This trike gives you a good workout without hurting your joints. It can be a little uncomfortable or awkward position to get used to at first.

The only major negative point I found in this bike is that it only has a single speed, so you can’t ride it anywhere besides flat and smooth surfaces. Since this bike doesn’t come with a basket or a rear view mirror, it’s a good idea to get those things, especially if you plan on riding it on the road. It’s always useful to have a basket to carry your stuff.

Recumbent tricycles are a niche 3-wheel bike that only a few group of people ride. They’re not one of the more popular or highly-rated tricycles, but this is one of the few good affordable ones in the market.

Schwinn Meridian 24-inch tricycle5. Schwinn Meridian 24-inch

Rating: (4.1/5)

Another Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle that’s affordable and simple. This one has a 24-inch size, smaller than the 26-inch tricycle. Here are the features and specifications:

  • Single speed
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Mechanical rim brakes
  • Alloy wheels
  • Folding rear basket
  • Swept back handlebars
  • Large springer adjustable cruiser seat


The 24-inch Schwinn Meridian is very similar to the 26-inch bike, see the top review on this page for more. But there are also differences between the two bikes, which I will discuss in this quick review.

This tricycle costs slightly more than the 26-inch one, and that’s probably because of its large and comfortable seat. Its height can be adjusted to suit the rider better. Springer cruiser seats are soft and comfortable for your buttocks; they reduce strain.

Like other tricycles in the same series, the rear basket can be folded down to save space, when it’s not being used. And when you do use it, it has a large area of space in which you can store weight up to 50 pounds. You can even put a little pet dog in it like one buyer did, pictured on the right. You can put anything in it; a common item being groceries. This bike is popular with moms that want a stable and simple bike with a cute design and no high speed or advanced functions.

One thing I like about this trike more than the 26-inch one is the design. The slate blue color just looks better to me because it looks different from the regular red and blue colors that tricycles have. It looks shinier and more polished, and it even reflects sunlight better, which makes the bike more visible and less heated in the summer. Besides the color, I also like the long, curved shape and the thin frame. It fits people with long legs (like me) better, and is more lightweight and compact. The tricycle weighs only 60 pounds, which is about 10 pounds lighter than the 26-inch Schwinn Meridian.

Mantis tri-rad adult folding trike6. Mantis Tri-Rad


Mantis Tri-Rad is a folding tricycle for adults. It’s made from a steel frame that’s easily foldable for carrying and storage. With an ergonomic design, it provides comfort and a stable ride for those who want a simple and compact tricycle. Here are the features:

  • Single speed
  • Foldable steel frame
  • Aluminum rim and Kenda tires
  • Large padded saddle
  • Front V-brake and parking brake
  • Rear basket


Folding tricycles are difficult to get right; people are concerned about their safety when a bike they’re riding on can be folded. A good folding bike needs to balance between being easy to fold, and secure enough to not spontaneously fold. Tri-rad uses a quick release lever to make the bike foldable. So it has got the easy part down. But is it secure? The lever looks secure and tight, and I had no problem with it when trying out the bike. It’s positioned and locked so that it won’t spontaneously open and make the bike foldable when you’re riding it. You’ll need to frequently check to see that the lever is secure and not wearing out. Even if it slips a little, that can be dangerous, so you should periodically get it tightened.

One frequently reported problem with this trike is that it’s difficult to assemble and the assembly instructions are not clear. The instructions don’t explain how to actually assemble the bike, and some of the steps are missing. Unless you wanna work on it for several hours and you already have mechanical knowledge, you’ll have to take it to a bicycle shop to get it assembled. This will cost a little extra ($20 – $30) and be nuisance for some. Folding tricycles are complicated to assemble.

Once the assembly issues are resolved, this is a fine bike that cruises at a single-speed and is stable and easy to use. It’s popular among all kinds of adults and older children, particularly those with special needs. The rear basket is spacious and can be used to carry light items like groceries, gym clothes, shopping bags, personal bags, etc. Folding is a really neat feature and it makes the tricycle more compact and storable. You can fold the trike and store it in your house easily. You can also place it in the trunk of a car; it’s easy to transport.

Komodo adult tricycle7. Komodo Adult Tricycle

Rating: (4.0/5)

Komodo is a versatile 6-speed adult tricycle. This is for adults who are bored of the single-speed and 3-speed tricycles and want to be able to control the gear for different inclines and surfaces. Here are the features:

  • 6 Speed
  • Size 24-inch
  • Large wire basket
  • Front alloy brake and rear steel brake
  • Shimano shifter and derailleur
  • Bell
  • Low clearance


The Komodo tricycle is sold in four different color combinations: light yellow/beige mix, blue/white, army green, and maroon white. It has a skinnier frame compared to other adult tricycles. The basket, also, is made from a wire frame, as opposed to a steel frame. This does not mean the trike is not durable, but it’s certainly not the most durable trike. The thin frame, in my opinion, gives it a sleek look and aerodynamic advantage. The bike is also lightweight for an adult tricycle, so that makes it easier to move and use.

The defining features for this tricycle is the 6-speed gear facilitated by the Shimano RS45 shifter. It’s not common for a tricycle to have 6 different speeds, but usually they don’t need them. One speed or three speeds work fine for most tricycle users, because a tricycle is intended for stable transport. But, there are some people who’ve had problems with this; they feel that a single-speed tricycle is too limited because it can only ride on flat surfaces. Realistically, you are gonna encounter some slopes and inclines, and that’s where you need extra speeds. While a single-speed tricycle can still work over an incline, it can certainly be improved by having gears. 3-speed gear is fine in my opinion, and 6-speed is not necessary unless you plan to use the tricycle in different than conventional ways.

Worksman WTX8. Worksman WTX

Rating: (3.9/5)

Worksman WTX is a wide-tracking adult tricycle with a simple pedaling system. It resembles a kid’s tricycle due to its simplicity. It’s a useful tricycle for people with special needs, particularly senior citizens and the disabled. Here are the features and specifications:


  • Lycra-covered extra-wide seat
  • Wheelbarrow-style wheels
  • Large air tires
  • Supporters riders with a maximum weight of 250 pounds
  • Pedals connected to front wheel


Worksman WXT is a simple and minimal tricycle for adults and older kids. And when I say simple, I mean really simple. There are no gears, chains, baskets, or brakes. If you’re not sure about the purpose of tricycles like these, then let me explain. They’re supposed to help people with disabilities by providing a simple and uncomplicated physical exercise to build balance and coordination. This is called physical therapy and motion training. It’s a therapeutic trike for people with special needs, whether its autism, a physical disability, or other kind of special need.

The trike is designed to as easy and comfortable for the rider as possible. The seat is wide and has thick padding; it’s very comfortable and will reduce the stress on your lower bones. The pedals are placed on the front tire; this gives the right total control over the steering and direction of the trike. It also makes it much easier to pedal and steer. There are no brake, and they’re not necessary. The tricycle won’t be going at high speeds or on large distances. It can be stopped simply by reverse pedaling or placing your feet on the ground. The thick, wheelbarrow-styled tires are meant to provide optimal stability, so that the tricycle stays upright and balanced at all times. Worksman WTX is very sturdy; it’s made from a durable frame that can hold a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

There are only two reasons why this trike isn’t higher on my list. Firstly, since it’s intended for people with special needs, it doesn’t have a wide range of appeal for all adults. But it is still excellent for its purpose. Secondly, the shipping takes a long time and costs significantly extra, so that can turn off people who are interested in buying it. If you can overlook that, then this is a great trike to own; it’s one of the best special needs trikes in the market.

9. Goplus Adult Tricycle

Rating: (3.5/5)

Goplus is a company known for making bicycles and tricycles. They’re particularly know for folding electric bicycles. This Goplus adult tricycle is durable and has a simple design. Here are the features and specifications:

  • Single speed
  • Bell
  • Large foldable rear basket
  • Padded spring cruiser seat with adjustable height
  • Rear and front brakes
  • Full wrap fenders and swept back handlebars


This is a fairly low-key tricycle with a decent set of features. It has a single speed, which tends to limit the range and versatility of a tricycle. In this case, it’s fine because this is a simple tricycle that’s meant to be ridden on flat surfaces. In fact, most tricycles like this should be used on flat surfaces. They’re meant for transport and shopping, particularly carrying groceries or other items.

In terms of transporting items, this tricycle is very useful. It has a large rear basket that can be used to store items that weigh up to 33 pounds. Common items that people store in their baskets include: shopping bags, groceries, books, school bags, and more. But it’s not just items. Some riders even put their dog in the basket! This is a cute and useful way to get your dog somewhere. But please make sure to use a strap or belt to keep the pet seated tight.

This tricycle has an ergonomic build that allows for a smooth and convenient ride. It has swept back handlebars, which make it easier to grip them in an upright position. The trike also has a low stand over frame. That’s the bar in between the seat and the handlebars. It’s at a very low height, which makes it easy for anyone to mount the trike. This trike has a large and comfortable seat, with a spring cruiser paddle. It’s adjustable so it can accommodate riders of different heights. There are also full wrap fenders that keep the bike clean and dry. Lastly, this trike is also very durable; it’s made from a steel frame and it can hold a maximum weight of 265 pounds. It has wheels made from steel rims, which give it a smooth and stable ride.

Iglobalbuy adult trike10. Iglobalbuy Adult Tricycle

Rating: (3.5/5)

Iglobalbuy is a relatively unknown merchant of tricycles, bicycles, and bike parts. This tricycle is one of their better products. It has a good performance at a modest price. Here are the features and specifications:

  • 6 speeds
  • 24-inch wheels
  • Folding rear basket
  • High carbon steel frame
  • Alloy rims with stainless steel spokes
  • Padded spring cruiser saddle


This is a unique tricycle because it has a 6-speed Shift imported from Japan. 6 speeds is a lot of gears for a tricycle. It gives it more versatility to ride on surfaces that aren’t just flat. This includes uphill, downhill, and off-road. Some riders feel limited by the single-speed tricycles. Even though the Schwinn Meridian is overall the best adult tricycle, an often cited concern is that its single speed feature limits where they can ride it. That’s especially true for people who live in hilly areas. That’s where a tricycle like this comes in handy. It can drive up slopes.

This tricycle is also very durable. It has wheels with alloy rims and stainless steel spokes. They’re sturdy and last for a long time. They’re also smooth and noise-free. Riding this trike is great on most surfaces because the wheels accommodate for it. The trike is built from a high carbon steel frame. This is a very sturdy frame and it can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It’s probably one of the most sturdy adult tricycles in the market right now. The weight limit is the combined weight of the rider and the cargo, not just the weight of the rider.

I also found this tricycle to be very user-friendly. The frame folds very easily and it can be stored anywhere, such as in your closet or basement. You can take it inside public buildings, which is a convenience you don’t get with regular tricycles. The basket is also foldable. This makes the whole bike more compact, because when it’s folded up, the basket should also be foldable. Some tricycles have detachable baskets. I prefer the foldable ones, because I like having a basket on the tricycle at all times.

Types of Adult Tricycles

There are different kinds of tricycles, and it helps to know the differences between them. The two main kinds are – upright tricycles and recumbent tricycles. There are also different categories of them. Here are all the different types of adult tricycles:

Upright Tricycles

The most common types of tricycles for adults are upright tricycles. These resemble two-wheeled bicycles, with the main difference being that there are two rear wheels and one front wheel. Steering is done through the handlebar which is connected to the front wheel. They’re called “upright” because your back will be upright while riding it, as opposed to leaned backwards in recumbent tricycles. Upright tricycles are the most common because they’re the simplest, they’re like most other bicycles and are easy to use. The only negative point is that they have a relatively high center of gravity, which poses some risk of tilting when the bike is turning or going around a corner. They also require some caution for riding on sloped terrains.

Recumbent Tricycles

Recumbent tricycles have a much lower seat which is leaned back. They also usually have handlebars close to the seat, instead of the front wheel (as pictured in the Mobo Triton Pro). Recumbent tricycles promise better stability, because they’re easy on the back and they have a low center of gravity. They’re popular among senior citizens and people with back or joint problems. Due to the low center of gravity, they’re less likely to tip over than upright tricycles. However, there are disadvantages to recumbent trikes. They’re more expensive than upright tricycles. They’re also harder for others to see in traffic. They’re also not suitable for going up inclines, because you can’t get traction for it by standing up on the pedals. Multi-speed trikes, however, are better for riding on sloped areas. See also: best recumbent trikes.

Electric Tricycles

Electric tricycles come in many different shapes and sizes. Any three-wheeled vehicle that runs on an electric motor with a battery can be considered an electric tricycle. This also includes electric scooters with 3 wheels. For more, read the article on best electric tricycles.

Electric tricycles are very different from the regular upright or recumbent tricycles, since they run on electricity and are not human-powered. Some use pedals to supplement the electric motor. Electric tricycles are significantly faster, and they’re used for more transport than for exercise. See also: best electric tricycles.

Drift Tricycles

Drift tricycles are characterized by their large front wheel and 2 small rear wheels. The rear wheels are slick and made from hard plastic. They’re designed to drift while the trike is in motion and the front wheel stays fixed.

Drift trikes have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and they have a devoted following around the world. It’s used in sports competitions, racing, and just plain leisure. They work best on downhill slopes, because the gravity gives the best drifting effect. However, they can be driven on flat surfaces too, because they have front pedals and that let the rider generate speed and drift. Drift trikes are used by both kids and adults.

5 Reasons For An Adult To Get A Tricycle

Tricycles are frequently talked about in the context of children. Because of their stability and ease of use, they’re considered ideal vehicles for small children to learn how to ride. They act as a replacement for training wheels. There’s no doubt that tricycles are a great developmental toy for kids.

You don’t hear as often about tricycles for adults. But there actually several reasons why an adult should ride a tricycle. Here are just a few of them:

Balance & Stability

Believe it or not, toddlers are not the only ones who have a hard time riding a bicycle. For some adults, it’s a difficult thing to master and poses some risks. This is where adult tricycles come in handy. Whether it’s a recumbent or an upright tricycle, it has much better stability than a two-wheeled bicycle. Three-wheeled bicycles take away the constant need to balance your vehicle, and lets you focus more on exercise and transport. For many adults, this is a viable way to get some outdoors exercise, which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get through a bicycle.

Better Shopping

Tricycles are great for shopping. Most upright tricycles come with a basket where you can put shopping bags. If you have a recumbent tricycle, you can also buy a separate basket and attach it.

Going shopping on the tricycle is convenient for people who don’t have cars, don’t drive cars, or just want a healthy and green way to go shopping. You get some physical exercise, and also do your part to keep the environment clean. Most tricycles have strong enough baskets to hold plenty of load, and you can carry most of your shopping items in that basket. However, be sure to check the weight limit, as they have specified weight limits for how much load they can carry.

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