70cc dirt bike70cc dirt bikes are, in our opinion, the ideal bikes for young kids and pre-teens to start out with. While 50cc dirt bikes may be too small and not perform as well, 70cc dirt bikes offer the right mix between power and moderation that’s perfect for young riders.

A dirt bike, also known as a pit bike, is an off-road motorcycle that’s used for sports, racing, or just recreation. The most common use of dirt bikes is in Motocross, but you can ride them pretty much anywhere off the road. A good dirt bike needs to have strong and thick tires for traversing the different terrains. It also needs to have a sturdy frame, a good grip on the handlebars, and a powerful engine. A 70cc dirt bike for kids will need to have a good motor and also be safe and not too fast. Here are our picks for the 3 best 70cc dirt bikes:

#1 – Coleman Powersports 70DX

Rating: (4.5/5)

This is the ideal 70cc dirt bike. It has a air-cooled, four-stroke engine with CDI ignition. This is very advanced for a small bike like this, obviously because a four-stroke engine entails a longer thermodynamic cycle and is intended for advanced vehicles. CDI ignition is a popular and effecient ignition system for dirt bikes, especially small ones.

This bike is very durable and powerful; it’s made from a steel frame. It has four-speeds and adjustable mono shock. It has a kick-start and semi-manual transmission, which makes it user-friendly and easy to operate for young riders. This bike has a very high speed of around 30 MPH and a a powerful 8.7 horsepower motor.

All of these features make this the most reliable, fun, safe, and powerful 70cc dirt bike.

#2 – Coolster 70cc

Rating: (4.0/5)

This pit bike by Coolster has a 70cc air-cooled engine. There are two types of engine: air-cooled and water-cooled. Air-cooled engine are more efficient because they cool faster, and they’re a lot lighter too. This bike is a great choice for young riders who are looking for an efficient dirt bike.

It’s very powerful and sturdy; it has a weight limit of 110 pounds. This means that it can accommodate young riders of most ages. This is a good weight limit for a small 70cc dirt bike. But the speed is where this bike really shines. It has a maximum speed of 34 MPH, which is really high. You’ll be whizzing past the ground when you’re riding this bike. Of course, safety is a concern too, and this bike is built to be safe and comfortable for young riders. It also has a very cool design, which young kids will love.

Monster Moto MM-B80

Rating: (4.2/5)

This is slightly different from regular dirt bikes that you might be use to, but I consider this a dirt bike because its built for rugged off-road use. It can certainly be used in the same way as any other dirt bike on this list can. And it’s worth including, because it has an excellent performance and set of features.

This bike has a four-stroke 80cc engine with a 2.5 horsepower. It’s a powerful and effective engine and has a heavy duty overhead valve. This bike has a maximum speed of 23 MPH, which is good for a mini bike. It has a safe braking system; it uses a rear disc brake that’d hand-operated. But the most impressive aspect of this bike is its durability. It’s built from a steel welded tube frame, with a powder coated gusset and polypropylene fenders. It’s not going to get dents because it’s a strong and high-quality frame.

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