Let’s talk a little bit about go-kart size and seats.

When you’re looking to build or buy a go-kart, this is an important thing to consider. Normally, we think of go-karts as having one or two seats. It makes sense; go-karts are supposed to be small vehicles, so they don’t normally have more than 2 seats.

But there are a few, larger go-karts out there that have 4 seats. They’re much more uncommon, and we’ll look at them in this article. We’ll also compare them to two-seater go-karts, and see how they’re similar and different.


2-seater go-karts have faster speeds and are more mobile

Better suited for off-roading and racing

Smaller, more compact and light-weight

Overall better


4-seater go-karts have more room, are not meant to be too mobile

Better suited for riding with family or a group of friends

Bigger and heavier

Limited in its functions and appeal

So it’s clear that 2-seater go-karts are more compact, small, and lightweight, compared to 4-seater go-karts. Four-seater go-karts are not as mobile, because they’re not intended to move around a lot. Two-seater go-karts will be commonly used for racing and driving on rough terrains. Four-seat go-karts are more typically used for casual riding, which is supposed to be slower and more relaxing.

Four-seat go-karts can be more popular among families. For example, a dad can drive the vehicle, while mom and his two children sit in the back. They can also be used by a group of friends going riding outside. 4-seat go-karts are better for social driving, while 2-seat go-karts are better for faster and more serious driving.

One interesting thing to note from our research is that four-seater go-karts are not necessarily more expensive than two-seater go-karts. You would think that the larger one is more expensive, but not so. You’ll see in this article that as we review an example of each type of go-kart.

It’s easy to see why two-seater go-karts are overall better. They have better performance and are more fun to drive. Four-seater go-karts are good only for a specific purpose, but overall they lack performance and versatility.

Now let’s look in-depth at an example of each.

Two-Seater Go KartKandi 2-Seater Go-Kart Review

Rating: (3.9/5)

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This is going to be a full and comprehensive review of the 2-seater go-kart by Kandi. It’s an expensive go-kart that is quite popular among buyers, and it’s also one of the most inquired go-karts. This review will try to answer all of the questions a potential buyer might have. It will cover all of the features and aspects of this 2-seater go-kart; at the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether you should buy this go-kart or not. Here are the five areas that the review will cover: design, features, pros, cons, and affordability. Alternatively, you can also click on the button above to directly go to Amazon and read about it on their product page.


This go-kart is not one of the flashy ones: It has round, detached headlights that stick out in front without blending in. It has somewhat unappealing color combinations, with red-colored seats and yellow coils in front. The yellow and red don’t go well together, and give the go-kart an old and worn out appearance. The frame of the go-kart also appears quite thin, especially with the net behind the seats. While it is sturdy, it would’ve looked better if the frame and body of the go-kart were thicker, to match the off-road tires.

However, it’s not all bad. The off-road tires are thick and patterned, and make the go-kart look like it can be used for off-roading in various terrains. The wheel connecting frames are well-established. The red paint has a nice finish, and it complements the go-kart’s style. The roll bars on the go-kart also complement the go-kart by giving it a more complete frame, and improving its safety features. It contains the go-kart in the roll bars. Lastly, the design does a good job of incorporation all the diverse and advanced features into the look of the go-kart, so that it looks functional but not overcrowded.


The Kandi 2-seater go-kart has a single cylinder engine with a 150 cc displacement. This is standard for gas-powered go-karts, though a bit on the low side. The engine features are impressive. It reaches a horsepower of up to 10.5, which makes it great for long and thrilling rides in the outdoors. The engine is air-cooled, so it’s temperature is regulated and it never heats up too much. The maximum torque of the steering wheel is 6.6 out of 5500, which is above average for a go-kart. Based on the engine and driving features, this go-kart is a good choice for drivers.

The safety features for this go-kart include a sturdy steel frame with the roll bar that extends over the kart. It’s full-suspension, so it guarantees optimal safety with bumpy and rocky surfaces. Bumpy surfaces are also combated by the dual front coils for shock suspension, as well as side guards. The safety net at the rear is there to provide extra safety for the riders. The steering wheel, rear lights, turns signal, horn, rear view mirrors, fog lights, and headlights are also built with the rider’s safety in consideration.

Pros & Cons


The most impressive part of this go-kart is the high horsepower and the driving features that are advanced but easy to learn for beginners. This go-kart can be driven on most outdoor places, including hills, mountains, woods, etc. The wheels, engine, and the frame make the go-kart durable and strong. Its design is practical too; the tires, roll bars, and safety net fall together nicely.

Another pro is the safety features of the go-kart. It has nearly all of the essential safety features needed for an outdoors go-kart, including the four point harness, side rear view mirrors, head lights, tail lights, horn, turn signals, safety net, and padded frame guard bars. The 2 seats both are equipped with seat belts and they’re padded. The bar at the sides of the seats also protect the riders from falling out during sharp turns or bumpy rides.


One of the cons for some people might be that the go-kart is expensive; currently, it costs a little over $3,000. But this depends on personal preference and budget; if you don’t wanna spend that much, then you might wanna look into cheaper go-karts. But we think that for the features and capabilities, this go-kart is worth the price. It has low shipping costs, which also make it attractive.

A few buyers have said that they have trouble with the steering wheel, due to the relatively high torque. They said that the go-kart steered a bit excessively when they turned it, and it made driving a little difficult. However, others have said that it suits them really well. You can always contact the customer support on this go-kart’s product page, if you have any inquiries about it. The torque and the steering wheel can also be adjusted with a few tweaks.


In summary, the Kandi 2-seater go-kart provides great value for its money. It’s fast, efficient, safe, and easy to use. It has a good horsepower, with a sufficient 4-stroke 150 cc engine, and it reaches speeds of up to 35 – 40 mph. It has numerous safety features, including turn signals, horns, rear view mirrors, fog lights, seat belt, padded seats, shock suspensions, roll bars, head and tail lights, and a rear safety net. It has good ground clearance, and can be driven on most surfaces. It’s high-end on the price, and it might not be affordable for some, but it’s proven to be a good investment. It might need a little tweaking and assembling, but most of it is pre-built and optimal. It can be driven by adults of most heights and weights, and can last for hours in the outdoors.

Four-Seater Go-KartFour-Seater Go-Kart Review

Rating: (3.2/5)

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This is going to be a full and comprehensive review of the CRF Series Four-Seater Go-Kart. It’s one of the few large go-karts with 4 seats available on the market. They’re obscure, compared to regular go-karts. They also have markedly different functions. This review will explore the go-kart in depth. We will look at the design, features, pros, and cons. Read below for more.


The design of this go-kart is similar to that of a jeep or dune buggy; sort of a jeep/buggy hybrid. In my opinion, it’s one of the strong points of this go-kart. It comes in a few different colors, which you can check out on its product page. But what makes the design cool is that it has an off-road vibe; this looks like a heavy duty go-kart that you can drive in off-road terrains, like a jeep or buggy. This is appealing to people who want their go-kart to have a rugged look. Although, as mentioned before, the actually mobility of this go-kart may not actually match the appearance. But it does have some good driving features, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

This go-kart has thick off-road wheels that are good for driving in rough surfaces. It has front as well as top lights, and a sturdy frame. The rear wheel guards are useful for vehicles that are driven in off-road surfaces. And of course, this go-kart has 4 seats. The heat is a little short, but you can fit in it as long as you’re not too tall. Overall, it has a pretty good appearance and design. They could’ve built more safety features on the sides of the vehicles, besides the thin bars.


This 4-seater go-kart has 150cc engine, which is pretty small for its size and stature. A 4-seat go-kart should have at least a 200cc engine, and preferably 300cc. It needs the extra capacity to carry all the weight and go the extra miles. The engine is air-cooled and 4-stroke, which is good for its size.

There are some advanced driving features that give this go-kart some good points. The engine is fully automatic with reverse, and it has an electric start, which is convenient. It uses a shift gear. Additional features include a max torque of 9.3 N, hydraulic disc brake, a speed limiter, 12-Volt battery, and CDI ignition. Clearly, this go-kart has a driving system and engine that’s well-suited for its size and purpose. While it’s as high-powered and advanced as we would like it to be, it still gets the job done. It can be used for casual riding.

Pros & Cons


One of the pros of this go-kart is the cool design, which resembles a jeep or a buggy. It has a rugged and off-road look, which is appealing to many people. It also has some strong features that include a 4-stroke engine, as well as plenty of options for driving. It uses a robust motor and has many necessary functions in place, that are needed for the go-kart to perform well.


One of the cons, unfortunately, that this go-kart doesn’t have a great performance. The engine is only 150 cc, when it’s advised for a go-kart this size to have at least a 200 cc engine. A smaller problem with this go-kart is that there are no doors or good safety features on the sides; so it’s not the most safe when you’re driving off-road and you might have to make a sharp turn or drive on bumpy surfaces. Lastly, this go-kart can overall have a much better structure and engine that would make it perform better. But as this is intended as a family go-kart, and not a racing go-kart, it serves its purpose fine.


In summary, the 4-seater go-kart is sort of a niche go-kart that can only be used for a specific purpose. That purpose is riding with a family or a group of friends. It’s a fairly heavy go-kart that’s not intended for racing or extreme off-roading. It’s not as mobile as a smaller 2-seat go-kart.

In contrast, a 2-seater go-kart is better for racing and faster riding. It has a faster speed; it’s also more lightweight and compact. From our comparison, 2-seat go-karts are better because they have better overall performance; they’re easier to drive, they go faster, and they’re just more fun. Go-karts are intended to be driven as a sport or hobby, and the 2-seater ones are better for that.

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